Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 133

When Ryuto came to "Rulong Security Company", it was actually close to noon.

The whole floor, which was originally lively and lively, looked particularly deserted today, as if the entire security company had gone out to perform tasks.

For ordinary security companies, it is normal to go out to perform tasks, but the members of this group are not doing ordinary tasks today, but collectively digging up tunnels.

After searching and sorting all night long this morning, Akechi finally obtained the internal map and guard layout of the entire "Sugamo Prison" through various means.

In this case, Takato quickly led the team and quietly went to a sewer near the "Sugamo Prison", intending to dig a tunnel from the sewer to enter the prison.

Although there are many professional drilling tools, according to Takato's estimation, it will take about 20 hours to dig the tunnel at the earliest.

Now there are only about eight hours left before the "Saito Hall Anniversary" is held.

In other words, Ryuto had to delay at least twelve hours after the kidnapping of Sonya to be able to delay the tunnel to completion, and also had to spare some time to take Ichima away.

"Twelve hours...sounds like very difficult, how about we say hello to Sonya first?"

Soon, Ryuto sat in the supervisor's office of "Rulong Security Company" and discussed the details of today with Yuna Senpai via video chat. The latter asked worriedly.

Yuna has always felt very entangled about the two about to kidnap Sonya, after all, Sonya is her friend.

"Don’t, we have no way to judge what Sonya’s attitude will be. If she can’t help but miss a word to others, then everything is over."

After hearing Yuna Senpai's words, Ryuto shook the head solemnly.

Although Sonya is one of his scheduled harem members, unlike Ruri and Yuna, Ryuto is not yet trusted by Sonya at all.

If you rush to tell Sony at this time that you are going to kidnap her tonight, Sony will definitely react in an unpredictable way. If you don't make trouble, it will be bring about one's own destruction.

So even though I felt very sorry for the Eldest Miss, Ryuto decided to use the mixed drug he got from Consultant Fujiki to make her faint.

For Sonya, she doesn't need to do anything tonight, just get a good night's sleep.

When she wakes up on the 2nd day, everything should be over. This is obviously the best result for everyone.

After deciding on Sonya's treatment, Ryuto and Yuna discussed the specific details of sneaking into the venue.

Judging from the information obtained so far, it is quite difficult to sneak into the "Tokyo Imperial Hotel".

After all, tonight the entire hotel will gather a large number of distinguished officials. The security intensity around it can be said to be unprecedentedly high, and it is difficult for even an ant to sneak in.

First of all, other passages in the hotel were completely blocked that day, leaving only a front door for guests to use. The hotel staff were on standby in the hotel five days ago. No contact with the outside world is allowed.

At the same time, there are hundreds of cameras, helicopters and drones around the hotel observing the surrounding situation from all angles, whether it is overturning walls, airdrops or digging holes. It is impossible to sneak in without being discovered.

So from a certain perspective, the only way to enter the hotel that night is the main entrance.

If you want to enter from the main entrance, the first thing you must show is a special invitation letter, which contains electronic chips that cannot be forged in a short time. In addition to guards, there are also well-equipped people around the main entrance. Face recognition system and metal detector.

Not to mention the densely packed various monitoring inside the hotel, nor to mention the thousands of elite bodyguards and the warrior bodyguards of the "Saito Hall", just entering the door is enough to make people headache.

When discussing here, Ryuto asked, "If I pretend to be Yuna Senpai's bodyguard, can I get in with you?"

"I think it should not work. Because the invitation letter states that only the holders of the letter are allowed to enter, even the personal bodyguards have to wait outside."

"’s not okay to snatch other people’s invitations, people Face recognition is too late, and it’s too late to do mask disguise... Headache."

Suddenly, Ryuto couldn't help shook the head, seeming to be thinking about how to sneak in.

It seems that I can’t bear to see Ryuto have some headaches, but Yuna cautiously said: "Um, I actually have a way to help you sneak in, but it’s a bit... weird. ."

Huh? When he heard Yuna's words, Ryuto immediately raised his head and asked in a delighted tone: "What is the method? As long as you can get in, it doesn't matter what else."

"Actually... .. I have a set of rococo-style vintage palace dresses. Although I didn’t plan to wear them tonight, I should be able to bring you in with that set of dresses."

Speaking of this. At that time, Yuna Senpai's face was blushing, and she seemed to feel a little sorry about what to say next.

Ryuto hearing this was confused, and asked doubtfully: "The court dress? How did that thing bring me in?"

"That kind of court dress The skirt is very big and wide. There is a huge skirt in it that can hold the skirt to more than one meter in width. It is quite gorgeous like a huge flower."

"Hey? Could it be that... ..."

Seeing that Ryuto seemed to think of how to use this skirt to get into the venue, Yuna also explained shyly: "When the time comes, you can try...Try hiding in mine In the skirt, as long as the walking speed is not fast, It shouldn't be found."

This? Hiding in Yuna Senpai's skirt...pu!

In an instant, Ryuto thought about the amazing scene in his mind, and almost sprayed his nosebleed on the computer screen.

Yuna Senpai's height is quite tall among women. If you wear a huge dress, it is indeed possible to hide someone under the skirt.

Just hiding in the skirt, it means that Ryuto will have extremely intimate physical contact with Yuna... and it is not ordinary physical contact.

When I think of Yuna Senpai's straight, slender, well-proportioned legs, and the dreamy cloth that may float around his head when the time comes, Ryuto has a kind of blood energy. Feeling Chung.

But now it’s not the time to think about these messy things, Ryuto swallowed a spit and said quickly, “No way, it’s too unfair to you. You will definitely feel uncomfortable. "

"Uncomfortable is certainly a little bit, but compared to this, it is more important to help you enter the venue."

Even if she is very shy, Yuna is still firm Said, after all, in her opinion, this little thing is not worth mentioning compared with the overall situation.

Yuna Senpai, are really a perfect girlfriend, as long as you don't go to the kitchen.

In this way, under Yuna Senpai's insistence, Ryuto had no choice but to half-push and half-place to agree to this entry plan.

How should I put it, although hiding in Yuna Senpai’s skirt is not masculine, it can be regarded as a disguised "hip humiliation", but Ryuto does not care about masculinity anymore. It is more important to enter the hotel smoothly.

Therefore, Ryuto definitely didn't deliberately want to get into the bottom of Yuna Senpai's skirt to find out, definitely not...probably not.

While making the final preparations that afternoon, the dragon head reminded himself repeatedly this way, although maybe even he didn't believe it very much.

But it’s fine anyway. As time passes by, the "Saito Anniversary Celebration", which is bound to cause a major event, is finally slowly kicked off, Ryuto’s " "Mission: Impossible" mission is also about to start in a frenzy tonight.

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