Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 129

The current situation is undoubtedly quite bad for Ryuto.

His father Kiryu Ichima was spotted by Tenmoku Nagahime in prison, and could be violent death at any time.

If Sony is really kidnapped at tomorrow's banquet, then Sonya will most likely die, and Ryuto will spend his life like a rat on the charge of kidnapping.

The worst part is that it is now less than twenty-four hours away from the big celebration.

To be precise, it is only about 21 hours.

So he must find a way to survive all of himself, Sonya and Ichima within these twenty-one hours.

" that's how it is, it is really terrifying."

After half an hour, the square head in the upper left corner of the tablet screen Tsukimi Yuna was so scared that her face turned pale, as if she had never seen such a big scene.

"The people in the Tenmoku group didn't expect so vicious, it feels like the boss is a deadly choice?"

"Isn't it, the most important thing is, even if you listened to it?"

" Their instructions, they may not let Mr. Ichima go."

Suddenly, Akechi Goro and Takato Masato, who had two square heads in the upper right corner and the lower right corner of the tablet, couldn’t help but say. It all feels like a tingling scalp.

Compared to the other three people who are participating in this video conference, Ruri in the lower left corner of the screen looks calmer.

Kamiya Ruri, Tsukimi Yuna, Kogen Masato and Akechi Goro, these are all the members who were just gathered by Ryuto to participate in this video conference.

Whether this incident can be resolved smoothly, apart from Ryuto's own failure, the help of these four companions is also indispensable.

Nowadays, time is pressing and we must negotiate a sound plan as soon as possible. However, because Ruri and Yuna are inconvenient to come out at night, they can only negotiate by video conference.

At this moment, Ruri, the calmest person in the audience, finally said: "cough cough, Ryuto, first of all what do you think about this incident?"

And Ryuto is also very Bachelor said: "My idea is to let you be solely responsible for arranging the plan, and I will be responsible for the implementation of the plan with other people. What do you think? Young Lady Ruri."

a person knows his interests, although Ryuto I added a resourcefulness, but in this respect, it is still not on the same level as Ruri. It would be better to give Ruri full responsibility for the arrangement plan.

Hearing this, Ruri showed a ridiculous smile and asked with a smile: "Why don't you give it to me for such a big thing? If you don't make it right, many people will die."

"Of course, rest assured, if you are responsible for drawing up the plan and a few of us are responsible for the implementation, there is nothing in the world that can be difficult for us."

Looking at the tablet For the four silhouettes above, Ryuto's tone is extremely confident.

Uh...he doesn't seem to be afraid of death at all? Forget it, this guy has always been such a weird person anyway.

Shocked by Ryuto’s incomprehensible self-confidence for half a second, Ruri said solemnly: “Although this incident involves the lives of three people and the wrestling of various forces, the core of the problem is There is only one."


"Your father, the patriarch of the Dragon Group, the safety of Kiryu Ichima."

Ruri said as he said, He unconsciously used his thumb and index finger to twist a bunch of soft long hair that fell to his side, and rubbed it like Fireball Technique.

This is Ruri's habit of thinking deeply, and it means that she is now fully energized.

Akechi hearing this is to ask: "Does it mean that we should protect the safety of Mr. Ichima in the prison?"

"No, "Sugamo Prison" is always our power In addition, Nagahime has already let her people infiltrate. The protection measures of last-minute preparation will not work."

"Then Eldest Miss means... .."

"The robbery brought Mr. Ichima out. He is now Longkun Shoal. As long as he leaves the prison, Nagahime wants to attack him."

Robbery? Even Ryuto was a little shocked when he heard such stimulating words.

God, this is "Sugamo Prison"? It is the most heavily guarded prison in Tokyo and even in the country.

Because the overwhelming majority in the "Sugamo Prison" are all serious prisoners, the fortifications inside are naturally said to be horrifying.

But according to Ruri's meaning, they are going to break the prison and take Ichima away in these 21 hours?

Takato scratched his head, said with a bitter smile: "This sounds like a very difficult job, and the time is too short."

Takato is planning a jailbreak. I didn't think about it. The problem is that there are only about 20 hours left before the "Saito Hall Anniversary". Why is that enough time?

Unlike the situation in TV dramas or movies, it is extremely difficult and a complex task that requires a lot of preparations to be robbed in modern prisons today.

Just trying to find a way to get a prison map, figure out the deployment of guards, prepare the necessary tools, formulate escape routes, etc., it is not something that can be done in a day or two. A successful robbery or even a plan Months are normal.

But now everyone’s preparation time is less than a day, which is even more difficult, turning the "SS-Rank task" into "SSS-Rank" all at once.

However, Ruri shook his head and said: "Strictly speaking, we are not only 21 hours, the limit time should be dragged to more than 30 hours."

Akechi can't bear it either. I stayed and asked: "How to drag the law?"

"We are responsible for the planning and actions of the robbery. Ryuto cannot participate, because Nagahime will definitely watch his actions if he participates in the robbery. It will be seen through right away, but the delayed task must be completed by him."

"Well said, what am I going to do?"

"You do it tomorrow night Go to the "Tokyo Imperial Hotel" to prepare for the kidnapping of Sonya. Remember, you must be prepared to ensure that you can take her away."

What? Hearing this, Ryuto couldn't help being surprised.

What is this? In the end, he still wants him to kidnap Sonya? Do you still plan to give Sonya to Nagahime?

Ruri also immediately explained: "Kidnapping Sonya does not mean giving her to Nagahime. When you leave with Sonya at that time, you pretend to be hunted down and hide in Tibet everywhere. In any case, don’t talk to Nagahime. The people from Nagahime meet."

"Ah, so that's how it is, I understand, is it pretending to kidnap Sonya to paralyze Nagahime, is it actually to delay time."


Suddenly, Akechi couldn't help snapping his fingers, and understood the intention of the elder sister.

As long as the kidnapping of Sonya is successful, then Nagahime should think that Ryuto is sincere and submissive, and will not attack Ichima in a short time.

Of course, as time goes by, Nagahime is not so stupid that she will be deceived forever. Sooner or later, she will find that Ryuto is not avoiding chasing soldiers, but avoiding the people sent by Tenmoku group to connect. .

"But before Nagahime reacts, I will also ask Master Mother to send Kamiya's team to distract her as much as possible, so as to delay this time-delaying plan until Mr. Ichima is rescued. "

After explaining the whole plan process, Ruri finally said: "Even so, this is a very time-critical task. We must start now. Do you have any objections?"

"No!" Yuna replied loudly, full of energy.

"No, I promise to complete the task." Akechi stretched out his patted chest and replied firmly and confidently.

"No objection...I hope that tomorrow will go smoothly." Although Takato was sighed, his expression became extremely serious.

At the end, Ryuto, who is the number one core figure of this operation, is nodded, and said to these comrades who can entrust their lives: "From now on, please, everyone. The group knows how powerful we are, and let the bastard know that we are not an existence that can be ravaged at will!"

In this way, the video conference in the tablet computer ended temporarily, "Kiryu Legion" and "Tenmoku Group" The First Stage frontal collision is about to kick off...

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