Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 142

The strength is not below Nekoyashiki Tunomaru, and he is regarded as an opponent...Is it the "magic boy" Saito Rudao.

After hearing Tunomaru's description, Ryuto also probably understood who the guy who was exuding murderous aura outside the corridor was.

"Magic Boy" Saito Rudao, identity is the headquarters teacher of "Saito Hall", the cousin of contemporary chairman Saito Takehiro, and also the Uncle of Sonya.

In the original game, the overwhelming majority characters of "Saito Hall" only appeared in the "Sonya Line", and this Saito Rudao can be called the big villain in the "Sonya Line".

How should this man be described? He was born deformed and grew up under the ridicule of others, so his personality is extremely twisted and weird.

But although Rudao’s physical condition is different from that of ordinary people, this member of the Saito family has martial arts innate talent that can be called Divine Immortal level. Overwhelming majority martial skill can basically be learned by just reading it. pretty close.

Rudao, who has been ridiculed since childhood, became immersed in the pleasure of martial arts after discovering his martial arts innate talent.

He traveled around the world at a young age, looking for various Sect warriors to fight, and he fought with people no less than a thousand times when he was more than 20 years old. It can be said that he is a warrior born for martial arts.

It's just that this pursuit of martial arts quickly evolved into a pursuit of killing.

After all, the essence of martial skill is actually a killing skill. The deeper the pursuit, the easier it is to fall into the quagmire.

Therefore, now Saito Rudao is already in a state of cultivation deviation. He secretly caught a lot of "Saito Hall" disciplines to try and kill him. The title of "Magic Boy" is not just in name. only, but also in reality.

By the way...It seems to have been said that Saito Rudao once lost to Nekoyashiki Tunomaru?

Just when the legendary "Magic Boy" was provoking outside, Ryuto remembered a small detail mentioned in the "Sonya Line".

The reason Saito Rudao always wears an iron mask that covers half of his face is because he has a huge scar on his face, and this scar was left by Tunomaru back then.

From this point of view, Rudao will get Tunomaru into the bone, and it is not incomprehensible to find him shameless.

It's just that Rudao wants revenge, it's his business, Tunomaru doesn't mean to fight that guy again.

Moreover, the battle between the two was just a misunderstanding that's all caused by chance and coincidence. It's just that Rudao has been reluctant for many years.

But even so, Tunomaru still shook his head and said: "It's troublesome, it seems that if I don't go out, that guy doesn't plan to leave... he can only send him away. It’s okay."

"It’s okay, don’t bother, President Takehiro should already know that this happened, and someone will stop him soon."

For this With sudden occurrenceance, Mizue was quite calm, his eyes did not even change.

In her opinion, it was originally not a major event, but if Saito Rudao is a normal person, it is unlikely that he would do anything to the distinguished guests of the Kamiya family at such a large celebration.

Of course, the premise of this reasonable inference is that Saito Rudao is a normal person.

In fact, he and normal people are completely creatures acting in a way that defeats one's purpose.

Don’t come out, are you? well.

When Tunomaru was still inside, the middle-aged man who was standing outside with a short stature and an iron mask that covered half of his face turned dark. He pressed his hand on the wall next to him.


As Saito Rudao took a deep breath, his body actually swelled to the visible scale of naked eye!

The black suit that was originally in line with the figure was suddenly bulged up! Especially the muscles in the arms directly broke the sleeves! There was a tearing and tearing sound!

Suddenly, Tunomaru sighed, standing at the entrance of the suite, said helplessly: "Not good...The madman is really going to do it, Mizue-sama, please sit down and take care of it."


"Huh? Sit firmly and support? What's the point..."

Before Mizue could react, a sudden shock appeared in the room.

It is an impact, and it is the impact caused by directly penetrating a wall more than ten meters away from outside the room.

After getting the strength of his body, Rudao's big hand, which was much wider than normal, and even the palm prints were flattened, slammed against the wall!

With this press, an exaggerated penetration force was immediately transmitted through the wall and blasted into the presidential suite where Mizue and the others were located!

Bah! pa! bang!

In an instant, the crisp sound came out almost in the same second! The vase on the table, the goldfish bowl by the bed, the light bulb above the head and other fragile objects were shattered on the spot!

How to describe this kind of scene, as if someone used an excavator to plan fiercely outside the room, which produced a strong vibration.

Of course, this is not the vibration caused by some kind of heavy machine, it is just caused by the penetration force caused by a pair of palms of someone.

This! What is this stuff!

At the moment the vibration started, Ryuto reacted immediately, and quickly pulled off the coat from her body and covered Mizue's head to prevent her from being scratched by the light bulb that fell on her head.

Although my relationship with Mizue is a bit delicate, she is Ruri's mother and future mother-in-law.

In addition to the fact that Mizue and Ruri look very similar, Ryuto occasionally sees Ruri's shadow on him, so it is his instinct to take the lead in protecting Mizue in this situation.

...Yes, the response is quick, and there is a good sense of protection.

Tunomaru originally planned to protect Mizue-sama by himself, but Ryuto was rushing to do his work next to him, so he looked at the boy's back with relief.

If Tunomaru invited the young man to join this indifferent expression to Master Mizue before, but now he kind of likes this youngster named "Li Lan", it is really promising.

It's just that Ryuto, who accidentally got Tunomaru's "future identification", couldn't help but immediately looked towards the direction of the wall coming from Lidao after the sudden movement ended.

Is that guy Saito Rudao blasted out with palm force just now? Isn't this too ridiculous?

Although I know that the martial skill of "Magic Boy" is at the top level in this World, Ryuto didn't expect it to be so strong.

Even if he now has "LV4 physique", he is impossible to hit the Cow Behind the Mountain far away and shake the glass in the room to pieces.

This is not something that can be done by brute force alone. There must be a profound martial skill essence in it.

By the way, is your mother-in-law okay? If it hurts, it will be troublesome. Her body is already very weak.

After being shocked by Rudao's heaven-shaking, earth-shattering blow for a second, Ryuto quickly lowered his head and looked towards Mizue, who was protected by his clothes.

He lowered his head and looked down. At this moment, Mizue also raised his head and looked this way. The two eyes happened to meet.

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