Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 154

  Chapter 154 The Life of the Disgusted Mist

For the "Tenmoku Group. Confidential Department" Vice-section Head Mist, this evening can be said to be the most headache of his lifetime One night.

Mist's life is undoubtedly quite successful.

He was born from a wealthy upper class, handsome in appearance and flexible in mind. He has hardly suffered any major setbacks for more than 40 years.

Especially after joining the "Tenmoku Group" and becoming the Vice-section Head of the "Secret Department", this man is even more proud of one's success, walking with the wind, a pair of top successful people style.

Only today, a huge disaster has ruined all the self-confidence that Mist has accumulated over the years.

"What! What did you say! Say it again!"

Not long ago, I was sitting behind a large desk and chair in the office building of "Tenmoku Group. Tokyo Branch" Mist couldn't help but bounced off the seat suddenly, like a needle growing out of the chair.

When seeing the embarrassment of Vice-section Head, the reporting staff still brace oneself said: "According to reliable information, Saito Takehiro was not dead, and is now under the protection of the Kamiya family."

"This! Is this information reliable? There will be no setbacks, right?"

"No, this information is absolutely reliable. Our people saw Saito Takehiro being sent off with their own eyes. He was admitted to the hospital, and he must have not died."

Hearing this, Mist couldn't help but sit on the sofa with a desperate look.

How is it possible? Saito Takehiro is not dead? What the hell is the real snake doing? Didn't he clearly report the "successful assassination" news before? As the Vice-section Head of the Tenmoku Group's Secret Department, Mist is the head of the entire "Secret Department" during the period when the head of the headquarters is traveling abroad for business.

Therefore, this time the "Saito Hall" assassination mission was given full authority to Mist to handle it, and he also sent his most powerful Assassin real snake.

This assassination mission was originally a piece of cake in the eyes of Mist. After all, Lord Nagahime has already made a lot of preparations, and even the Back Pot is ready, so he arranges people directly. Just do it in the past.

But in this obviously impossible assassination mission, the real snake actually failed completely. The most terrifying thing is that he also reported a false news when he failed! And this information also passed to Lord Nagahime! So after his men left, Mist hurriedly called the real snake over.

With a cannibal expression on his face, he sternly scolded this capable Assassin: "True snake! You bastard dare to deceive the superior! Saito Takehiro is obviously not dead, why did you want to Report to me that the assassination was successful!"

"Saito Takehiro is not dead? Impossible,

He must be dead, and my Hidden Blade has pierced his heart."

Real snake was also very surprised when he heard this, but he still said firmly.

For the real snake with many years of assassination experience, he can be sure that Takehiro is mortal.

Although I didn't die on the spot, it is impossible to save the injury, which means I live for a few more minutes.

It's just this kind of firm reply that makes Mist even more angry, because he feels that the real snake is playing with himself.

"Still stubborn! The dead can be saved back, right? Do you know you killed me! I don't know how to do it."

Originally, Mist was going to yell "I don't know how to explain to Lord Nagahime", but fortunately, with a call, he doesn't seem to have a headache anymore.

ding ling ling ling bell! At this moment, the phone next to Mist's desk rang suddenly, resembling Death God's death ringtones.

This. No way? Mist answered the phone with trepidation, and an indifferent female voice came from over there.

"Master Nagahime asked you to come over immediately. You must arrive within ten minutes, otherwise you will cut your abdomen with a blunt knife."

"What! Wait! Ten minutes!" Me"

"Nine minutes and fifty-nine seconds, nine minutes and fifty-eight seconds, nine minutes and fifty-seven"


After hearing the terrifying countdown over there, Mist hung up the phone like an electric shock.

The situation was urgent, and Mist didn't care about continuing to reprimand the real snake. Instead, he hurriedly climbed to the ground and took a helicopter moved towards "Freedom Tower" and flew away.

Using a blunt knife to cut the abdomen or something, if it is said by other Boss, it is at best an exaggerated metaphor, but if it is said by Nagahime, it is not a metaphor, it is serious! That is to say, if Mist is really late for even one second, he can experience the feeling that life is not as good as death as if he is at Eighteen Levels of Hell Da Da! da da da da da!

Not long after, accompanied by a burst of eager footsteps, Mist finally rushed into Nagahime's study after nine minutes and fifty seconds after the call was hung up.

And when he rushed into the study, he saw at first glance that his boss Tenmoku Nagahime was holding a blunt knife and happily admiring it.

Under the dim light, Nagahime tonight is wearing a red silk dress, which is as beautiful as a painting. Of course, this painting must be some kind of hell scroll.

"Oh, here it is? What a pity, you can see how painful you are when you cut your abdomen with this thing in nine seconds."

Seeing Mist gasping for breath Kneeling down in front of him, Nagahime curl one's lip, throwing the rusty blunt knife in his hand into the trash can with a look of disappointment.

