Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 138

Of course, it's not that Mizue alone has such a terrifying in Takehiro's mind.

In fact, for the overwhelming majority of the upper class in Tokyo, Kamiya Mizue, the head of the Kamiya family, is a very scary woman.

The "Kamiya family" is a noble family in the Tokyo circle. Now they have considerable influence in the parliament, cabinet, and courts. Some people even call them the "shadow kingdom".

It's just that more than a decade ago, the Kamiya family was far from developing to the scale it is today.

Although this family has become popular in the political circle with the convenience of "House Monarch", but to put it bluntly, it is just a facade tool of the Imperial Family that's all.

It wasn't until 16 years ago that the previous "House Monarch" Kamiya Mizue unloaded the burden of the facade and began to assume the role of the head of the Kamiya family. This family did not develop advanced by leaps and bounds.

Using the convenience of the family to make money in various fields, and then using the strong family property and reputation to attract and support politicians and bureaucrats, so as to build a whole network of interpersonal relationships with Tokyo as the core.

It only took more than ten years, and the new wealth and fame of the Kamiya family is enough to match the sum of the past hundreds of years.

All these drastic changes are only because of a woman, because of a woman named Kamiya Mizue.

From this point of view, the head of the Kamiya family can be said to be one of the most powerful women in this world.

Why is it one of them? Because in this world there is also a hanging force called Tenmoku Nagahime.

According to Ryuto's knowledge, in the game "Scarlet Album 2: Extinction", the only person Nagahime fears is her.

The reason why the "Tenmoku Group" and the "Kamiya Family" are rivals to each other is largely because the two women are rivals. Mizue is such a monster that can compete with Nagahime.

And her toughness can also be seen in the attributes displayed in the "Rogue Analysis Mirror" worn by Ryuto today.

Name: Kamiya Mizue

Age: Fifty-five years old

attribute: Wisdom LV5 Physical LV1 Courage LV4 Insight LV5 Charm LV4

......How should this attribute be described? It is similar to Nagahime which really has several points of.

In terms of the most critical "intelligence" and "insight", Mizue and Nagahime are completely monsters of the same grade, because the relationship between the camps is not so bold and not so magical.

I really want to say that Mizue is the most inferior compared to Nagahime, it is naturally her physical ability.

Different from Nagahime, who has undergone many transformations and is no longer like normal humans, Mizue's physical fitness can be said to be quite weak, even inferior to ordinary people.

This difference in physical ability is also the decisive factor that led Mizue to a tragic end.

Because if Ryuto remembers correctly, the head of the Kamiya family will die in a year... from illness.

Her body is not very good. As the confrontation with the "Tenmoku Group" is intensifying, it is even more laborious and overworked. As a result, she was sent to chat with Great God Tian Zhao after a serious illness. Up.

It is precisely with the death of Mizue that the atmosphere in the second half of the game becomes more and more terrifying.

Nagahime, who has no worries, is frantically carrying out various sensational plans. She takes the government completely in her hands, arranges bureaucracy to striptease on the street, and kills the ruthless rebels in the street, etc. .

It is no exaggeration to say that the overwhelming majority danger faced by the protagonist in the second half is actually due to a series of chain reactions caused by Mizue's death.

If Mizue is not dead, Nagahime will not dare to dance so joyfully, and the future direction will also change dramatically.

And at this moment, the head of the Kamiya family who will die soon showed a gentle smile on his face, and said with a smile to Takehiro who came to receive: "This time I turn up without being invited, I hope President Takehiro won’t see the geeks."

"no no no! How could it be, Sister Mizue is willing to come here, it must be our honor to go up and down in Saito Hall."

Takehiro hearing this hurriedly shook his head and replied, but his heart suddenly reacted.

Right? I just said that there seems to be no Sister Mizue among the registered guests. Shouldn't the Kamiya Yoshiyuki send me a mess?

For a while, Chairman Takehiro was also a little confused. It was said that it was Yoshiyuki who came over. Why suddenly Mizue changed his mind and chose to visit the scene in person? Doesn't she dislike participating in such activities?

Ryuto is also puzzled about this. After all, in his opinion, Mizue shouldn't have appeared at all, and it just happened to appear in front of him.

What's worse, the old acquaintance Nekoyashiki Tunomaru came in with Mizue.

Although all guests can only enter by themselves when entering the gate, they cannot bring bodyguards.

But obviously this rule does not apply to Mizue at all. Nekoyashiki Tunomaru stands just and honorable just and honorable behind the owner only about one meter.

After entering, the old ninja immediately began to observe the surrounding situation vigilantly, while Ryuto quickly lowered his head, blocking his eyes with his hat as much as possible.

Nowadays, Ryuto's appearance has undergone some changes due to the "rogue magic post". The conspicuous yellow hair is also blocked by the hat, and it is not easy to recognize it by just looking at the face.

But the look in the eyes is different. The eyes are the windows of the soul. Recognizing people is actually done through the eyes most of the time.

With the strength of Tunomaru Old Master, as long as the eyes of the two match, then Ryuto will have a high probability of being identified by him. This is simply the worst situation.

What kind of sin did I commit? Why did the plan encounter such a degree of sudden occurance at the beginning?

When Mizue and Takehiro chatted at the door, Ryuto's heart was really a million fuck your mother, tap dancing crazy.

It’s just that the two big guys haven’t talked a few words before, Takehiro made a gesture of asking inside, saying with a smile: "Mizue Sister, let’s go in and talk again."


"Well, but I don’t want to eat in the banquet hall or be disturbed, so I arrange a suite for me to rest for a while. Can I go there when I give a speech?"

"Of course you can, then I will bring it..."

"No, you should be very busy as the host. Just let the waiter take me up."

Just as Takehiro was about to say, "Let me take Mizue up there", Mizue shook the head empathetically, and at the same time looked towards the waiter standing next to him...or the future son-in-law .

When Mizue watched, a stiff smile appeared on Ryuto's face. It was uglier to laugh than to cry.

"Also, take Mizue to the presidential suite of four 19 layers. Thank you."

Speaking of which, Takehiro reached out to patted Ryuto's shoulder next to him, yes After giving a thumbs up, he nodded to Mizue, and then left with a happy step.

From the back of Takehiro's departure, not having to face Mizue seems to be a very easy thing.

It's just that he is relaxed now, but the problem is that Ryuto is really in trouble.

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