Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 136

Is it really here...I still can’t hide this stuff.

Just after Yuna entered the door causing the "metal detector" next to it to make a sound, Yuna and Ryuto were frowned at the same time.

Various detection devices are installed at the entrance of the hotel, such as X-ray detectors, infrared scanners and so on.

However, Yuna had already sewn a circle of reflective thread light cloth made by "Tsukimi Enterprise" on the inside of the skirt beforehand. From the results of the scan, there was no individual hidden in it.

As for the overwhelming majority props that may cause metal detector alarms, Ryuto has also put them in the equipment bay in advance, and all he carries are some non-metallic products.

However, there is a small exception here, that is, the ring-shaped window breaker worn on the finger.

This small window breaker looks like a ring from the surface, but as long as it is twisted, a broken window tip can be ejected. It can also be used as a finger tiger after a fight. Very useful props.

After thinking about it, Ryuto was still reluctant to let go of this item, so he gave it to Yuna Senpai and asked her to wear it on her finger.

After all, Yuna Senpai is a girl. It is normal to wear a ring or something on her hand. The bodyguard at the gate shouldn’t make a fuss about nothing.

So when the bodyguard leaned over to check, Yuna Senpai stretched out the hand with the ring and asked with a smile, "It should be the movement caused by this ring? Could it be that this can't be brought in either? Is it?"

LV5 charm. Launch!

Just when Yuna showed a smile, she ran over to check that the two young bodyguards seemed to have been hammered to the chest by a sledgehammer. The state of the whole person was different.

They straightened their waists, bowed solemnly to Yuna, and then apologized: "Since it is the ring carried by Eldest Miss, there is no problem. Please come in."

If you change to ordinary guests, these two bodyguards must go over and check what is on the ring, maybe you can find the special mechanism inside.

But the problem is that the person wearing this thing is Tsukimi Yuna, a top Demoness with magical charm.

The classic dress that Yuna wears now has brought her charm to the extreme, so that the bodyguards around are surreptitiously staring at her.

Of course, even if everyone is staring at Yuna, their eyes don't dare to have a trace of insignificance and obsceneness, all of them have seen the solemn expression of Lord Goddess.

It feels like Yuna now raises their arms, and they will immediately turn their heads and follow Yuna to beat up their original employers. The charm of the "extreme superman" level is so terrifying.

In this way, under the gaze of the bodyguards watching Lord Goddess leave, Yuna walked towards the venue with such graceful small steps, and passed the first level safely.

It’s just that if the group of bodyguards who watch Yuna as Goddess knows that there is a man hidden in Goddess’ skirt, these guys don’t know if they will line up and jump off the building on the spot...

Entering the gate, Yuna Senpai appeared in front of a splendorous and majestic foyer. A graceful female leader immediately walked over and moved Yuna towards the banquet hall inside the hotel. Take it.

Huh...Is it finally breaking through the first line of defense? The next step is to release Ryuto.

So Yuna walked, and suddenly said to the leader: "Sorry, I want to go to the bathroom."

"Ah, the bathroom is here. I will take you. Go."

When he heard Yuna's words, the leader immediately led Yuna to a small corridor and walked around to a clean and elegant toilet.

"Eldest Miss, do you need help?"

"No, you just wait outside."

Rejected the leader's offer to help Later, Yuna went to the innermost compartment of the toilet and locked the door, which was finally relaxed.

"Thanks for your hard work, Yuna Senpai."

Suddenly, Ryuto got out of Yuna's skirt in embarrassment, showing an expression of sorry to her.

Although Ryuto took a lot of money during the move just now, for Yuna, her situation is actually quite embarrassing.

Nowadays, although the two of them are boyfriends and girlfriends, they actually didn't even hold their hands, let alone other close contacts, so Yuna's embarrassment can be imagined.

But even so, Yuna said seriously: "Now is not the time to talk about this. In short, the next top floor direction is not so easy to go, you must be more careful."


"Well, but I still hour and fifty minutes, so I have plenty of time."

Ryuto looked at the cheap plastic on his wrist Watch, the time displayed on the watch is six ten ten.

According to the process arrangement of this "Saito Hall Anniversary Celebration", 6 to 7 is the time for welcome and talks, and meals will start at 7:15 in the "Banquet Hall" on the 20th floor. .

At eight o'clock exactly, as the host of the Saito Hall headquarters, Saito Takehiro will be on stage to give a speech on behalf of the Saito family, and then there will be the performance time of the martial artists of the hall, and finally it is the celebration of the 300th anniversary of the completion Saito family made a collective appearance at the curtain call.

How to put it, today’s entire celebration process looks ancient and boring, but the overwhelming majority of people who will come to the celebration are not here for fun.

Of course, whether this celebration is interesting or not has nothing to do with Ryuto, because he has no plans to join it, and only Saito Sonya is the goal from start to finish.

According to the first-hand information obtained by Yuna from Sonya today, Sonya is not attending the dinner tonight, she will simply show up in the final "collective appearance" session.

The purpose of this is said to be to better protect Sonya, but in fact it is because other members of the Saito family do not want her to appear in public too much.

After all, Sonya is a complete heresy for most members of the Saito family.

In the eyes of many people, such a silver-haired Russian girl does not deserve to represent Tokyo’s oldest Martial Dao family. If it weren’t for Sonya’s father Takehiro was a patriarch appointed by the previous generation, she has excellent strength. If so, they had already swept Sonya out.

So the Saito family didn't want to see Sonya, and Sonya didn't want to see them even more.

This also caused her to prefer to spend her time in the small garden on the top floor of the fiftieth floor, rather than to accompany the "family" to receive guests.

Ryuto is naturally clear about the grievances between Sonya and Saito Hall.

It’s just that he hadn’t thought about it before that such grievances would create an excellent opportunity for his kidnapping plan.

To take Sonya away, the best time is around eight o'clock. Most people's attention is focused on the chairman's speech. Ryuto needs to come to the fiftieth floor before that.

"I'm fine, let's go."

"Yes, please here."

Soon after, Yuna left the toilet alone, Under the leadership of the leader, moved towards the banquet hall.

And Ryuto is wearing a waiter’s hat, tidying up the waiter’s clothes that he wears a long time ago, and sneaking out of the toilet quietly, preparing to move towards "Elevator" "Well" in the direction of advancing.

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