Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 128

Ryuto's body trembled when he heard the familiar voice of Nagahime.

Her voice is absolutely unique and unmatched in the world. As long as anyone who has heard it, it is absolutely impossible to forget. After all, there is no second poisonous piranha that is so rotten in the world. .

What's the matter? Why would Nagahime call me?

Ryuto was not surprised that Nagahime was able to find his phone number. He was just surprised at why she called.

From any angle, Ryuto and Nagahime are in a relationship that has nothing to talk about.

The latter meticulously arranged a murder plan for the former. After failure, he sent someone to the school to take him away, trying to bring him back to the tower and torture him like a dog.

Nagahime is very dedicated, and anyone who wants to kill will never let it go.

It's just that because "Tenmoku Group" and "Saito Hall" and "Kamiya Family" are in an open strife and veiled struggle period recently, Nagahime didn't continue to talk to Ryuto for the time being, and let him go happy for a few days.

But what does Nagahime mean by calling now? Do you want to chat with Ryuto like Yuna Senpai? Of course impossible, right?

Before Ryuto can react, Nagahime has already said with a smile: "You seem to be very sure of who I am, and you know me very well, even though we have never seen it before, even The first call."

In just a few seconds of silence, Nagahime has figured out many things.

For example, Kiryu Ryuto has indeed heard her voice, knows that she is who, and knows that her call in the past means that the major event is bad, and so on.

From this perspective, Nagahime is sure that he did not find the wrong person. Kiryu Ryuto is indeed a very funny kid.

At this time, Ryuto also took a deep breath and asked seriously: "Tenmoku Nagahime...what's the point of your calling?"

"Oh, It's so indifferent, can't people call you to chat with you?"

Suddenly, Nagahime's tone became sweet and pleasant, just like a teenage girl.

"Don’t talk about it, just tell me if you have something to say, I don’t eat this one."

"Your attitude towards ladies is really bad, you are with your father Did you learn it? It’s not easy to have that kind of quaint yakuza benevolence these days. I thought that yakuza are all dogs raised by politicians. They are good and worthy of encouragement."

"You encourage people Is the way to put people in jail?"

"Hahaha, it seems that there has been such a thing. How many years has he been sentenced? Thirty years? Fifty years? It doesn’t matter, anyway. He's been alive in a few days."

Nagahime couldn't help but laughed at the end. The laughter was quite sweet, but to Ryuto's ears it sounded like the devil was doing a carnival.

A few days later? My father? Kiryu Ichima?

After hearing this, Ryuto couldn't help but frowned, and said as calmly as possible: "Are you showing that you can take my father's life at any time?"

"Well, it seems to be the case. Ruzi can teach."

"I don't think Kiryu Ichima is someone who can kill if he wants to."

"If he is here It’s true outside, but it’s hard to say in the "Sugamo Prison". After all, even if he is Superman, he is not afraid of knives and guns, and he can’t stop eating or drinking, right?"

You... ..You fucking, can you still play a little bit more.

Suddenly, a chill flashed in Ryuto's heart, after all, Nagahime had already made it clear.

Now Kiryu Ichima is serving his sentence in the "Sugamo Prison". If Nagahime bought the prisoners through his hands and feet, it would not be difficult to kill Ichima.

Even if Ichima has a sturdy physique and extraordinary strength, he can block all kinds of insidious assassinations, but as long as he is a big living person, he cannot escape from eating and drinking.

So as long as a little bit of food is added to Ichima's meals and water, the leader of the Dragon Group can only choose between starvation and poison to death.

After a few seconds of silence, Ryuto couldn’t help but ask: "What on earth do you want?"

With Nagahime’s character, if she really wanted to kill Ichima, it would be absolutely impossible to fight. Call me to remind me in advance.

The reason why she made this call is definitely intending to use it to threaten her.

As for what the threat is, it is hard to say.

The woman on the phone also chuckled, said with a smile: "Fresh, it means that "Saito Hall" seems to be preparing for the large-scale celebration of the 300th anniversary of the establishment of the building, it is very lively Looks like."

"You are not going to send me to do things, are you?"

"You can't do things, I just want to play a game with you."

"Are you going to put me in a secret room full of killing agencies?"

"hahaha, you are so humorous, in fact, you just want to ask you to take the Eldest from Saito's house Miss Sonya came out to accompany me. It’s just like playing a dive game. It’s fun, isn’t it?"

Nagahime speaking of which is light, but it sounds heavy in Ryuto’s ears. Terrible.

so that's how it is, this bastard actually intends to let me kidnap Sonya? And also at the celebration of the 300th anniversary of the opening of Saito Hall?

The large-scale celebration that is about to be held at the "Tokyo Imperial Hotel" has recently become a hot topic in the entire Tokyo circle.

A certain celebrity is about to attend, a certain celebrity is about to appear, a certain celebrity is invited to perform... Similar rumors have already been hiding the sky and covering the earth flying all over the sky, and The overwhelming majority are not rumors but facts.

The "Tsukimi Enterprise", which represents the country's strongest technological level, received the invitation early and will be attended by their Eldest Miss Tsukimi Yuna.

There is also the "Kamiya family", which represents the top political status in the country, also announced that it will send direct members to participate in the celebration. According to Ruri, it seems that Yoshiyuki is the one representing the family.

Just from the importance of this celebration and the identity of the guests, it is not difficult to guess how strict the security activities of this celebration will be. Saito Hall such a huge monster will inevitably do everything in its power. Extreme, guarantee that nothing will come out.

So Ryuto couldn’t help saying with a sneer: "Are you planning to send me to death?"

In such a huge celebration, Nagahime actually asked Ryuto to kidnap Saito’s family. Eldest Miss Sonya, what is this not asking him to die?

"Don't worry, I didn't kill you twice before. From this point of view, your life is almost as hard as steel bars, and you should not die in the hands of those wastes."

"It should be...but I don’t seem to be bargaining anymore, right?"

"Yes, I didn’t come to discuss with you, just I plan to kindly inform you of the fact, either send Sonya or prepare a funeral for your father. It’s as simple as that. Goodbye~~~~~~"

After dropping a friendly farewell, then The head of Nagahime hung up the phone casually, leaving Ryuto alone with his mobile phone standing in place.

The damn thing... suddenly came such a hand, and it did a beautiful job.

It's not that Ryuto never thought that Nagahime would make trouble at the big ceremony in Saito Hall, but he never thought that the guy would have a big brain to use himself to make trouble.

This is good. Either kidnap Sonya and give it to Nagahime, or watch the old man die in jail, both of which are absolutely unacceptable to Ryuto.

He was impossible to watch his blood relatives die, and even more impossible to personally give away his little wife to the enemy.

So Ryuto looked gloomy and uncertain, as if struggling in his mind, but after a few minutes he settled down and quickly sent out a few text messages.

Asshole, since you want to play, you can play with you...Look at who can have the last laugh in this game.

Seeing the few "coming soon" on the phone that came back quickly, Ryuto took a deep breath, reached out and slapped his cheek, ready to welcome this destined to be recorded in history with his companions Super vicious event.

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