Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 150

  The ghosts in Chapter 150 must be lost .

So, under Sonya’s dumbfounded gaze, Ryuto picked up the pill and stuffed Takehiro’s mouth again. I poured a glass of water into him suddenly.

Then Ryuto reached out and wiped his sweat, said with a smile: "Okay, the first aid is over."

"Urgent. First aid? Just the little pill you just fed. Is it an emergency?"

Although Sonya doesn't understand medicine, she at least has some common sense.

Just kidding, a sword pierced the chest with a fatal and serious injury of this level. If you give me a medicine, it's a first aid. Who is the bastard?

Just as Sonya was about to scold this bastard who was blocking her from taking her father to the Medical Room, an incredible scene appeared.

Hiss. Huh.

After taking that small pill, Takehiro's breathing suddenly became smooth, and the wound that was gushing outward like a floodgate quickly stopped flowing.

To put it simply, he seems to have suddenly changed from a "critically ill patient" to a "mildly ill patient". Although he did not recover on the spot, he was also far away from the death line.

Me. Am I dreaming?

Seemingly shocked by this bizarre scene, Sonya couldn't help but stretched out her hand and squeezed her thigh. After realizing that it would be painful, she looked at Ryuto who was checking the situation next to Takehiro, as if looking at someone. Alien in human skin.

"Very good, there is no life worry, then just send it to the hospital for treatment."

Checked Takehiro's injury and found that he was in all aspects. After nothing was wrong, Ryuto was nodded and turned around and looked towards Sonya.

Next, it's time to do business.

He stood up and came to Sonya and said with a smile: "Your father is all right, can you rest assured this time?"

Although he still doesn't know about Ryuto. What the hell wanted to do, but he saved himself and Takehiro after all.

Sonya also quickly nodded, trying to squeeze a smiley face to thank him: "That, very much."

"Wait." Ryuto reached out and interrupted Sonya. Replied in a serious tone: "Don't thank me, because now I have one thing that needs your cooperation. If you agree to it, it will pay me back, okay?"

"Need my cooperation? What's the matter? ?"

"Actually, I'm here to kidnap you, you just have to follow me obediently."


I heard this sentence When talking, Sonya was stunned.

A few seconds later,

the Saito’s Eldest Miss asked suspiciously: "Wait, is this a new type of joke?"

"I’m not kidding, I’m I really want to kidnap you. It's true."

It seems that Ryuto is not joking. Sonya looked at him up and down, but it was still nodded.

This refreshing nodded surprises Ryuto. He actually planned to continue using Sonya drugs, but didn't expect that she agreed so easily? "Are you sure you agree? This is kidnapping."

"No way, you saved me first, and then you saved my dad. With this great favor, if you kidnap me, If it can help you, then do it."

Speaking of which, Sonya has a pretty unpretentious chest, hands on hips, and put out a pair of "Benevolence and righteousness are worth a thousand dollars, this Young Lady is also worth a thousand dollars.

Although Sonya looks like a northern bear Eldest Miss on the surface, she actually grew up under the influence of father, with a set of attitudes that do not match her appearance.

Life is alive, loyalty is at the head, the grace of dripping water, the spring of return.

People who treat themselves badly will treat him a hundred times as bad, and those who treat themselves well will treat him well a hundred times. Sonya is almost this kind of person.

So when it was discovered that Ryuto said it was true that she was kidnapping her, Sonya almost agreed to this absurd request without the slightest hesitation, even if it might cause great disadvantage to herself.

It's really easy to talk at this special juncture. Should you say that she is the daughter of President Takehiro? She is bold enough.

Suddenly, Ryuto felt that his five million dollars were worthwhile.

It was precisely because of his actions that saved President Takehiro, Sony's favorability towards him exploded exponentially. After all, this is a true life-saving grace.

After getting permission to kidnap Sonya, Ryuto immediately put Takehiro on the sofa aside and let him lie down to rest, while he took Sonya and opened the door and walked out.

In theory, there has been such a big movement in the villa just now, and the bodyguards who are responsible for guarding the top floor of the fifty-fifth floor should rush in immediately.

But in at least 3 minutes or so, no bodyguard came in, so it is already possible to think of the situation of the bodyguards outside.

After pushing open the front door of the villa, the bodyguards who were supposed to be patrolling here have long since disappeared, and the air is still filled with a faint smell of blood.

Are you all killed? The real snake is really ruthless.

滴du! 滴du! 滴du! 滴du! But when Ryuto sighed that the real snake guy was killing without blinking an eye, a rapid beep suddenly disappeared from all Come around!

"This is an emergency alert. You seem to have been spotted." Sonya looked all around the empty park and said with a frown.

". Here, hurry up."