Grunt. When seeing this scene, Mist couldn't help swallowing, but still trembling with fear said to Nagahime: "Master Nagahime, this is indeed my mistake, I'm very sorry!"

While talking, he He knelt down abruptly and knocked his head to the ground, in a gesture of knocking out his brain.

At this moment, Mist used his ass to know what Nagahime was calling him urgently for, because Takehiro was still alive.

Saito Takehiro is the first assassination target of this assassination mission, but the first assassination target is still alive, and previously reported false news about the successful assassination to Lord Nagahime. This is not a big trouble. Yet.

So Mist hurriedly came to a three cups of self-punishment. Before Nagahime could speak, he tortured himself first, so that Master Nagahime could calm down a little.

"Hold your head up, Mist Vice-section Head." But after he dong dong dong knocked a few times, Nagahime said in a condescending tone.

Mist lifts the head tremblingly, and stares at Big Boss with horror.

"Lord Nagahime, I."

"Don’t you naively think that you can end this matter by knocking your head? If you are really sorry, then you must do something. A sincere apology is good, what's the use of kowtow?"

After showing a devastatingly beautiful smile, Nagahime picked up a paper knife from the table and handed it to Mist's hand.

"One hand or one eye, you choose it yourself."

Even when talking about such cruel things, Nagahime's tone still seems to be talking to a child Mother as gentle.

I. I. One hand or one eye.

Hearing such a question, Mist couldn't help feeling a black eye. After all, no matter how he chooses, it is a disabling end and it is difficult to make up his mind.

But for overwhelming majority people, places like eyes are still an absolute super dangerous zone, so Mist is naturally impossible to choose to dig out an eye or choose a hand.

So he took a deep breath and stretched out his left hand, which was not so affected, and said in a cold sweat, "Then choose this hand as the punishment for my dereliction of duty."

Shua! But before Mist could finish speaking, a pen had pierced his left eye like lightning!

wu! Ahhhhhhh!

Severe pain came from his left eye, and the pitch-black ink poured out crazily along with the blood, like a small fountain opened in his left eye.

Looking at Mist who fell on the ground and rolled in pain, Nagahime said with a smile: "Let you choose, you really dare to choose. It's really a thick-skinned person, and he's obviously the one who made a mistake."

Ming. Obviously you let me choose, jerk! After being ruthlessly played by Nagahime, Mist managed to endure the severe pain while quickly getting up from the ground, trembling and continuing to kneel in front of Nagahime.

Blood, tears, sweat, and ink wet the man's cheeks and upper body, but he could only swallow all the dissatisfaction and anger into his abdomen, without daring to say a word.

"Very good." Seeing Mist knowing so well, Nagahime asked, "How is the situation at "Sugamo Prison" now?"

". The guards have been arranged to find an excuse to put Kiryu Ichima in the "confinement room", and the poison qi used to kill the mouth is also ready. Do you do it tonight as originally planned?"

If Ryuto is here, When I heard the conversation between Nagahime and Mist, my back would be cold.

"Start tonight as originally planned", which means that Nagahime didn't seem to want to save Ichima's life. In any case, he plans to kill the "Dragon Group" leader with poison qi tonight.

As for the agreement between Nagahime and Ryuto, it looks like farting in the former.

Of course, Nagahime did intend to do it tonight, but what he didn't expect was that Ryuto's little ghost seemed to give her a big surprise.

In the original plan, Ryuto should die in the "Tokyo Imperial Hotel".

After all, after the real snake assassinated the father and daughter, Saito Takuya will take Saito Rudao to deal with the stinky kid on the spot. There is no room for him to escape. UU reading www. uukanshu. com

But because of the sudden entrance of Kamiya Mizue, Saito Rudao was also inexplicably beaten into the hospital before the incident. Takuya was completely unable to stop Ryuto, so he made a big show with Sonya. Slipped out.

I have to say that Nagahime didn't expect that Mizue would actually end up in person. What she didn't expect was that Ryuto was such a capable guy.

That’s right, Ryuto is really capable, much more capable than Nagahime imagined, just like that omnipotent James Bond.

And the current situation is far beyond Nagahime's control. Although she holds Ichima's life in her hand, Ryuto also has Sonya's hole card in her hand.

If people kill Ichima now, Ryuto will inevitably return Sonya directly to "Saito Hall" and "Kamiya family", and it will be even more difficult for Nagahime to take her life.

After all, Kiryu Ichima's life is completely meaningless in Nagahime's eyes. What she wants is the life of the father and daughter of "Saito Hall". And the life of Ryuto.

However, even though the current situation is already not in Nagahime's grasp, there is a smile of excitement at the corner of her mouth, and a faint light of madness flashes in her eyes.

(End of this chapter)

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