Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 131

Among the five Great Attributes of wisdom, physique, courage, insight, and charm, the most intuitively improved attribute is naturally the "physical" attribute.

Strengthening the body can directly increase the strength of speed, strength, endurance, resistance to blows, flexibility and other aspects. All attributes related to the body will have a significant increase.

Previously, when Ryuto just crossed this World, he promoted his physique from the natural "LV2 physique. Excellent passerby" to "LV3 physique. Professional expert". Later, he did have a very good effect.

Therefore, before this major event, which is about to start a series of infiltration, kidnapping, fighting, and running, it is necessary for Ryuto to raise his body to Level 1 again.

"It takes "50 million yuan" to upgrade from "LV3 physique" to "LV4 physique", confirm the payment?"

After a long absence, click on the "physical" under " After the "+" sign, the familiar system sound rang again.

Think about it carefully, 50 million yuan will promote an attribute from "professional expert" to "international warrior". Speaking of which is actually a very cost-effective business, and it can even be said to be quite cheap.

After all, as long as you work hard for cultivation, most ordinary people can reach the "professional expert" level of physical fitness. It is nothing more than whether they are willing to put in so much effort.

But if you want to go to a further "international warrior", this is no longer a realm that can be achieved by hard work. You must have both hard work and innate talent, otherwise there is no door.

Just like in the professional boxing world, ordinary professional boxers are not difficult to train through professional training, but a boxing champion cannot be trained by professional training. The genius who chooses one is impossible.

At this time, Ryuto has this opportunity to leapfrog innate talent and hard work. What he paid is only an insignificant price of 50 million yuan. I have to say that the system is really playing tricks. .

As the faucet nodded the "Confirm Payment" button, a burst of rays of light flashed by, and the bag of banknotes in front of me that had just been taken out of the safe disappeared like magic.

But after that, Ryuto felt that his body suddenly changed, as if a qualitative leap had taken place from the inside to the outside.

This feeling is not the same as simply improving strength or lightening the body.

In an instant, he only felt that the control ability of the whole body was completely different from before. There was a feeling that the body moved at will, and where to hit.

Is this the physical ability of "LV4 physique"... Try it.

Suddenly, Ryuto looked at the courtyard beyond the window that was not far away, his whole body flashed forward, and in the next second he flew over the window sill and came into the courtyard.

There is a tall and beautiful tree in the yard that has been planted for many years. It is 20 meters high and has lush branches.

Ryuto quickly moved towards this tree and rushed towards the tree, then jumped up, skipped a distance of eight or nine meters, grabbed a nearly four-meter-high branch with one hand, and then his body Turning up, he stood firmly on the branches.

Then his silhouette was tossing around the trees, jumping up quickly like walking on the ground, and it only took about three seconds to reach the top of the arbor that was more than 20 meters high.

From the perspective of a third party, this series of dazzling actions can be regarded as possessed by the ape Mount Tai, and it is not even something humans can do.

What's even more exaggerated is that when Ryuto came to the top of the tree, he fluttered and fell to the side without the slightest hesitation!

His silhouette fell vertically for more than 20 meters in the dark night, and while landing, he spun a few times like a top, and then stood firmly on the ground, without blushing or breathing. There are no adverse reactions.

"so that's how it is...It is a monster-level physical ability."

Understanding how terrifying his physical fitness is now, Ryuto also Can't help but take a deep breath.

Up to now, Ryuto realized that the "LV4 physique" promoted by the system and the "LV4 physique" that ordinary people can achieve are actually different dimensional capabilities.

After all, the attribute speaking of which "physique" is a very complex concept, which contains quite a few sub-attributes.

Such as strength, speed, agility, jumping ability, explosive power, endurance, flexibility, impact resistance and so on.

If a professional athlete can reach the level of a world champion in the high jump, then he can have the rating of "LV4 physique. International warrior" in the system.

But such a world high jump champion has only reached the level of an international warrior in the sub-attribute of "jumping ability", and there is definitely no way to reach the level of specialization in other attributes.

But Ryuto is different. He does not reach the highest level in a certain physical attribute, but has the same level in all physical attributes.

This is equivalent to, what Ryuto actually has is the destructive power of the "boxing champion", the endurance of the "marathon champion", the speed of the "sprint champion", the explosive power of the "weightlifting champion", and the "high jump champion" The jumping ability, the flexibility of the "Gymnastics Champion"... etc.

After fuse together so many extreme physical abilities of human beings, Ryuto's physical abilities can actually only be described as monsters, because there should be no such almighty people in the world.

The 50 million spent is true...Next, let’s look at the "Item Shop" and "Skills Mall" for any good things to buy.

After confirming that his physical abilities have reached the point where James Bond shed tears, Ryuto returned to house to open the mall, and wanted to see if there were any props and skills that could be sent at this time use.

Although the family property is now thick enough, after buying an attribute, there are still more than 40 million yuan left, but the money can't be spent all, and a part of it must be left to prepare to buy a job.

In the fierce battle, it is difficult for Ryuto to have the time to change to the "outlaw" title, which reduces the purchase amount, so it is safer to calculate the cost of buying a life as one million.

Furthermore, considering that this mission is more dangerous and may die many times, Ryuto expects to leave at least 10 million life-saving funds, which is enough for him to resurrect ten times.

Of course, apart from this also has to leave some liquid funds for purchasing specific items during emergency periods.

Otherwise, if you ran out of money in advance, you would be embarrassed if you want to buy props and find that you have no money when you encounter an emergency.

So after spending more than an hour of selection, Ryuto decided to buy one active skill, six passive skills, and two items that were basically sure to be used.

The first active skill he chose to purchase was a martial skill with strong lethality, named "Ancient Style Eight Extremes Fist".

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