Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 153

  Chapter 153 The safe house is "safe"

"What's wrong?"

Ryuto stared at the weird note. At that time, Sonya also walked over from behind and looked at his hand curiously.

Out of instinct, Ryuto felt that this note should not be seen by Sonya, so he quickly put it away and said with a smile embarrassingly: "Nothing special, are you hungry? Haven't eaten dinner yet."

By this time, it was already nine o'clock in the evening. Neither Ryuto nor Sony had anything to eat, and they were already starving.

As for Narumi's weird note, Ryuto is going to check it later to see if he has stuffed something strange in the pillow.

"I starved to death a long time ago. I was waiting for a big meal after the celebration. It's fine now."

Having said that, Sonya couldn't help sighed, apparently tonight The situation has far exceeded her expectations.

So Ryuto immediately took out Narumi's pre-prepared food and drinks from the storage box, put them on the table and started a simple dining journey with Sonya.

Either it is for deceitful reasons, or it is because Narumi has nothing to do with this kind of thing.

In short, although Ryuto took out a lot of things from the storage box, it was almost all instant food in the convenience store, such as "pork chop rice balls", "sandwiches", and "fried noodle bread". It's something that can be eaten when you pick it up, and it's easy to fill your stomach.

But fortunately, Ryuto has always been not too picky about food, and Sonya is also a relatively easy-to-feed type, so the two of them swept directly on the table.

To be on the safe side, Narumi prepares enough food for two adults to eat for a whole day, that is, at least three meals.

After all, sandwiches, rice balls, bread and so on are easy to fill your stomach. Ryuto is full after just eating two or three, but Sonya is still fighting at full capacity.

She continuously grabs the food and puts it in a delicate, ruby-lipped mouth, like a human steelmaking furnace in the process of making steel.

Five minutes have passed, Sonya hasn't finished eating yet.

Ten minutes later, Sonya still hasn't finished eating.

Fifteen minutes passed, Sonya finally finished eating.

Or to be precise, it was not that she had finished eating, but the kind that had been eaten on the table, and there was not even a piece of bread left.

Enough food for two adults to eat three meals, Sonya ate five-sixths of a meal, equivalent to five times the amount of Ryuto.

After emptying the desktop, Sonya somewhat regretfully said: “It’s gone, forget it. Father always says that eating 80% full will be healthier, so let’s do it.

“This Are you only 80% full? You can really eat." Suddenly, Ryuto couldn't help but vomit.

"For a lady with the blood of the fighting nation flowing in her body, this sentence can be said to be a compliment."

It seems that after a series of events Having been familiar with it a lot, Sonya didn't bother to pretend to be in front of Ryuto at this time, but showed a proud expression in a carefree manner.

Although the members of the Saito family are very disgusted with Sonya's bloodline in the north country, she herself is obviously very proud of it, and even uses it as a symbol of powerhouse.

After the meal, Sonya sat down on the bed and asked as she stretched her waist, "Huang Mao, anyway, I am idle now, how about explaining everything that happened before?" "

Since the sudden assassination not long ago, until now the unfathomable mystery appeared in this "safe house", Sonya actually didn't figure out what happened from beginning to end.

The only reality she knows is that Kiryu Ryuto, the little yellow hair, doesn't seem to mean to harm her, nothing more.

Huang Mao what the hell is that title Forget it, she also has the right to know, let's explain it again.

After being forced to accept this strange name, Ryuto also sat on the bed and explained to Sonya what happened before.

From at first his relationship with the "Tenmoku Group", to the sudden war between "Tenmoku Group" and "Saito Hall", to Ryuto being threatened by Nagahime to kidnap Sonya, and finally to the side to find someone to rob prison While taking Sonya to delay time and so on.

Although Sonya's intelligence is biased towards the Teddy Bear faction, after Ryuto's detailed explanation, she probably understands what is going on.

"so that's how it is, Takuya's old miscellaneous hair should be our inner ghost. Wait! In this case, father is not very dangerous?"

Understand Seeing how complicated the environment is today, Sonya suddenly thought of Saito Takehiro, who was still lying in the penthouse.

"Don't worry." Ryuto immediately replied: "My companion has already sent a message, saying that the head of the Kamiya family appeared in time to pick up your father. He shouldn't be now. Something is going on."

"The terrifying Aunt of the Kamiya family, huh."

