Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 125

Mizue's "things like before" actually refers to the "Ruri kidnapping incident" a few weeks ago.

Although on the surface it was just a power struggle within the "Dragon Group", in fact, it was the people of the "Tenmoku Group" who led the whole event.

In order to successfully kidnap Ruri, the "Tenmoku Group" did not hesitate to expose several hidden piles that had been inserted in the "Kamiya family" for many years. The kidnapping was completed after paying a heavy price.

Fortunately, Ruri is a lucky man, and the young man named Ryuto is considered general, and finally turned this vicious incident into safety.

And after that, Tunomaru also gave him a shot to make sure that Ryuto would not become a male creature "threatening" to Eldest Miss. That was enough.

From Mizue’s point of view, this level of accident is absolutely not allowed to happen again, especially at this critical juncture in the competition with the "Tenmoku Group".

"Master Mizue, please rest assured that there are already five "guardians of ninja" who alternately protect Eldest Miss day and night. The hidden piles that Tenmoku has driven into this side have been almost cleaned up, and the same thing is impossible to happen again."

When talking about this, Nekoyashiki Tunomaru's tone couldn't help but feel a little guilty, but he still slapped his chest to make sure.

"That’s fine. Recently, "Tenmoku Group" and "Saito Hall" have had a good fight. We have to focus on assisting the latter, and we don’t have much time to deal with internal problems."

When it comes to the name "Saito Hall", Mizue seems to have the same attitude as Ruri.

The two mothers and daughters think that although Saito is many people, they are powerful, but because their brains are too rigid, they can't fight Nagahime at all.

If the Kamiya family did not lend a hand, Saito Hall would definitely suffer a big loss, or even be killed by Nagahime.

So Ruihui speaking of which is actually a bit of a headache, after all, a strong opponent is not as disgusting as a brain-disabled teammate.

In this country, there are already enough teammates with brain-disabled ones, and now we have to add another Saito, which is also tiring enough.

"Speaking of the Zaiteng Guild Hall, their 300th anniversary celebration will be held a week later, and the invitation letter has been sent. What do you plan to do, Mizue-sama?"

"This kind of celebration is too long to be held when Tenmoku is eyeing it... Let Yoshiyuki go, he is also from the Kamiya family, and he can still play a little bit of surplus value."

"Yes, let Yoshiyuki-sama go to participate."

Yoshiyuki-sama's fate is also fate. This kind of cognition does not seem to exist in Ruihui and Tunomaru's mind, so I can only pray for that The unlucky person of the Kamiya family is lucky enough to not die in that celebration.

In this way, with Ruihui's order, the drama involving the grievances between the "Kamiya family" and the "Dragon Group" temporarily fell.

However, as time progresses, another drama of rising winds, scudding clouds seems to be in progress.

Of course, this drama has nothing to do with Ryuto for the time being. Now he is immersed in the fright of his lovely girlfriend who made lunch for himself.

At noon on the 2nd day, Ryuto did not go to dinner with Ruri, but came to the roof of the teaching building under the leadership of Yuna Senpai.

"The weather is pretty good today, let's have a meal here"

When opening the roof gate, Yuna smiled and said to Ryuto behind him.

She seems to be in a good mood today, with a happy smile on her face.

This allows Yuna Senpai's extraordinary charm to be fully utilized, like a girl in love.

Of course, Yuna was originally a girl in love now, after all, she captured the first boyfriend in her life two days ago.

For Yuna Senpai, making lunches for her boyfriend should be an indispensable part of a relationship.

So she deliberately woke up early today, and then arranged for Ryuto to have lunch together, which was quite deliberate.

"Yes...Is it, haha."

However, even if he encountered such a good thing, the expression on Ryuto's face was quite complicated.

It was an expression mixed with a series of strange emotions such as joy, fear, anxiety, tension, and timidity.

How do you describe it? In theory, Ryuto and Yunyan are now a boyfriend and girlfriend. The lunch made by his girlfriend for him should be delicious, right?

However, if Yuna Senpai did not make this bento, Ryuto would definitely feel very happy. The feeling that she made it by herself is not a concept.

Ordinary girls make lunches for their boyfriends, which is a sweet relationship between boys and girls.

But Yuna Senpai made lunch for her boyfriend, which is a sweet criminal case of murdering money and killing.

After all, Ryuto clearly knows the fact that Yuna Senpai can't cook.

After all, they are Eldest Miss. It must be the one with ten fingers that doesn’t touch Yang Chunshui, which is actually pretty good.

The scariest thing is that he also knows another fact, that is, Yuna Senpai's definition of "food" is rather strange.

Don’t forget, she can write "In order to make chocolates for her crush, the heroine chooses to buy silver jewelry in the silverware shop, burns the silver and plate it on the chocolate to feed her boyfriend. "A woman of this kind of plot.

What kind of "Love Bento" a woman who doesn't know how to cook and has a weird definition of food can give her boyfriend what kind of "Love Bento" can basically be met.

It’s over, I won’t die suddenly after this meal, am I? But if Yuna Senpai also eats the same thing, she shouldn't be too cruel to herself?

Looking at Yuna Senpai laying a carpet on the floor over there, and taking out two lunch boxes from his bag, Ryuto couldn't help but swallowed.

After the two sat down, Yuna raised a blue lunch box like a treasure and handed it over, said with a smile: "Ryuto, this is yours, hurry up and eat."

Ryuto took the lunch box and opened it with an ecstatic expression, and then presented in his eyes a very common Japanese lunch combination.

Yellow omelet, cute octopus sausage, emerald green broccoli and fried chicken nuggets covered in sauce, plus a portion of rice, this constitutes Yuna Senpai’s handmade lunch convenient.

This...looks pretty normal?

Ryuto immediately relaxed after seeing the contents of the lunch box, and immediately picked up the chopsticks and put a piece of fried egg into his mouth.

The fried egg is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. When you bite it, the strong spiciness is like the continuous flow of the Yangtze River, like dozens of robust men taking turns beating Ryuto's mouth and nose with their fists.

So spicy! Super spicy! Not so spicy! It's simply not the hotness that humans can bear!

pu! At the moment of chewing, Ryuto almost spit out the murderous omelet on the spot, but because Yuna Senpai was watching his relationship with a smile, he could only forcibly swallow it.

After barely swallowing, Ryuto felt the burning heat in his mouth and belly, and barely asked, "Then...that, Yuna Senpai? You added the omelet. What special seasoning?"

"Have you eaten it?"

Yuna clapped her hands to say with a smile: "I think ordinary omelette is too boring, so I added I took a little "Carolina Death God chili", it will make the whole body warm, right."

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