Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 149

  Chapter 149 Tenmoku Group Secret Department. Real Snake Everything happened too fast and too suddenly, before Sonya understood what was going on, the front was still Father Takehiro, who was laughing at hehe, fell to the ground with a thud.

The blood dyed reddish the majestic men's kimono on his body, and the smile on his mouth just turned into a painful twist.

This. This is what's going on?

Am I dreaming? And still having nightmares?

At this moment, Sonya couldn't help but stare wide, and looked towards the silhouette of the father who had just assassinated the father with a confused gaze that seemed to be in a nightmare.

At some point, a thin youngster appeared behind Saito Takehiro.

He looks at most seventeen or eighteen years old, but his stature is as thin as a thirteen-fourteen-year-old boy.

The delicate and pretty face is as bloodless as white paper, and the slender hands and feet make people suspect that they will break when they move. With a black tights, it makes people feel as if they see it. A living ghost.

Yes, it is indeed a ghost, because no one can see how he appeared, and no one can see how he moved his hands.

I just felt the black glow flash, and the Hidden Blade that popped out of the ghost's sleeve had pierced Takehiro's body and penetrated it completely.

The whole process is so smooth and fast, even to the point where it feels unreal, it is hard to imagine that life is such a fragile thing.

What's more terrifying is that after the young assassin assassinated Takehiro, he immediately turned his head and looked towards Sonya, who was trembling on the side.

In his mouth, like a robot reporting instructions, he lightly narrated: "The first mission objective is assassinated, the second mission objective. The assassination begins."

The second mission objective? Could it be me?

Just when the killer's gaze looked towards him, Sonya realized that everything was real.

Father was pierced by a sword and fell into a pool of blood.

And she is the next target of the killer, and she will be accompanied by Father Yellow Springs.

After understanding this, Sonya instinctively wanted to run, but her speed was pitifully slow compared to the killer.

Before Sonya retreated, the dark sword glow had already moved towards her chest!

Me. Am I going to die like this?

During the ten and one second when sword edge flew towards her, Sonya felt her eyes had never been so good. She seemed to be able to see the hidden sword that popped out of her sleeves. Trajectory.

But it’s useless.

The killer’s movements are too fast. It’s not that Sony, who has not received formal martial skill training and has almost zero actual combat experience, can handle it.

Although she has a superhuman level of physical fitness, in the past so many years at most is to fight the little hooligans, has never experienced a real life and death combat.

Have you ever fought life and death combat? Have you ever crossed the boundary between life and death? At this time, there is a qualitative difference.

Many fighters who are smashing in the ring will even be killed by the gangster when they get off the ring. This is the problem caused by the fact that they have not experienced life and death combat.

So, Sonya could barely raise the seemingly slender arm to block her in front of her. This was the only response she could do.

But this is meaningless to the killer. As long as the sword edge of the Hidden Blade is slightly crooked, it can be. "get lost!"

But before the killer's sword touched Sonya, a silhouette rushed over here like an angry lion!

This obviously angry voice Sonya heard not long ago. It seems that he called out ""Hurry up and get away!" before Takehiro was assassinated. "This sentence.

In addition to Sonya, Takehiro, and the killer, there is actually a fourth person in the room? Who is it? bang! The next second, the killer who originally moved towards Sonya rushed Like an unlucky person hit by a truck, he moved towards the other side with a thunder-like momentum and flew out!Not being pushed away, but being blown away.

Although that young killer He looks very thin, but it's hard to imagine how another person blasted him to more than ten meters away in the posture of being hit by a truck.

Kang Dang! Oh la la! The assassin who was knocked out hit the sofa, then turned the sofa backwards with him, and rolled on the ground for seven or eight times before he barely lay down on the ground to stabilize his figure.

This. It’s so powerful. If I didn’t react at the last moment and jumped up to relieve my strength, maybe my neck was broken.

The killer was surprised at the collision just now.

At the time of the formidable power, he suddenly felt a chill on the top of his head, and then moved towards the side without the slightest hesitation and rolled out.

ka-cha! Almost the moment the killer just rolled away. , A foot with a huge force has been stamped to the position where his head was just now!

The foot fell and the ground cracked.

This foot can even reach the floor. Stomping a few cracks, stomping on a person’s head, it must have turned into a paste on the spot. Fortunately, the killer flashed fast enough.

It’s not good, let’s retreat first.

After quickly standing up from the ground, the young assassin quickly turned out from the window like a ghost-like, running so fast that Ryuto didn't even have a chance to chase.

Of course, I noticed not long ago. When the killer came and reminded Takehiro out loud, the person who saved Sonya later was naturally Ryuto who was also hiding here. Otherwise, who else could be.

