Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 126

"Carolina Death God Pepper" is the hottest pepper you can buy in the world.

Its spiciness exceeds the level of most police chili water. It can even be used as a military chili bomb. If it can be effortless, the enemy will lose the combat capability.

After eating the omelette wrapped in this kind of pepper, Ryuto resisted the burning sensation in his mouth, and said with a smile on his face: "It's really warm, as if burned by fire. "

"Really? That's very good. Try other dishes too. There are surprises."

When I saw Ryuto's "happy smile" look , Yuna Senpai feels that her early efforts have been recognized, and she seems to be happier than him.

This...surprise? All surprises? When I heard this, the "smile" on Ryuto's face became stronger.

It is pronounced "surprise" and written as "scare".

Although he knew Yuna Senpai can't cook, he didn't expect this guy's brain circuit to be so weird.

The scariest thing is that Ryuto watched Yuna Senpai open his lunch box, and what was in it was just a few small bean curd rice balls.

"Yuna Senpai, your lunch... does not seem to be the same as mine?"

"This, because I am on a diet recently, I can only eat at noon A little weight-loss meal, hehe."

Sorry Yuna scratched her head at this point. After all, she is a teenage girl who would still make some sacrifices for her weight.

Of course, when it comes to the word sacrifice, no one can sacrifice the current Ryuto.

He is holding the lunch box with the remaining warmth in his hand, and it feels like he is holding a time bomb.

The surface is normal, but in fact the omelet of "Carolina Death God Chili" is placed. With such refreshing food at the beginning, you can imagine the taste of the dishes behind.

But broccoli will not be a problem, there should be no weird seasoning.

It was Ryuto who had to clamp his chopsticks to the circle of broccoli placed on the edge of the lunch box, but when he clamped it up, he realized that the emerald green on it seemed unnatural.

How do you say, although broccoli is green, it is not so bright and shiny with metallic luster?

"Yun...Yuna Senpai, did you add anything to this broccoli?"

"Well, this is my unique secret recipe. "Malachite green" can make vegetables more verdant and look good, right?"

Note: Malachite green, with a molecular formula of C23H25ClN2, is a synthetic organic compound and a toxic triphenyl Methane chemicals are not only dyes, but also medicines that kill fungi, bacteria, and parasites.

....... You and he are teasing me, can you eat the things in this lunch box?

Looking at the broccoli, which was almost deadly green, Ryuto didn’t even want to explore other rice, chicken nuggets, and sausages. What mess was added to them. Anyway, they weren’t eaten by humans. of.

What should I do? Do you want me to eat everything in this lunch box in front of Ryuto Senior Sister? Was violently killed in front of her after eating?

If someone else brought such a box of poisonous food, Ryuto would have thrown it into the stinking ditch on the spot.

But when he thought that Yuna Senpai got up in the morning and made it for himself, he couldn't bear to do it...At least he couldn't do it in front of Yuna Senpai.

Crunch...However, when Ryuto was entangled in his chopsticks and couldn't lower his mouth, the door of the rooftop was suddenly opened not far away.

Cut, has anyone come first.

The one who opened the door was a girl who looked very petite. She couldn't help but cut when she saw someone on the rooftop, and then she planned to turn her head and leave

but Yuna saw the silver twin ponytail very sharply, and immediately shouted over there: "Wait, is it Sonya? How about coming over to have a meal?"

In this room The school has such a special hair color female classmate, naturally only Saito Sonya who just transferred to school not long ago.

For some reason, Saito Sonya at noon ran to the rooftop alone to prepare for a meal, and happened to run into the meeting between Yuna and Ryuto.

Hey, is it Yuna Senpai...It's really troublesome.

After being yelled by Yuna, Sonya, who was going to run away, had to be frowned and had no choice but to turn his head and walk over there.

However, the appearance of Sonya gave Ryuto an excellent opportunity to escape.

While Yuna's attention was focused on Sonya, he quickly moved all the side dishes in the lunch box except for the egg rolls into his kettle.

It's very good to have a habit of bringing your own kettle, otherwise you might die here.

Looking at Sonya hesitatingly walking towards this side, Ryuto couldn't help but nodded with a smile to her, with an expression as if he had seen an angel descend.

Sonya's appearance did save Ryuto, but she still couldn't understand why this male student laughed so disgustingly.

What is this guy doing? Why do you smile like this when you look at me? Is there a brain problem?

And why does he have dinner with Yuna Senpai at noon? Could it be that the two of them are...No way?

Sonya doesn't believe that Yuna and Ryuto will have that kind of relationship anyway, just like she doesn't believe that the golden cat will be together with the shiker.

But when I came to Yuna and Ryuto, Sonya still showed a professional smirk, and smiled and asked, "It turns out that it is Yuna Senpai and Ryuto Senior. Wouldn’t I bother them if I came here? ?"

"Why? More people to eat more lively, right Ryuto?"

"That's right, sit down, sit down, you're welcome."

Yuna is naturally very welcome to Sonya, after all, she also liked Sonya very much.

In Yuna's view, this child looks more beautiful than a doll. If she can change her various clothes, wouldn't it be more fun than the most high-level dress-up doll.

As for Ryuto, she has long regarded Sonya as her little wife, and she is naturally very welcome to her arrival.

However, after Sonya sat down, she looked at the lunch box with only a few small rice balls in Yuna Senpai's hand, and then at the lunch box with only rice and egg rolls left in Ryuto's hand.

What's the matter with these two guys? Is it so poor? Eat this for lunch?

After making a secret comment, Sonya opened his big lunch box...It was full of sausages, beef stew, pickles and potatoes.

The weight of this bento is more than the sum of Ryuto and Yuna multiplied by two, and it is stuffed with meat, which is called a calorie bomb.

How to say it, this is really a lunch without a girlish feeling. It looks like what the big bear bears will eat when he is doing heavy physical work outside.

so that's how it is, the reason why she came to the rooftop to eat alone, was that she didn't want to be seen by her classmates eating so much food.

However, when Ryuto looked at Sonya's lunch box, Yuna on the side also showed a surprised look, as if she was frightened by the huge calorie bomb.

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