Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 155

  Chapter 155 The Fat Sheep Valued at One Billion Yen In theory, the first half of the Nagahime project should have failed completely.

With Nagahime's character, she should be so angry that she will execute Mist Ling Chi on the spot, to vent her grievances.

But Nagahime did not. Not only was she not angry, she showed a very happy look.

Of course, the reason for Nagahime's joy is that Mist couldn't imagine it.

Because she is actually very interested in the sudden emergence of Ryuto, like an interesting playmate.

From the moment she was born, Nagahime looked like human beings like a group of ants, which made her feel very boring.

After all, when a game is played until you can crush your opponent with your eyes closed, the game is naturally not fun.

So at this time, the appearance of opponents will naturally be more exciting than abuse.

Before Ryuto appeared, the only opponent who could wrestle with Nagahime and brought her some setbacks was Kamiya Mizue.

Although Nagahime also likes Mizue very much, he likes to the point that he wants to chopped her up ten-thousand times by a thousand blades, but it is undeniable that you will get bored after playing with an opponent for a long time. , The freshness will decline rapidly.

But as Ryuto escaped from Nagahime's hands three times and four times, his growing strength has brought new troubles and new fun to Nagahime.

Kiryu Ryuto, will you be my new opponent? Is it a man who can bring me excitement and joy?

If so, try to rescue Kiryu Ichima from me, and then send Sonya back to Saito's house intact. I will give you this opportunity as a test and reward for you.

Thinking of this, the smile on Nagahime's face grew thicker, but it made Mist even more frightened.

Yong. Nagahime Sir, what is going on here?

Looking at the strange expression of Boss, Mist couldn't help feeling a tingling scalp. After all, it was too weird.

Just after this weird atmosphere lasted for a few seconds, Nagahime lightly ordered: "The order goes on. There is no need to do anything at the prison for the time being. You can arrange for the personnel to search for the whereabouts of Ryuto and Sonya. I want See them appearing in front of me before twelve noon tomorrow."

Ming. At twelve noon tomorrow? Upon hearing this restriction, Mist's face suddenly appeared as if he was asked to play cordless bungee jumping.

Now Ryuto and Sonya are missing, and there are "Saito Hall" and "Kamiya family" in the middle, wanting to catch them back within ten hours easier said than done.

So Mist had to brace oneself and asked: "That,

Lord Nagahime? Do both of them have to be captured alive?"

Generally speaking, capturing alive is much more difficult than bringing a corpse back. , After all, it is equivalent to not be cruel when arresting people.

"No need, in short, living, then must see the person, died, then must see the corpse. If you don’t see it before twelve noon tomorrow, you can go to the "Sugamo Prison" confinement room. Let’s hug Kiryu Ichima and return to the West."

Speaking of this, Nagahime stretched out and waved at Mist like a dog, beckoning him to get out.

Tomorrow noon at twelve o'clock. How can this be good?

When leaving Nagahime-sama's study, Mist picked up the handkerchief and held the blood rushing out of his left eye, while thinking wildly in his mind.

In any case, at 12 o'clock tomorrow is the dead line of everything.

Before that, Mist would either bring Ryuto and Sonya over, or just pack up and prepare to die with Ichima.

Mist quickly looked at the million-dollar watch on his wrist. The pointer on it already pointed to ten o'clock in the evening.

In other words, there are still fourteen hours before the dead line. This may also be the last fourteen hours of Mist's life.

damned bastard, how could it be possible to die in poison qi with that gangster! Thinking of this, Mist gritted his teeth abruptly, did not go to the doctor to treat the eye wound, but quickly took a helicopter back to the office of the "Tenmoku Group. Tokyo Branch".

After he came back, Real Snake was still standing at his desk as before, because Mist did not give him an order to leave.

"Master Mist, are you okay?" The snake glanced at Mist's left eye and asked slowly.

"Shut up! If it wasn't you asshole, I would be like this!"

". I'm very sorry."

"Sorry, is it useful to be sorry? ! Now you get out of me immediately! Even if you take someone to dig the ground three feet, you must dig out Kiryu Ryuto and Saito Sonya by noon tomorrow!"

