Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 139

After Takehiro left, Mizue glanced at Ryuto again, then instructed in a plain tone: "Let's go, lead the way ahead."

".... ..Yes."

In desperation, Ryuto had no choice but to turn around and moved towards the main aisle where he had just come not long ago. Behind him were Mizue and Tunomaru.

Ryuto really didn't expect in his dreams, and he would encounter such a magical scene when he came out of kidnapping.

I, Kiryu Ryuto, came out to kidnap my wife #3, but in the hotel I was caught by father-in-law #3 and assigned to serve mother-in-law #1.

This relationship is messy...this is not a mess of porridge, it's a mess.

What kind of blood mold was poured out today, is it written "not suitable for kidnapping" on the calendar?

Moved towards the main passage, Ryuto felt the hill-like pressure coming from behind him, and couldn't help gritting his teeth so as not to show the weak spot.

Because Mizue's gaze is staring at him, the feeling of being stared at from behind, Ryuto will definitely not be mistaken.

Of course, Ryuto didn't make a mistake. Kamiya Mizue was indeed walking slowly at this time, while looking up and down the "normal" waiter in front.

After watching for a while, Mizue whispered to Tunomaru who was walking behind him: "What do you think of this waiter?"

"...well-trained He has a calm temperament and is definitely not something in the pool."

Like Mizue, Tunomaru is actually staring at Ryuto secretly. After all, he is the waiter who leads the way for the patriarch, safety. For the sake of it, you still have to find out.

From the perspective of walking posture alone, Ryuto's body is always in a straight line when moving, and every step feels quite calm when he walks out, and his footsteps are light and silent. At first glance, a trained warrior can walk out. appearance.

"Indeed, such an excellent youngster actually works as a waiter here? Isn't it a waste of it."

After hearing Tunomaru's answer, Mizue couldn't help but shook the head , There seems to be a kind of quite regretful feeling.

Mizue does not understand martial arts, but her insight ability is one of the very best in the world, and you can see at a glance that this youngster is definitely not simple.

"Today, the staff in the hotel seems to be held by members of "Saito Hall", but in his case, it seems that he is not taken seriously in the hall, otherwise he will not be sent Do this kind of handyman."

"Really...If this is the case, I will talk to him for a while, if he is a man of work, let him come to Kamiya's house to work, lest he Staying here is a waste of life."

Mizue has never hesitated to dig other people’s walls. The Kamiya family is now capable of abundance of talents, thanks to her natural pair of Divine Vision and decisiveness. character.

It’s just that for the "outstanding youngster who is about to be digged into the wall", he still doesn’t know that he has been spotted by his mother-in-law, but is worrying about another thing. .

What should I do? I will reach the elevator entrance in a while, but I don’t have a door card. How can I start the elevator?

As the three of them moved forward more and more, seeing the elevator car not far away from the corner beckoning to them, Ryuto was already so flustered that he almost burst into tears.

The elevators in "Tokyo Imperial Hotel" need to swipe a special elevator door card once when starting up, otherwise the floor button cannot be pressed at all.

Generally speaking, the overwhelming majority staff in the hotel have such elevator door cards, and the waiter must be a must.

But the problem is that Ryuto is not a waiter in the true sense. He is actually a kidnapper disguised as a waiter.

In the previous plan, Ryuto did not have the need to turn on the elevator at all, and naturally did not prepare door cards.

This is good, with Mizue and Tunomaru behind him, and the elevator that can't be opened in front of him, Ryuto feels like he's in a dead end for a while.

How to open the elevator door... and even if the elevator is turned on and it comes to four 19 layers, I can't get the door card of the presidential suite, right?

Generally speaking, the suite key cards of this kind of hotel are kept in the hands of a special person. If the waiter needs to add a room temporarily, he will send a request through the walkie-talkie, and someone will card the key to the door of the room immediately.

Although Ryuto also has a walkie-talkie hanging on his chest, his walkie-talkie is a complete display and cannot be connected to the channel here. Therefore, he can't actually open the presidential suite.

What should I do? What... That's right! "Cash recharge mall"! I remember seeing something like a "lock opener" there before!

For an ordinary person, this situation can be said to be a desperate situation, and there is fundamentally impossible room for reversal.

But Ryuto is different, he is a genuine cash recharge player.

So Ryuto quickly opened the mall while walking slowly, and drew up among the mall props.

The lock opener... the rogue lock opener! Wait, no, this won't work!

Ryuto burst into tears after opening the "rogue unlocker" that sold for 500,000 yuan and was said to be able to open most of the keyholes.

Judging from the shape and description, this "rogue unlocker" can only be used to open the kind of locks opened with a key, and there is no way to use it on elevators and electronic locks outside the suite.

When he noticed this, Ryuto couldn't help feeling hairy, and the life-threatening elevator was now only ten or twenty meters away from him!

Damn it, can you only commit suicide? I committed suicide because I couldn't open the elevator. The cause of death is really stupid...

Zi, Zi, Zi! Just as Ryuto was sweating coldly and was about to take out Uzi and give him a shot, the walkie-talkie hanging on his chest suddenly made a slight noise.

After that, a familiar voice came out cautiously from the walkie-talkie.

"Boss? Can Boss hear me? Please reply if you hear."

This voice is...Akechi! very good, it's saved!

At the moment when he heard the familiar voice, Ryuto quickly raised the walkie-talkie and said just and honorable: "Report, we are now taking guests to "Elevator No. 107", ready to go to the "49th floor super president" Suite", the rest is the same, the contact is complete."

On the surface, this is just a normal contact report with the reception.

But Ryuto believes that Akechi on the walkie-talkie can understand what he means. If he doesn't understand, then Ryuto will really kill himself.

After this, there was no sound from the walkie-talkie, and Ryuto also walked towards the elevator with a panic.

Just when Ryuto brought Mizue and Tunomaru to the door of the "Elevator No.107", he blocked the eyes of the two behind with his body, pretended to hold the door card and dropped to the elevator The sensing area next to it.

Please, must open, must...

drop! With a crisp sound, the lights next to the elevator turned from red to green, and the elevator doors that were about to be sentenced to Ryuto's death also opened!

Huh...good job, Akechi Goro.

Suddenly, Ryuto slightly smiled and at the same time stepped back to the side, making a "please" gesture to Mizue.

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