When talking about Kamiya Mizue, Sonya couldn't help but shudder, apparently she and The old man is also very afraid of the seemingly weak and weak woman, but in fact it is very scary.

It seems that Sonya’s horrified expression is very interesting. Ryuto said with a smile: "It’s not terrifying, right? Mrs. Mizue is quite easy to get along with."

Before today Ryuto, like Sonya, thinks that Mizue is a terrifying woman, but in fact, after contacting, she found that she didn't seem to be as harsh as she thought, at least much better than Nagahime.

So while he was talking, he got up from the bed and stretched, and walked towards the corner where the drinking water was placed.

After all, I just explained to Sonya a lot of what I don’t have. This bucket says that Ryuto has a dry mouth and needs hydration.

"Are you having a nerve problem, you don't even think of Aunt like that?"

And Sonya on the bed was going to laugh at Ryuto's nerves as thick as steel. , But while she was talking, she pressed her left hand to the pillow on the bed at will, but she suddenly felt a strange touch.

Generally speaking, the pillows should be stuffed with cotton wool and the like, and it will feel very soft and loose when pressed.

But Sonya presses it down, but it seems to press out some kind of cardboard box feeling? But why is there a cardboard box in the pillowcase?

Driven by curiosity, Sony immediately unzipped the pillowcase and took out the small box inside.

The box is not too big, it looks like a small snack box, but there are some strange words printed on it.

Sonya has never seen such a packaging box, so she said in confusion: "Durex three in?"

After hearing her self-talk, she picked it up Ryuto, who was drinking from the kettle, asked without looking back, "What did you say? What are the three pieces?"

"I'm reading the instructions above, why are you hiding snacks in pillowcases? Where?"

"Snack? What snack?" Ryuto didn't realize the seriousness of the problem at this time, but asked while pouring water.

"I don't know what snacks it is, it's an English brand, but the box says dry and thin particles, is it a biscuit?"



The moment Ryuto heard these words, Ryuto couldn't help spraying the water from his mouth onto the wall.

What the hell? Am I right?

He quickly turned his head and looked towards Sonya sitting on the bed, and the girl did hold a fancy little box in her hand, much like it is often placed at the counter of a supermarket or convenience store. Kind of thing!

When seeing that special little box, Ryuto suddenly thought of the little note that Narumi had stuffed him before.

In the second generation, there are good things in the pillowcase that can be used at special times, please feel free to use it.

At first, Ryuto was still a little puzzled, what is not a fortress in the pillowcase. Now he seems to understand, it should be some kind of name exactly the same as the first two words of "safe house", very "safe" s things.

Why does this thing appear here? This starts from the last time Narumi drove Ryuto to encourage Ryuto to "make a third generation" and failed.

The reason why the boss is reluctant to have sex with Sister Yuna is definitely because he feels that he is still young, so he doesn't want to make a third-generation eye out so quickly. I still blame my poor preparation, but this time I won't.

With this thought, Narumi cleverly stuffed this wonderful little box into the pillowcase, and left a note for the boss by the way, so that he can save his life. Have fun.

It's just that such "smartness" in Ryuto's view is simply cheating people without losing their lives.

Narumi Otani! What are you thinking about in his mind? Hey! At the next moment, Ryuto hurriedly ran to Sonya and reached out to try to snatch the wonderful little box from her.

Although Ryuto is fast enough, Sonya's reaction is not slow. After all, she is a little monster with "LV4 physique".

She hurriedly hid the box behind her, and then used her other hand to block Ryuto who was leaning over. UU Reading bad said with a smile: "Hmph, it must be something good. , So I planned to hide it from me, and wait until I fall asleep to take it out to enjoy it, right?"

"No no no, this is really not for food. Yes."


Ryuto worked hard for a long time, but couldn't tell what was in the small box, but his face flushed with embarrassment.

Judging from Sonya's reaction, this Eldest Miss really doesn't know what this thing is for, but it makes Ryuto even more embarrassed.

"Don't tell me, just open it and see what it is."

"Don't! Don't open Ahhhh!"

"Oh! , It's opened, hahahaha!"

With Ryuto's wailing in the safe house, a security battle that is much safer than a pillow battle has also begun.

It's just when Ryuto and Sonya here are happily "playing" something very "fun".

In the "Freedom Tower" located on the man-made island right in the center of Tokyo Bay, another more terrifying drama is slowly going on.

(End of this chapter)

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