Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 127

It is no exaggeration to say that the total meal that Sonya ate should be enough for Yuna to eat in one day, and there is more.

So Yuna couldn't help asking: "Sonya, do you eat so much for every meal every day?"

"Yes...Yes, If you don’t eat more, you’ll be hungry. There is no way."

When I heard Yuna Senpai's words, Sonya instinctively moved the lunch box to the side, and his tone was somewhat entangled.

Sonya, because of physique's special relationship, needs to consume a lot more energy than the average person every day, so every meal is several times the amount of ordinary people.

For this situation, Sonya also feels a little troubled, but it gets used to it over time.

At worst, I was looked at by others with strange eyes. It was not that I hadn't been looked at before, and I would beat my mother and jerk if I didn't accept it.

Since she came to Tokyo from her hometown in Northland, no matter where she appeared, she would be stared at by others with different expressions, but there was no other way.

Laugh, laugh, just do whatever I want to make fun of, huh.

Like a broken jar, Sonya used a fork to put a piece of beef goulash into his mouth, eating with keen interest pleasure, and it looked delicious.

It’s just that Yuna Senpai will not laugh at her naturally, but enviously said: “It’s so amazing, I’m still so slim after eating so many things, this kind of physique is really good.”

"Yes...Is it, hehe, it's actually nothing good."

After being praised, Sonya showed an expression of wanting to laugh and a sorry smile, which looked even more awkward Up.

Yes, the word "awkward" should be Saito Sonya's best adjective, after all, she is awkward all over, inside and out.

She is obviously a cute loli, but she is a strong bear inside.

Ming Ming is an ancient martial arts Aristocratic Family Eldest Miss, but he is a silver-haired alien species.

Clearly yearn for family affection, friendship, love and other things, but he doesn't care about it.

Of course, the main reason for the birth of such an awkward contradiction is external environmental factors and Innate factors. Sonya still has no major problems.

And fortunately, after coming to this school, Sonya was the first to meet Yuna Senpai, who is so charming and easy to deal with.

So the two beautiful girls just talked while eating, while Ryuto was listening while pretending to be a meal. On the rooftop, they were happy.

It's just that because of the unfamiliar relationship with Ryuto, Sonya generally doesn't take the initiative to talk to him, and it can even be said that he is regarded as air, which makes Ryuto feel a little bit embarrassed.

"By the way, Sonya, your big anniversary celebration of "Saito Hall" is about to begin in six days, and I have received the invitation too."

Just during meal time Towards the end, Yuna mentioned this topic as if suddenly remembering.

Speaking of which, the 300th anniversary celebration of "Saito Hall" is a very grand major event.

In addition to Yuna, the overwhelming majority located in Tokyo and even domestic giants have also received invitations.

Even the party responsible for holding the celebration, "Tokyo Imperial Hotel" has started the decoration a few days ago, and strives to achieve the effect that can satisfy everyone.

It's just that compared to Yuna Senpai's happiness, Sonya obviously has no interest in this activity.

She just said lightly: "...when the time comes, let's talk about it, it's not certain whether I will appear in the venue."

"Hey? Sonya, aren’t you the Eldest Miss of Saito Hall? Why..."

"This, then I don’t know who are you offended by our family, and got close to me The bodyguards of China have a cup of bow and snake shadow every day, and it is estimated that I will not be allowed to appear in public."

When I think about what happened to me recently, Sony can't help but sighed.

It’s okay when I went to school in "Metropolitan No. 1 High School". It was really outside. A little bit of trouble, three or five bodyguards would immediately rush out, and that posture can scare people. Scared to death.

Of course, Ryuto is very clear about why the bodyguards around Sonya are doing this, because recently "Saito Hall" and "Tenmoku Group" are fighting.

With Tenmoku Nagahime's asshole style, it is not difficult to imagine that she would attack Sonya, the Eldest Miss, without the slightest hesitation.

As the saying goes, open guns are easy to block, but hidden arrows are hard to guard.

The "Tenmoku Group" shoots dark arrows specifically, which doesn't scare people out of their shadows.

But from this point of view, the chairman of Saito Hall does not seem to be a stupid, at least he also knows to greatly strengthen the security measures around Sonya, lest the daughter does not know what is going on.

After eating this meal, time has returned to a normal lapse.

Ryuto skipped class daily in the afternoon and came to "Rulong Security Company" to mingle with the staff here, and had a good time.

The first security mission that Takato introduced recently has been Perfection. Under the protection of a group of elites, no one will throw death letters and splash blood into that poor Boss’s garage anymore. .

Of course, things like throwing death letters and splashing chicken blood were originally done by the brother of "Tokyo Pig Farm No. 2". As long as the Boss handed in the money, naturally no one would harass. he.

This first transaction successfully accounted for 5 million yen for the company. Although the money is not much, it is a good start.

Next, as long as you open up a little bit of fame, Takato can use this fame to bring the entire Tokyo overwhelming majority's wealthy pen into the pig farm, and slaughter them at will.

Apart from this, the task of discrediting other Tokyo security companies is also ongoing.

After a period of activities, the "Dragon Group" successfully disrupted more than a dozen security missions of other companies, and with the help of Akechi, these results quickly spread to the entire Internet.

For a time, there was gunpowder in Tokyo, and everyone smelled an unsafe breath.

The richer you are, the more you are afraid of death. The more you are afraid of death, the more you have to hire people to protect yourself. In this way, "Long Security Company" is also quickly moved towards the previously scheduled track Going forward, everything goes pretty smoothly.

As for Ryuto himself, the past few days have been more chic.

He ran to school during the day to build relationships with Ruri and Yuna. In the afternoon, he went to Rulong Security Company to have a meal with the brothers. In the evening, he went to the streets and alleys to mingle with the Smelly Rogues.

Originally, Ryuto also wanted to go to the "Kawara Underground Arena" to continue playing in the arena to make money, so that the money could come faster.

But the game over there needs time arrangement. It is not something you can play if you want to, so you can only continue to find trouble with hooligan.

Unconsciously, five days passed quickly, and there were only less than twenty-four hours left before the upcoming large-scale celebration of "Saito Hall".

This large-scale celebration originally had nothing to do with Ryuto, and it was naturally impossible to receive invitations in his capacity.

Only that night, a call marked "Unknown" involved Ryuto in the center of this dispute involving several Great Influences.

Unknown it for promotion?

At that time, Ryuto had just finished taking a bath and was about to put on his night clothes and go out to beat the children.

But after I connected to the phone, a voice that made people have one's hair stand on end came out of the microphone.

"Hi, Mr. Ryuto, long time no see...No, we haven't seen it before, hmph hmph hmph."

The next second, from On the phone came a young and deep female voice.

When I heard her voice, it was like listening to the whispers from the abyss on a deep moon night.

There is only one woman in the world with such a strange voice and aura.

That is..."Pure Evil" Tenmoku Nagahime.

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