Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 141

The interior of the highest presidential suite of "Tokyo Imperial Hotel" can be described as gold and jade in glorious splendor.

The rooms are made of exquisite materials and exquisite workmanship. From carpets to sofas, table lamps, and chandeliers are all top luxury brands. The luxurious space of hundreds of square meters is spacious and bright. Living here is really an imperial enjoyment. .

Ryuto has never entered such a presidential suite before.

It's just that after coming in, no matter how good the decoration is, he can't help but feel his scalp tingling.

What should I do? Shouldn't I show a weak spot? It shouldn't happen, otherwise it would have been taken down on the spot.

But if it wasn't for showing a weak spot, why did Mizue call me in?

Could it be that...she is attracted to my handsome appearance and strong body?

In an instant, a ridiculous idea appeared in Ryuto's mind.

As everyone knows, Kamiya Mizue has no husband, and even Ruri doesn’t even know that his father is who.

In "Scarlet Album 2: Extinction", Kamiya Mizue did not show any aspect of daily life. The scene she appeared was either plotting against people or lying on the bed.

But no matter how you say it, Mizue is also a beautiful woman with impeccable appearance and looks at most in her thirties. She naturally has "that aspect" needs.

After thinking about this, Ryuto couldn't help swallowing a spit, and looked at the mature body wrapped in the elegant kimono.

If she intends to let me...No way, no way, how can I do it!

I can’t be sorry for Ruri, Yuna and Sonya, I absolutely must reject her firmly!

When Mizue came to the living room of the suite and sat on the antique prominence sofa, Ryuto also followed along with fear and stood beside the coffee table not far away.

He looked a little nervous and restless at this moment, and even his legs were trembling.

Nekoyashiki Tunomaru is guarding the door at this time. As long as Ryuto changes a little bit, the "guardian ninja" will immediately stop it, which can be said to completely block his escape.

There is Mizue in front and Tunomaru in the back. Go up to heaven or down to Hades, there is no way to go.

When Ryuto dared to feel restless about his future, Mizue said with a smile to him: "Don't be so formal, let's just chat, sit down."

"...Well, this lady, what are you looking for? I don't know anything."

Ryuto lowered his voice as much as possible, in a very confused tone Asked.

Hold your breath, empty your mind, and never show any signs of hesitation or thinking.

Because I have met Tenmoku Nagahime who has the same Divine Grade insight ability before, Ryuto already knows how to deal with Mizue at this time.

The "LV5 Insight" level of insight ability combined with the "LV5 Intelligence" level of intelligence allows these two monsters to judge their mental state through other people's expressions, breathing, heartbeat, tone and other traces.

In other words, it is difficult to lie without being discovered in front of Mizue.

In this case, you can choose not to lie, and completely bring your other identity into your current role.

When seeing Ryuto’s confused face, Mizue slightly smiled, said with a smile: "Anyway, let’s introduce yourself first. I am Kamiya Mizue, the head of the Kamiya family, how about you?"

While introducing herself, Mizue kept staring at Ryuto's body, carefully watching all his reactions.

When asked about the name, the reaction of telling the real name is absolutely different from that of the pseudonym. Unless it is a trained spy member, normal people are impossible to hide from Mizue's eyes.

And Ryuto immediately replied without the slightest hesitation: "Hello, Mrs. Mizue, my name is Li Lan."

"Li Lan....... Are you a foreigner?"

"Yes, I was originally from a neighboring country. I came here because of some strange encounters. After I came, I encountered many complicated things and worked here. Now."

As Ryuto said, he smiled bitterly, like a poor child who has experienced many hardships at a young age.

The name and the experience he said... are all true, and the child is not lying.

After listening to Ryuto's "self-introduction", Mizue couldn't help being nodded.

In fact, Ryuto's "self-introduction" is indeed true.

After all, "Li Lan" is his real name before crossing, so naturally there will be no feeling of lying when he reads his real name.

As a neighboring country, he came here because of strange encounters, and then encountered a lot of complicated things...Why don't you hear that?

Explain his true intelligence by scoring the sideball. This is the tactic that Ryuto chose when dealing with Mizue.

Who makes him really incompatible with the inside and outside? The body and the soul are actually two people. Even with the insight of Divine Grade, you can't see through this kind of exchange of inside and outside.

At this moment, Mizue straight to the point said: "Arashi, I actually called you over because..."

Just when Mizue was about to invite Ryuto When going to work in the "Kamiya family", suddenly, Tunomaru standing at the door suddenly frowned, turned his head and looked towards the direction outside the presidential suite.

A strong breath, a breath of strong resentment and fighting intent as if it was about to burn.

Overwhelming majority martial artists who practice martial arts and reach their peak realm can all condense their own imposing manner.

Whether it is murderous aura, fighting intent, or domineering, in short, it is the kind of aura that can make people feel its existence far away.

Although the owner of that breath is at least ten meters away in the corridor, Tunomaru clearly felt that aura's existence through the thick door.

This strong breath is not only felt by Tunomaru, but also by Ryuto, who is sitting in the living room.

This! Really strong breath, who is it?

At this moment, the overly sharp aura was placed on Ryuto's neck like a sharp blade, causing him to react unconsciously to the battle.

Almost instinctively, Ryuto stood in front of Mizue sideways, squatted slightly, raised his hands, and put on a posture that he could shoot at any time.

Originally, Ryuto has almost no fighting posture, but after purchasing the "Ancient Style Eight Extremes Fist" before, his fighting posture seems to be quite standard.

"Calm down, boy."

Aware of Ryuto's vigilance, Tunomaru said without looking back, "The one outside is my "old friend", he just It’s just inviting me out for a gathering, although this is too rude."

Although Mizue can’t feel that aura, she probably knows what happened, so she just said lightly saying:" Old friends...old rivals, right?"

"Although his strength is not below me, I did not regard him as an opponent, because I and him are not the same People on the road."

Although Tunomaru also kills people, in essence, the meaning of his "ninja" is to protect the "Kamiya family" from foreign enemies.

But the "magic boy" standing in the corridor outside the door is a freak born to kill, a born killer.

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