Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 152

  Chapter 152 This is my escape route Generally speaking, how fast can the small truck used to pull goods drive? One hundred kilometers? One hundred and twenty kilometers? And if it is limited to Tokyo at night, and limited to the streets and alleys where there are vehicles and pedestrians everywhere? Even the most familiar driver can't drive fast, right?

hong long long .hōng lóng lóng lóng!

However, at about eight o'clock that night, a black truck rushed out like a ghost in the night, racing wildly on the narrow streets!

Not long ago, someone saw the two silhouettes that landed from hang gliders get into this truck.

After the truck stopped for a while, it started the engine and sped out amidst the sound of "Rage Your Dream" music.

Yes, it flew out. The truck was flying, not running.

The driver of the truck is like a professional racer. He stepped on the accelerator pedal of the obviously modified truck to extreme speed.

What’s even more exaggerated is that Tokyo’s streets are already quite crowded, and he can even flexibly shuttle through the streets of Tokyo in a huge truck.

Coming! coming! The curve is ahead! But the forward speed of the truck has not slowed down! Instead, he rushed straight to the past!

Under the ghostly gaze of pedestrians on the side of the road, the black truck tire quickly turned left, drawing a perfect arc trajectory into the corner.

Too fast turning and braking put a lot of pressure on the front wheels, but the heavy body still clings to the ground under the action of the grip, and jams the edge of the guardrail at near-limit speed and angle Go around! The exquisite and wild running method combined with the heavy truck, when galloping and drifting in the night, it showed a domineering imposing manner like an emperor.

The ten thousand li car line, the combination of man and car, is the technique of controlling iron.

It's just such an astonishing scene, but the group of "Saito Hall" bodyguards who chased from behind was so scared that their jaws fell.

How. How is it possible? Is that guy a monster! Listening to the faint noise of the engine from the truck in front, the group of people sitting in the black crown car couldn't believe their eyes.

How could someone drive the truck out of this world like a drag racing feeling? And it's still the kind that floats on the street. Isn't this guy afraid of revoking his license? But in fact, the taxi driver named Fujiwara Takuyama didn't care about revoking his license. He didn't have a license anyway.

Inside the truck, along with the music that has excited this middle-aged man for a lifetime, he is continuously controlling the steering wheel and gears like a dance,

stepping rhythmically under his feet. Use the accelerator, brake and clutch.

Drift! drift! drift!

Today’s Tokyo streets are my battlefield! This is my five consecutive hairpin bends! "Come on Ahhhh! My blood is boiling!"

Under the frenzied performance of Fujiwara Takuyama, the tracking vehicles sent by the group of Saito Hall at the back were not only unable to approach, they were even caught The trend of pulling farther and farther!

What should I do, if I can’t catch up with him, how could someone catch up with such a lunatic?

The more we drove towards the van where the kidnapper was located, the more tired the bodyguards behind them, and felt like a group of fools chasing the storm and the storm.

Is there something to stop that truck? Bodyguards can't imagine, but in fact there are.

"Stop the truck in front of me! You are speeding! Repeat! You are speeding!"

In a short while, accompanied by the sound of the police siren. A police car suddenly drove out from the street ahead! Finally, relying on the loudspeaker to shout continuously, the truck was gradually forced to a stop.

"Nice work! Let's go over!"

When the crazy truck was forced to stop by the police, the bodyguards of Saito Hall also surrounded them ecstatically. Surrounded the truck all around from all directions.

"Hey! What do you do?" Several traffic policemen also asked vigilantly when they noticed that the murderous-looking guys were approaching quickly.

"We are members of "Saito Hall". There is a kidnapper and a hostage in the car. You guys step back and talk about it. In short, the situation here is very dangerous!"

What? Kidnapper? very dangerous? No way? Seeing that the group of bodyguards immediately surrounded the truck, the traffic policemen who were calling the driver to get out of the car and reprimanding "Is there something wrong with your brain" were also taken aback by them.

However, something more surprising is yet to come.

Because everyone quickly boarded the truck and searched, they found that there was nothing on the truck except the driver and a pile of cargo boxes.

There is indeed no who, the big cargo box is full of boxes filled with waste paper, and even though the boxes are all over, there is still no trace of a living person.

Suddenly, the Small Captain who was in charge of the team hurriedly came to the driver Fujiwara Takuyama and grabbed his collar, and asked fiercely: "Asshole! Where's the man in the car!"

"People? Those two, aren't they just behind?" When he heard this question, Takuyama showed a puzzled expression.

"Fart! Where did you get them out of the car quietly! Come on!"

