Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 146

After reacting to Tunomaru’s sneak attack, Rudao turned around and said angrily: "Nekoyashiki Tunomaru! I..."

bang! But Before he could finish swearing, Ryuto, who was close at hand, raised his foot slightly and stomped on the carpet in front of him!

Shooting the ground with one foot, using this special "foot shaking" as a gesture style that accumulates energy and exerts energy is the biggest feature of "Ancient Style Eight Extremes Fist".

While this foot is stomped, Ryuto’s whole body is full of strength like a long drawn bow. On the fist face, he slammed into Saito Rudao's face!

It moves like a bow stretched, and it bursts like thunder. This is one of the master skills of "Ancient Style Eight Extremes Fist", "Successfully collapse the fist."

When such a violent, overbearing punch hit Saito Rudao's face without an iron mask.

Even Mizue was in an instant and saw this guy's face undergoing an exaggerated deformation like a cartoon animation, and then the whole person flew out of the exaggerated scene.

Originally, with Ryuto's exaggerated physical fitness, the formidable power with one punch is already quite amazing, not to mention that he even uses a "martial skill" now.

What is a "martial skill", skills that can break through the limit of the body can be called a "martial skill".

This is a set of actions from shaking the foot to accumulate energy, to pulling the ground, and finally through the movement of twisting the waist and breaking the fist. The resulting destructive power is stronger than a simple punch. Do not know how many times.

So when his fist hit Rudao's side face, Ryuto clearly felt the hand of the broken bones.

This is the first time he has used the "Ancient Style Eight Extremes Fist" technique to hit a living human body with all his strength, but it feels really good.

The huge force is transmitted inward through the cheeks, and after crushing the mandible and the last few molars, it is still transmitted to the connected parts of the upper jaw, cheekbones, inferior turbinate, etc. , Almost smashed the bones in this entire area.

At the same time of being hit, Rudao's brain was violently shaken by the strong force, causing his brain to hit the bone wall like freezing inside the skull, causing a severe concussion.

Such a powerful punch hits the face directly, and the result is such terrifying.

If it weren’t for Saito Rudao’s physical fitness far superior to ordinary people, and subconsciously shed a part of his strength before the final punch, it would be death on the spot if the “successful collapse of the punch” hit the face. The end.

But even so, Rudao has suffered almost the most tragic defeat in several decades.


At the last moment before falling to the ground and losing consciousness, Saito Rudao still did not forget to open her severely deformed mouth, using vagueness Unclear sound cursed.

Although he didn't know if he was scolding Tunomaru for not talking about martial arts, he was scolding Ryuto for taking advantage of it, or both were within the scope of his scolding.

It thumped, but in short, as Saito Rudao fell to the ground and fainted, the deadly battle caused by the accident finally came to an end.

It's just that after seeing this "magic boy", who is comparable to a mad dog, fell to the ground, almost everyone around the corridor was stunned, even Tunomaru looked at Ryuto with disbelief.

The so-called layman watch the excitement, but the insider watch the doorway.

The rest of the bodyguards and Mizue at best felt that the punch that Ryuto had just hit was very fast and smooth. Only Tunomaru knew how complicated martial skills were.

It's actually "strength"? Is it the technology of that martial arts big country? And it's still quite old and quite lethal "true martial skill", not the kind of fake style that can be opened casually to teach apprentices.

According to Tunomaru's knowledge, this kind of technique involving "strengthening" is very difficult to cultivation. It is difficult for ordinary people to say whether they have started or not even if they have practiced for ten or twenty years.

However, this young boy was impossible at the age of his teens, and he had a complete system of punching punches, which in Tunomaru's view was almost as outrageous as magic.

From this point of view, Saito Rudao was not unjustly defeated this time because he really underestimated Ryuto.

But when he wakes up, he should hate me and this boy even more...Or else just give him a fatal blow?

At this time, Tunomaru looked at Rudao who fell on the ground and lost consciousness, and slowly stretched out his hand and took out a long needle from his sleeve, as if he was about to give him a top of the head.

Before, Tunomaru beat Rudao on the left half of his face in the last match, causing Rudao to wear an iron mask that covers half of his face and hate him for more than ten years.

Now Ryuto has smashed his right half of his face with one punch. It is so bad that even if he undergoes cosmetic surgery, he may not be able to return to the original state. It is strange that Rudao does not hate him.

Instead of leaving behind such a hidden danger of a mad dog, it is better to give him directly now...Huh?

Just as Tunomaru was about to do it, several messy footsteps moved towards here and rushed over!

"Hey! Don't fight! Don't fight! Give me a face!"

Although it is still halfway across the corridor, Saito Takehiro's voice is like a bear roar It was synchronized from there.

At this time, President Saito’s voice sounded hurried and anxious, and he clearly knew what major event had just happened here.