Ryuto glanced at all around, suddenly felt a little strange in his heart, but in a short time, it was not strange.

No matter what, let's leave first.

Amid the rush of sirens, Ryuto quickly pulled Sonya moved towards the edge of the top floor not far away.

Da Da! da da da da da!

But before the two of them took a few steps, a mess of footsteps rushed over from the side of the step ladder! Ryuto turned his head and looked over there, only to see an old man wearing an old striped suit with white beard and hair leading a dozen bodyguards quickly appeared not far away.

"Here! Don't move! Otherwise we will shoot!"

Seeing Ryuto taking Sonya Eldest Miss seems to be ready to escape, one of the bodyguards running ahead quickly digs out A black pistol was pulled out and pointed at Ryuto with a standard gun gesture.

When seeing this scene, Sonya quickly whispered: "Pull me over and block me, they dare not shoot."

". You are really a competent hostage, yet Lead the kidnappers."

Although I don't want to use women to block guns, Sonya is right after all.

So Ryuto pulled Sonya aside between him and the bodyguard, and pretended to be a kidnapper said with a big smile: "I have the ability to shoot! I have Hostage!"

Although Ryuto has never been a kidnapper, according to his perception of the scene, the group of bodyguards should not dare to shoot at Sonya, right, under normal circumstances .

However, just when his arrogant words were just finished, the old man in a striped suit came to the bodyguards who set up his gun and gave Ryuto a weird smile.

Is this guy Elder, Saito Takuya, the director of "Saito Hall"?

Ryuto knows the Saito family Elder, but he doesn't quite understand why he laughed like this.

But Ryuto understood right away, because Takuya immediately instructed the bodyguards: "You don't need to worry about the threat, just shoot the prisoner."

What! The moment Ryuto was stunned when he heard these words, Sonya was stunned.

What are you doing? How come the Saito family are so hardcore? Actually planning to shoot the kidnappers together with the hostages? Who are you guys from the bear country? Sonya hearing this loudly shouted: "Takuya old man! Are you confused! I'm still in his hands!"

"hmph, since you are from Saito's family, then It should be a bit spine, afraid of the trifling bullet."

"Don't say so devotion to righteousness that inspires reverence! Have the ability to take two shots by yourself!"

Looking at the flustered and exasperated Sonya, Takuya said with a sneer: "Don’t forget, he was the murderer who killed your father. You drag him to death together. Isn’t this your daughter’s obligation?"

The murderer? and many more? He said I was the one who killed Takehiro?

Suddenly, Ryuto turned his head to look at the direction of the villa, and a flash of light flashed in his heart, seeming to reflect the sense of violation he felt before.

But Sonya frowned and said angrily: "What nonsense are you talking about! I'm father obviously"

"Shhh, don't tell me, he is in the same group as the person who assassinated your father. , Close your eyes."

Before Sonya could finish speaking, Ryuto had reached out to cover her mouth, and at the same time made a throwing motion with the other hand without a trace.

There is an old saying, "If you talk too much, you will lose." Just now, Takuya seemed to be too excited. For a while, he said something that he shouldn't say.

First of all, Takuya should never know whether Saito Takehiro in the villa is dead or not. From his perspective, he can't see the situation there, unless it is known in advance that Takehiro will die.

Secondly, judging from the situation where his ruthless ordered the bodyguards to shoot Sonya and Ryuto, this guy wanted to kill rather than save people.

As long as Takehiro is really dead, and Sonya and Ryuto are shot, then Ryuto will be charged with "Assassination of Saito Takehiro" until death, and other people can naturally be left thoroughly. UU Reading

so that's how it is Nagahime that slut, is it such a hand?

It wasn't until then that Ryuto realized what was going on with Nagahime's entire plan.

On the surface, she threatened Ryuto to come over and kidnap Sonya, but in fact she planned to arrange for Ryuto to come over and become a man.

In secret, Nagahime had already got on the line with Saito Takuya, and arranged for real snakes to come over at this time to ensure that they could assassinate Takehiro and Sonya with the cooperation of inside and outside.

It happened that Ryuto was instructed to sneak into the top floor of the hotel during this sensitive period, so this uninvited guest who appeared at the death scene of the president and Eldest Miss is naturally the most suspected criminal.

In the end, the bodyguards will shoot Ryuto to death on the spot again, come to a dead men tell no tales, then all the pot can be thrown on Ryuto's head, perfect.

However, the next second Ryuto reacted, Takuya laughed and shouted: "Shoot! Shoot this murderer who killed the president on the spot."

sou ! Shu But before Takuya could finish her words, a cylindrical object was thrown out of Ryuto's hands first! And in midair, there was a huge burst of light and explosion! (End of this chapter)

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