"I don't know what you are talking about, anyway I got the job I just drove the truck provided by the guests and waited here, and when the call came, I drove at full speed, and other things had nothing to do with me. Besides, I didn’t stop the car midway, didn’t I?"

When he received this big job worth 500,000 yen today, the unlicensed taxi driver raised his chin proudly.

Indeed, he never stopped the car and kept running at full speed all the time. How did the kidnapper and Eldest Miss disappear? Just as Small Captain was wondering if he had missed something, a brand new discovery was that he entered the Bottomless Abyss.

"Report Captain! A movable door was found under the carriage! It is suspected that the prisoner has slipped away from there!"

"What! Live. The movable door!"

Small Captain hurriedly climbed into the truck compartment and saw that there was indeed a small door that could be opened from the inside in the corner of the compartment, which was large enough for an adult to pass through.

It's just this small movable door, which is extremely dazzling in everyone's eyes at this time, making people tremble all over.

Be tricked, be tricked from beginning to end.

The bodyguards of this group of "Saito Hall" are also experienced old rivers and lakes. Naturally, it is not difficult to imagine what happened before.

From at first, the place where this truck stays is very particular. There should be a sewer manhole cover just below it. Someone should be here to pick it up early.

After the kidnapper Kiryu Ryuto took Sonya Eldest Miss into the truck, they immediately climbed down the internal door and walked along the sewer on the spot.

After Ryuto and Sonya left through the sewer, the truck drove freely and freely in the distance, and by the way, all the chasing soldiers were taken away like walking dogs until they were forced to stop by the police.

And just when the group of chasing soldiers who ran out chasing the truck finally found out that they had been tricked, and urgently arranged manpower to search the sewers.

Ryuto and Sonya have already walked out of the winding sewer area under the leadership of Narumi Otani.

They climbed to the ground through the hoistway, and after driving for another hour, they arrived outside a seemingly desolate abandoned factory in the suburbs.

On the opposite side of the street not far from the factory is a residential area. Under the lights at night, the other side of the road is very lively, and the buildings all around here are silent," What is this place?" As they walked into the abandoned factory with the two, Sonya couldn't help reaching out and grabbing the corner of Ryuto's clothes.

Narumi, who was in charge of preparing the safe house, explained immediately: “Eldest Miss, this is the “Narumi Food Factory”. It’s the property under my name. Usually, no one will come over. You can hide it here. ."

Food factory? When hearing this sentence, Sonya couldn't help looking around all around.

Except for the rubble, the inside of the factory is a ruined wall. There is no food factory.

So Ryuto also curiously asked: "Narumi, this is your family's property?"

Although Narumi Otani is his capable subordinate, he was before he joined the "Dragon Group" What's the matter? Ryuto really didn't know what his life experience was.

Just like this time, Ryuto only arranged for him a job of "arranging a safe house for himself and Sonya after a successful escape", but he didn't expect Narumi to bring it directly to his site. .

"Yes, my father used to run a food factory, producing all kinds of snacks and other small things. But that was all a long time ago."

Speaking of father and In this factory, Narumi's tone was obviously a little low, and looking at this dilapidated, on the verge of collapse, abandoned factory, it is not difficult to imagine that there must be a lot of bitterness in it.

But no matter what, this abandoned factory is a certain distance away from the city, and it is quite hidden, whether it is "Saito Hall" or "Tenmoku Group" people want to find it here not easy.

And it didn't take long for Narumi to take the two to the door of the basement that looked particularly gloomy on the ground floor of the factory.

As the old door opened, what appeared inside was a safe house that was obviously well-organized. UU 看书

The floor and walls have long been cleaned and spotlessly cleaned, and there are beds and beddings for rest, several boxes of food and mineral water, and there is a small isolation in the corner. Mobile toilet.

After seeing this "safe house" that was cleaned up in a short period of time, Ryuto patted Narumi's shoulder with a smile and exclaimed: "Good job, if you hide here for more than ten hours, No problem."

"Hehe, in order to avoid other people's suspicion, I will not come back here after I leave. You are fine with the second generation."

"No No, let’s go and be careful."

However, when Narumi was about to leave the "safe house", he quietly glanced at Sonya who ran to the corner to pick up a water bottle and fill it with water. He quickly put a note into Ryuto's hand before closing the door and leaving.

A note? What the hell? Can't you just tell me something?

With a puzzled look, Ryuto unfolded the note with a short sentence written on it.

"Second generation, there are good things in the pillowcase that are useful for special occasions, please feel free to use what?"

(End of this chapter)

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