Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 132

For the current Ryuto, although his physical fitness is already strong enough, playing against people is not only based on physical ability, but also depends on the mastery of martial skills.

Before this, the only martial skill that Ryuto learned was "Komaki Style Martial Arts", but this martial skill was all counterattack, and there were no tricks for active attacks.

Therefore, if there are no props such as tables, chairs and benches around that can activate "The gangster does not die with unarmed hands", then Ryuto will only have to fight, and try to kill the sensei Fu with a random punch that does not speak martial arts.

This kind of unorganized flat A stream is okay to bully ordinary trash fish. If you really encounter an expert, it is still a bit troublesome. You still have to learn a martial skill that can activate moves. Row.

There are actually many similar martial skills in the skill store, such as "Hunyuan Xingyi Primal Chaos Fist", "Bone Bone Bucket Lightning Whip", "Ma Shi's hair extension" and so on. Yes, but it doesn't look very reliable.

So Ryuto chose to choose for a long time, and finally chose this "Ancient Style Eight Extremes Fist".

Eight Extremes Fist, the name of the ancient fist technique, "Eight Extremes" means to reach the extreme distances in all directions. Its movements are simple and concise, fierce and crisp, and imposing manner majestic.

To put it simply, the movements of this martial skill are not fancy but very practical, hitting people and hitting the street.

And Ryuto's Eight Extremes Fist is not a modern version, but a complete version of the ancient pinnacle period. The complexity and practicality are not comparable to the modern castrated version.

This kind of straight-forward, rather sturdy martial skill, combined with Ryuto's tyrannical physical fitness, can be achieved every second, a group of seconds.

In addition to this active martial skill, Ryuto has also purchased three new passive skills, namely "Silent Movement Art", "breath shielding technique" and "universal driver" .

As the name suggests, these three passive effects are very simple and rude. The first is to reduce the sound made when moving, and the second is to reduce the exposed breath.

Because the task at this time may involve some infiltration parts, these two skills are very suitable for infiltration and are naturally necessary things.

The "universal driver" is able to automatically learn to drive various vehicles, from unicycles, bicycles to motorcycles, cars and even airplanes, and can even play with the increase in proficiency. Many unexpected tricks.

The purchase of this passive is mainly because Ryuto considers that he may use vehicles when taking this Sonya on the road, but he still won’t even drive the car, so he still needs to learn driving skills for last-minute preparation. Better.

As for the last three passive skills purchased, they are the "Extreme Meaning of Iron Bone", "Extreme Meaning of Copper Skin" and "Parkour Master" newly bought by the old skills.

In view of the relationship that I have purchased once before, the re-brushed skill book has made Ryuto's three passive skills all reach 40% proficiency. The effect is much stronger than before. Of course, the price has also changed. Doubled.

The three skills of copper skin, iron bone, and parkour are versatile skills, which can play a good effect in any situation, and the price is not expensive.

So as long as these three skill books are published by the mall, Ryuto will definitely buy them without even thinking about them. Basically, they will definitely work.

After buying seven skill books frantically in the skill store, Ryuto's skill column has become a lot more substantial at once, and of course the wallet is also flat.

The cost of these seven skill books adds up to a total of 22 million yuan, plus the 50 million that was removed before, and Ryuto’s total assets are only a little more than 20 million. .

After thinking about it for a while, Ryuto finally bought two items, namely "Rogue Hang Glider" and "Rogue First Aid Pill".

The "Rogue Hang Glider" is worth 3 million yuan. It can have a gliding effect when falling from a height. The simple description is that the thief Kidd often flies in the sky with Divine Item on his back.

The "Rogue First Aid Pill" is worth 5 million yuan and can treat overwhelming majority injuries. The description is that as long as you don't die on the spot, you can save your life after eating it.

The prices of these two props are very expensive, and of course the effect is very real. They are both good things that can have miraculous effects in times of emergency.

After that, Ryuto never continued to buy props. After all, there were only 14 million yuan left in his vault, of which 10 million would still be used to buy, and The remaining four million was used as emergency shopping funds.

Ryuto finally relaxed when he almost spent all his money, and took the time to lie down and rest for a while.

At this time, the night is coming to an end, and there is even a burst of light on the distant horizon, indicating that the early morning of the 2nd day is coming.

After a few hours of rest, Ryuto was awakened by Consultant Fujiki who rushed over.

"This is the equipment you want. I have found it as much as possible."

Consultant Fujiki seems to have not slept all night, with large dark circles around his eyes, but he Still strong fighting spirit put the backpack he was carrying in front of Young Master.

In the backpack is the special equipment that Ryuto asked him to help prepare yesterday morning, almost all of them are professional goods that ordinary persons can't see at all.

among which is included A special finger tiger that is worn on the finger like a ring and can pop out the tip of a broken window with a single turn.

When wearing this thing, ordinary people can smash the high-strength glass with one punch. Ryuto's fist and even bulletproof glass may not be able to resist it.

In addition to the special finger tiger, Fujiki also brought him a "Uzi submachine gun" that can be used with one hand, a thin "carbon fiber body armor", and a set of climbing aids. With rope hook lock, a small tube of mixed drugs and three flash bombs.

I have to say that Consultant Fujiki has not been in this business for so many years. These over-professional props may not even be available for money, and a strong network is needed.

For Ryuto, these special-purpose equipment can undoubtedly help him a lot.

In tonight's action, Ryuto, the equipment of the overwhelming majority, can be worn directly on the body, such as special finger tigers, bulletproof vests, small-tube drugs, and even put them directly in your pockets.

As for the conspicuous Uzi submachine gun, the flash bullet that feels prone to accidents, and the large-sized rope hook lock, they can be thrown into the equipment bay and can be taken out for use at any time.

At this time, Ryuto's pre-preparation work has been completed, ready to sneak into the "Tokyo Imperial Hotel" at any time.

First attributes, then skills, then props, and finally equipment. After this sturdy set of preparations, Ryuto can now be said to be armed to the teeth.

When Ryuto finally left the "Dragon Group Headquarters" and moved towards "Rulong Security Company", his character attribute has become like this:

Name : Kiryu Ryuto

Age: 16 years old

attribute: resourcefulness LV2 physical LV4 courage LV3 insight LV2 charm LV3

Title: primary level assassin (sneak attack successful Obtained after a hundred times, the sense of presence is reduced by 20% when equipped)

Equipment: Uzi submachine gun (rare), flash bomb (rare), rope hook lock (excellent)

Carry-on equipment: carbon fiber body armor, special broken window finger tiger, mixed drugs

Props: Rogue Velcro, Rogue Analysis Mirror, Rogue Voice-changing Mask, Rogue Gliding Wing, Rogue First Aid Pills

Skills: Ancient Style Eight Extremes Fist, Komaki Style Martial Arts, The Ultimate Meaning of Iron Bone, The Ultimate Meaning of Copperskin, Parkour Master, Rogue Doesn't Die with Unarmed Hands, Silent Movement Art, Breath Shielding Technique, Universal Driver

Total assets: 15,417,000 yuan


How to describe his current attribute column, one word, fierce.

It can be said that Ryuto has lived so much. It is the first time he is so fierce. He even feels so fierce that he can directly enter the "Freedom Tower" to kill Tenmoku Nagahime... It's still impossible, but it shouldn't be a problem to complete this task.

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