Hmph, is Takehiro here... It seems that he can only survive.

Suddenly, Tunomaru retracted the long needle, turned his head and looked towards the young man who was hurriedly walking towards Mizue.

Who is this boy? Is he Li Lan? Or is it really Kiryu Ryuto?

If Tunomaru thought he was Ryuto disguised when he saw the pair of pupils, he felt like he had made a mistake again after seeing the punch just now.

After all, that kind of proficiency is not something that a yakuza Young Master such as Kiryu Ryuto can learn.

Judging from Li Lan’s self-introduction just now, he was originally from a neighboring country. He happened to come from the same place as this unfathomable technology. This unexpectedly deepened his credibility.

If Li Lan is really Li Lan, not Ryuto, then he learned martial skills in a neighboring country since he was a child, and then came to Tokyo because of some accident, then this statement makes perfect sense.

Is there someone in this world who really looks like this, and even expressions are almost exactly the same?

Just as Tunomaru was very confused, Ryuto quickly came to Mizue and said to her: "Sorry, I have to leave right away."

I have to say, right now. The development of the situation has exceeded Ryuto's previous expectations too much, and he can only fleeing is the best first.

After all, if Takehiro comes to catch him, Ryuto will have to ask all sorts of questions for a while, and his outsider identity will be exposed immediately.

So he can only choose to fleeing is the best first, but he has to say hello to Mizue before that.

And Mizue also nodded and said: "When this happened, you can't stay here anymore, right? Take this, and call when you need help. Any help is fine."

Before Ryuto left, Mizue took out a special business card printed with "Double Leaf Sunflower Pattern" and handed it over, with a gentle smile on his face.

"Understood, goodbye!"

After receiving the business card, Ryuto looked at President Takehiro, who was still fifty meters away, running towards here, and he was moved towards The corridor on the other side rushed quickly.

After seeing the waiter over there quickly fleeing in the opposite direction, Takehiro also ran and shouted: "The waiter over there! Wait! Don't you..."

But before Takehiro led someone to chase Ryuto, Mizue walked slightly towards the center of the corridor, blocking their way straight.

Seeing Mizue standing in front of him, Takehiro could only stop and ask suspiciously: "Mizue Sister? I am chasing people here. The waiter runs so fast. There must be something to ask. ....."

"Chairman Takehiro, what happened here is such a big thing. What you should think about is how to explain it to me, not chasing some pointless person."

Mizue's voice is calm, but it has a force that people can't surpass.

When she heard her words, Takehiro's sturdy body suddenly slumped down.

He looked at Mizue, whose face was obviously unpleasant, and at Saito Rudao, who was lying down not far away, he had to trembling with fear and said, "That... Let's find a place to sit down and talk? We can talk about anything, we can talk about it."

To put it bluntly, this incident was caused by Saito Rudao from beginning to end.

Although it did not hurt Mizue, Rudao's roughness is also very rude to the Kamiya family. If one is not handled well, it may even lead to a huge reputation crisis for Saito Hall.

So after Mizue said so, Takehiro immediately forgot about the waiter who ran away not long ago, and began to nodded and gave Mizue a match. By the way, in the heart, Rudao scolded Rudao a hundred. Ten thousand times...

And when Takehiro and the group behind him were all blocked by Mizue, Ryuto had already arrived in the toilet in the corner of the corridor on the 49th floor.

Although the word "women's toilet" is written on the outside of this toilet, fortunately there is no one inside, otherwise Ryuto will become a pervert who breaks into the women's toilet.

If I am not mistaken, the steps leading to the fifty-fifth floor are being guarded firmly, and I can only go up from here.

During the riot not long ago, Ryuto vaguely saw several bodyguards standing on the upward staircase. It was basically impossible to dive into the past.

So he quickly opened the small ventilation window above the women's toilet, and stepped on the sink and climbed up with difficulty.

The windows are small, but they can barely be squeezed through.

Only after poking out half of his head, Ryuto found a drone outside patrolling the surrounding area.

He immediately said to Akechi via the walkie-talkie: "Name, I'm at the window of the women's toilet on the 49th floor. There is a drone patrolling outside. Can you hack in and let the thing change its direction temporarily? "

After a while, Akechi, who was looking at the screen in the command center, replied: "If it's only about ten seconds, it shouldn't be discovered. Is there enough time?"

" That's enough. Let's start now."

Following Ryuto's order, Akechi immediately controlled the drone over there and adjusted its direction slightly, turning the part with the surveillance camera to the side.

And Ryuto jumped out from the small ventilation window! Without the slightest hesitation moved towards the sky, which is close to two hundred meters outside!

At the same time as he jumped out, a long set of rope hook locks appeared in his hand, and he threw the iron hook to the edge railing of the upper fifty floor!

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