Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 145

Of course, Saito Rudao impossible spends 10 million to buy a life for a person. He does not have the habit of spending money to buy a life. He has always been a prostitute for nothing.

And after hearing Ryuto's ridicule directly on his face, Rudao's eyes that were already exuding murderous aura were almost bleeding!

Rudao never thought that such a small waiter would dare to attack himself, and the thing that made him angry the most!

From a very young age, Rudao grew up amidst the ridicule of other "dwarfs," "Xiao Ming," and "hobbits." He is naturally the most sensitive to such insults.

As Rudao’s identity has become higher and higher, it has been a long time since no one dared to say such obvious insulting words in front of him.

However, Ryuto dared, and said it in front of at least a dozen people around him.

This boy actually...Huh? and many more? His eyes? Could it be!

When it was discovered that Ryuto was able to withstand Rudao's attack, Tunomaru, who was planning to go to the rescue, couldn't help but froze.

But at that moment, he happened to see Ryuto's eyes that exuded Ling Ran's expression.

Eyes are the windows of the soul, so Ryuto has always avoided Tunomaru looking directly into his eyes, otherwise he has a high probability of discovering his true identity.

In fact, it is true. When I saw Ryuto's eyes from the front, Nekoyashiki Tunomaru felt as if he was back in the "Kamiya House" more than a month ago.

"Yes, I like her, and I will marry her in the future, so what?"

In that bedroom, the teenager used to treat Tunomaru fearlessly. Expressed his intentions.

Even if he was facing the powerful "Kamiya family" at the time, the young man was still confident, gaze as if a torch.

The same is true in the moment, even if there is another "magic boy" in Legendary Grade standing in front of him, he still dignified and chooses to confront him, never taking a step back.

Could it be that...this boy’s identity is...

In a trance, this boy named "Li Lan" and Tunomaru The overlapping of the people made him feel a huge shock.

But this is impossible? How can Kiryu Ryuto have such a strong ability?

It has been more than a month since Tunomaru and Ryuto met last time.

At that time, Ryuto was completely a big layman in martial arts. How could it be possible to stand up to Saito Rudao in such a short period of time?

Just as Tunomaru was shocked that Li Lan and Ryuto might be the same person, Rudao also slowly opened his mouth.

While he urged the palm of his hand vigorously, he said with a sneer: "Very well...I'm going to fix your fate, and Jesus can't keep it."

"Really...what shall we bet on? How about learning how to bark on the spot if you can't do it?"

"Fuck You!"

After hearing Ryuto's mocking reply, Rudao couldn't help but utter an international friendly greeting, but he was a little surprised in his heart.

You must know that now Rudao's five finger bones are all white, and the blue veins suddenly protrude like earthworms. This is exactly how he performed when he used his full strength.

In other words, it looks like a teenager at most can withstand Rudao’s spare no effort, which is incredible.

What's even more exaggerated is that when Rudao holds his hand in his hand, the feel that comes from there is hard to understand.

If it's just pure hand strength, Rudao can also be understood as a juvenile Innate Divine Strength.

After all, although this situation is rare, but also not, there is a Sonya in Saito's family who belongs to this kind of superman.

What Rudao really can't understand is the hardness of the boy's palm like steel.

We must know that Rudao's hands are iron hands that have been trained after decades of cultivation and soaked in various special potions. It is not surprising that they have this hardness.

But why is this youngster? Why can the palm be so hard?

Why? If Ryuto hears this question, he will surely raise the corners of his mouth, and replied in a pretending tone, "It depends on the Lord."

The reason why Ryuto is able to block Rudao’s grip is that besides his very strong physical fitness now, the biggest reliance is naturally the two brothers of Steel Muscles Iron Bones.

"The extreme meaning of iron bone" and "The extreme meaning of copper skin", these two passives have purchased the second skill book not long ago, that is, their proficiency has risen to 40% .

The two passive skills of 40% proficiency are equipped with "LV4 physique", and the title of "fighting apprentice" is replaced in advance to increase the battle strength, which can barely withstand Rudao's onslaught.

From this perspective, it is not difficult to see how terrifying this guy Saito Rudao is. His strength has almost reached a level that is almost inhuman.

If it weren't for this kind of purely power-competitive game, it would have really opened up the two-person rivalry.

Now Ryuto will be 100% knocked to the ground in a short time. After all, the battle awareness and skills of the two are not at the same level. People may fight more than Ryuto has dug. There are more booger.

Therefore, at this time, Ryuto can only support at best, unable to fight back at all.

However, being unable to fight back does not mean being unable to speak, so Ryuto began to bombard him with language offensive.

"Try harder, didn’t you eat? Or you just leave it here to tickle me? I don’t have money to give it, do you mind if you don’t want to be a prostitute?"

". .....wu! "

"You just said you were going to kill me, hurry up, don't just stare at me, I've been afraid of getting fish-eyed since I was a child."


"...wú wú wú!"

"It seems that you are at this level. Give you a chance. You are not good at it. Don't call it the magic boy, call it giant. Baby."

Every time Ryuto said a word, Rudao's face rose redder, and in the end, this guy's face rose like a big apple, looking quite funny.

When he heard the last "giant baby", Saito Rudao couldn't help it anymore.

"I X you#%@**!"

With a roar that can hardly hear what swearing he is swearing, this little man finally couldn't help it right hand move! It struck Ryuto's outstretched wrist like lightning!

From beginning to end, Saito Rudao just wrestled with his left hand, because he could not accept the fact that Ryuto could not be crushed with one hand.

But perhaps it was really anxious to be scolded by Ryuto. This martial artist finally gave up his dignity and chose to attack with his other hand!

If this right hand strike is hit, Ryuto's extended wrist will inevitably fracture on the spot, and then the entire palm will be crushed into flesh.

It's just a pity that at the same time, the four slender flying needles flew out from the back like lightning and inserted into Rudao's shoulders and legs!

It was Nekoyashiki Tunomaru. Just as Rudao was about to kill the killer, Tunomaru behind him also acted decisively.

Don’t forget, although Ryuto is now wrestling with Rudao, Tunomaru has been staring behind him.

As soon as he noticed that Rudao was planning to have a "non-martial ethics", Tunomaru took the lead in a "super-non-martial ethics" and gave him a few shots behind his back.

As these four stitches went down, Rudao's arms and legs were immediately numb in a short period of time, and his body was frozen there and turned into a large target.

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