Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 135

Good job, Yuna Senpai.

After poking out a head, Ryuto gave Yuna a thumbs up, but he still didn't dare to breathe.

Uncle Shinagawa, Yuna's exclusive bodyguard, is also an expert in this way. It is impossible to hide in the back seat of the car without hiding his feelings.

But fortunately, Ryuto’s passive skills now include the "breath shielding technique", which can reduce his breath to the lowest point. Even professional bodyguards are also very good at doing things without talking or moving. It is difficult to find his existence.

In this way, Uncle Shinagawa drove at the front, and Yuna and Ryuto at the back communicated with each other on their mobile phones.

In order to ease the tension of the task to be performed, the two chatted in their usual state as much as possible, chatting about some very daily content.

Yuna Senpai, you look so beautiful today.

(#^.^#), don’t say that, people will be shy.

When we arrive at the venue in a while, there must be many expensive Young Masters who will come to talk to you.

Well...Basically every time I participate in this kind of occasion, I will have it. It is very annoying to think of it, just like a group of flies (`Д´).

Doesn’t this prove that Yuna Senpai is a matchless in the world?

If possible, I don’t want such a matchless in the world charm. I just need the person I like to keep looking at me (*╹▽╹*).

wu wu wu, Yuna Senpai is so cute, she is just my angel.

After seeing the reply in the phone message, Ryuto was almost moved to hide his face and cry.

Just at this moment, Ryuto turned his head and saw Yuna Senpai's feet in white high heels.

The wide overcoat she was wearing originally dragged directly on the ground, and her shoes and feet could not be seen.

But because Yuna Senpai sat down and raised the skirt a little bit, he put the part that was not exposed before Ryuto's eyes.

Her lotus feet of moderate size are very delicate, and the shape of ankles and insteps are extremely beautiful, and the white stockings and high heels are even more natural, which makes people want to hold them thinly. Play carefully.

Guckling, although Ryuto doesn't have any foot fetishes, he couldn't help swallowing when he saw this pair of beautiful feet just now.

Especially when he thinks of getting into that huge skirt for a while and moving with the pair of slender jade legs wrapped in stockings, Ryuto couldn’t help but blush. The hand that was originally typing also stopped.

For this situation, Yuna didn't think too much.

She thought that Ryuto was focusing on adjusting her state, but didn't expect this guy to be in estrus with her feet.

Not long after, as the car continued to move forward, the car had already arrived near the parking lot of the "Tokyo Imperial Hotel".

But before the vehicle stopped, there were already many line of sights around to catch them.

The black-clothed bodyguard standing outside the hotel stared at the vehicle and said to the intercom: "This is Group B. The representative vehicle of Tsukimi Corporation has already driven from the south and is ready to welcome it."


A small drone flying next to it quickly came to the side of the vehicle and scanned the people inside it from front to back, before it hurriedly flew away.

Wow...what a strict security level.

Yuna has already felt the almost suffocating atmosphere before arriving at the door of the hotel.

With the "Tokyo Imperial Hotel" as the core, the surrounding several hundred meters are almost all arranged like forbidden areas. It is really difficult for an ant to sneak in.

DaDa. However, just before the vehicle slowed down, Yuna tapped the seat twice while lifting her skirt up as much as possible with her hands.

It's finally coming...go on!

When Yuna Senpai lifted the skirt, Ryuto also got into her skirt very cooperatively.

At the same time, the vehicle stopped at the spacious parking lot at the entrance, and seven or eight bodyguards immediately surrounded it, starting from all angles to check whether the vehicle was abnormal.

"Eldest Miss, please be careful."

After pulling open the carriage for Eldest Miss, Uncle Shinagawa reached out and helped Yuna walk down slowly, stepping on the outside On the red carpet for almost a thousand meters.

"...I'm fine."

After Yuna nodded, under the protection of those bodyguards, moved towards the main entrance not far away, Shinagawa It was taken to another venue.

Because she is wearing a beautiful and cumbersome dress and there is a person hidden in the dress, Yuna walks very slowly and looks very elegant.

From an outsider's point of view, because the skirt completely touches the ground, there is no one hiding in it.

And Ryuto, who is hiding inside, also moves forward with Yuna's steps in a strange posture.

Although the space in the skirt is not small, it is definitely not big enough to allow people to move casually.

In this case, Ryuto can only squat slightly and walk on tiptoes slowly, for fear of walking slowly or one step faster.

With Ryuto's current physical abilities, there is no difficulty in moving with Yuna. What really makes him suffer is the "top scenic spot" in the skirt.

The inside of this dress is a private boudoir garden.

Now Ryuto doesn't need to look around to see the pair of slender thighs shaking right and left in front of him.

Because of wearing white stockings, Ryuto can feel a silky, cold, and supple touch when he occasionally touches that leg. How do you say that feeling, compared to direct contact with the skin It's a different flavor again.

The young girl’s slender and well-proportioned legs exude youthful vigor, like a road sign leading to the sea of ​​stars, and the silk stockings can make people feel the feeling of attracting spirit seizing soul.

Especially Yuna Senpai’s white stockings only reach the base of the thighs. The edge of the stockings draws a trace of the tender, white, and soft leg meat into a slight sinking mark. This mark affects the hobby of the thigh. It can be described as a lore.

Of course, in addition to the thighs, calves, lotus feet, stockings and high heels, the scenery in this "top scenic area" also has a seemingly expensive white silky fat and a mysterious inverted triangle area. .

Yuna Senpai’s fat times are undoubtedly valuable products, although I don’t know what brand they are, but from the point of view of the elegant angles of the lithe and graceful triangle and the arc of the edges, the fat times just show , Indeed shows the designer's philosophy and pursuit of extraordinary and refined...Ah! What am I thinking about, bastard!

Walking, Ryuto started staring at Yuna Senpai's chubby time and looked at it, and his face almost clung to the silky soft stockings legs.

Is it time to do this? How can I...

drop du! 滴du! 滴du!

Just as Ryuto shook his head, trying to force himself from this "top scenic spot" When she woke up from the temptation it brought, a strange sound suddenly came out, and Yuna's footsteps stopped.

"Miss, please wait a moment, something is ringing on your body."

At this moment, Yuna is walking through the checkpoint of the gate, and after hearing the noise The two bodyguards next to him also ran over immediately.

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