It’s just that Ryuto is looking at the young man. Assassin’s killer left quickly, he couldn’t help gritting his teeth.

Cut. Did this make him run? As expected, Assassin, the trump card of the "Tenmoku Group. Confidential Department", it’s slippery than a loach. .

Obviously, Ryuto knows the origin of that Assassin. After all, he has also appeared in the game, and there are many scenes.

In short, That guy belongs to the "Tenmoku Group. Confidential Department", code-named "True Snake", and is a Very good Assassin.

In such a huge company as "Tenmoku Group", there are four major departments: "Weapon Department", "Pharmacy Department", "Security Department" and "Secret Department", respectively in charge of different fields. power.

The main task of the "Secret Department" is to collect intelligence and eliminate dissidents. It is basically a mixture of spies and killers, or "ninja" in a more straightforward term.

Just like Kamiya's "Guardian ninja", Nagahime's subordinates also have such a group of subordinates who are good at acting in the dark, among which the youngster, code-named "True Snake", is the elite. member.

In "Scarlet Album 2: Extinction", Ryuto has seen scenes where a real snake does hands many times, but he didn't expect his speed to reach this speed after he came to the real world Point.

By reducing one's own weight to the utmost, after giving up strength and fighting ability, in exchange for an ultra-high speed that almost surpasses the limit of human beings.

For Assassin, who doesn't need to confront people directly, such an exchange is undoubtedly quite cost-effective. After all, when the real snake starts secretly, even martial arts like Takehiro can't react to it.

even more how, the real snake also has "Tenmoku Group. Weapon Department" tailored for it. Even the steel can break through the black technology Hidden Blade, even if the target is wearing a bulletproof vest. A sword penetrates the heart, and the assassination ability is simply exploding.

"Are you who again? What happened?"

Just as Ryuto looked at the back of the real snake leaving, Sonya not far away finally couldn't help it. Sitting on the ground, he shouted in an almost hysterical tone.

Chaos, this Saito Eldest Miss's mind has become a mess.

She couldn't figure out what was going on here. Father suddenly fell in a pool of blood. Then a killer wanted to take her life, and another waiter ran away and beat the killer away? All these extraordinary scenes made Sonya feel like people were going crazy. She stretched out her hand and scratched her head unconsciously, even scratching her scalp with blood stains.

And after Ryuto felt that Sonya was in a wrong state, he quickly tore off the "rogue Velcro" on his face and took off his hat. He ran to Sonya and said, "Don't worry, it's me, Kiryu Ryuto. , Do you recognize me?"

Kiryu Ryuto? That little yellow hair?

Looking at the somewhat familiar face in front of him, Sonya finally barely recognized him.

"Why are you wrong! Father! Father! How is he!"

Originally, Sony wanted to ask how Ryuto got here, but she reacted instantly. Father seemed to be lying in a pool of blood, so he quickly pushed Ryuto away and rushed towards Takehiro! This! What a serious injury!

After coming to Takehiro's side, Sonya realized that he was now so angry, blood was constantly flowing out from the wound on his chest, and he looked like he was alive in a few minutes.

In fact, it is true. The sword of the real snake has stabbed the heart just now. Takehiro did not die on the spot because his body is stronger than a cow, but it is definitely impossible to save it.

Suddenly, Sonya’s big eyes filled with tears, but she still tried to help Takehiro up and said to him: "Father, you must hold on! I, I will take you to find Doctor!"

According to Sonya, UU read www.uukanshu. com has a dedicated Medical Room in this "Tokyo Imperial Hotel". As long as Takehiro is brought over, there may be a glimmer of survival. Even if this vitality does not exist at all.

But before Sonya could help Takehiro to take a few steps, a hand was placed on her shoulder and stopped.

Sonya turned her head and saw that it was Ryuto who was pressing herself, so she hurriedly said angrily: "Let go! You."

"It must be too late to go to the doctor now. The injury won’t last for a few minutes, so leave it to me."

After showing a relaxed smile to Sonya, Ryuto put Takehiro's body down and never knew where to get it like magic. A small pill came out.

According to Takehiro's serious injury now, unless he can reach the emergency room within one minute, his heart will stop beating soon, even if Divine Immortal can't be saved.

But Divine Immortal can't be saved, doesn't mean Ryuto can't be saved.

After all, he has a "Rogue First Aid Pill" worth 5 million yuan in his hand. As long as he is not killed on the spot, he will die the kind of divine medicine that does not go to absolute death after eating. This is The power of Krypton.

(End of this chapter)

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