"Yes." Because of the order. , The real snake immediately floated outwards like a ghost, ready to lead the companions of the "Secret Department" to start work.

There is no doubt that "Tenmoku Group. Secret Department" is a very good organization.

The elite members and well-equipped equipment in it can be said to be no inferior to the Intelligence Section of some countries.

But even so, Mist still felt quite uneasy at this time, after all, this mission was linked to his own life.

What should I do? It always feels that it is not enough to rely solely on the "Secret Department" personnel to search, should we no longer think of other ways? For example, to commission some Underground World. Huh? Wait, Underground World? Suddenly, Mist's eyes widened, and then he twitched with pain because of the wound in his left eye.

But it doesn't matter, because Mist seems to have found a way to dig out Ryuto before twelve o'clock tomorrow, which is to make full use of the group of "Underground World" residents.

Speaking of the "Underground World" in Mist's cognition, in fact, the scope of involvement is extremely wide.

In addition to the so-called killers, thugs, yakuza, and illegal merchants, the fighters that Ryuto had seen before in the "Sai no Kawara" arena are also residents of this Underground World.

And this group of people has a characteristic, that is, as long as they have money to make money, they can do anything, and they have no legal concept at all.

At first, when Mist thought of the residents of Underground World, he only planned to contact a few familiar assassins to help find someone, but he quickly thought of a simpler and more effective way.

There is a special website called "Saizhigawara Blind Date Net" on the Tokyo circle network, which is also a contact station established by the old florist of "Saizhigawara".

On the surface, this website is responsible for blind dates for elders over ninety years old, but in fact there is a hidden snow area inside, dedicated to various Underground World residents to publish and receive those unseen The task of light.

At this time, Mist quickly turned on his laptop and connected to the internal website of "Saizhigawara Blind Date", preparing to publish a mission that would make the entire Tokyo Underground World sleepless at night.

"Task objective: Bring back the corpses of Kiryu Ryuto and Saito Sonya by 12 noon tomorrow."

"Quest Publisher: Ghost in the Mist"

"Mission Remuneration: One Billion Yen"

After typing these few lines, Mist then released this task, which is not to say it is a newcomer, at least it is unprecedented, to the "Sai "Heyuan Blind Date."

"Very good. hmph hmph hmph, Kiryu Ryuto, this time you will be chased by the entire Tokyo Underground World in the next second, I see where you hide!"

After the mission was released, Mist seemed to be able to see the ecstatic expressions of excitement of the group of Underground World residents through the screen.

But I am afraid that no one is not as excited as Mist himself, even if he needs to pay a lot of money for it.

According to the rules of the "Saizhiheyuan Blind Date", one-tenth of the task remuneration must be submitted as a deposit when posting a task, which means that Mist has already spent 100 million days at once. yuan.

And if someone completes the task, he will have to pay another 900 million yen as a reward. Mist’s total net worth accumulated over the years cannot reach this figure, so that he still needs to sell the real estate, Cars and luxury watches will work.

This trip was really tossing down, and Mist's wallet was almost back before liberation, but he didn't feel any heartache about it.

After all, money is something outside of your body. Compared with your own small life, what is your wealth? To complete the task, just kill Ryuto and Sonya.

In fact, when Mist issued this "most expensive mission in history", the Underground World in the entire Tokyo circle also produced a huge wave as he thought.

After all, this is a billion yen. What is the concept of a billion? This is a huge amount of money that is enough to allow the overwhelming majority to live without worrying about food and clothing, and even to live well. It is strange that the underground residents who are born for money can not be moved.

It’s better to act as if you are moving your heart.

So within half an hour, countless wolves and wild dogs living in the shadows came out smelling it, and they searched for the two targets in Tokyo. However , Just when Mist gave a "heavy money" to the already complicated situation because of fear.

The two "walking billion yen" in the basement of "Narumi Food Factory" are immersed in a primordial and interesting game.

Call. Call. Call.

There is only a faint light in the underground safe room, accompanied by the light, there is also a slight gasp, UU reading rendered this gloomy atmosphere with a strange color .

"Dragon Ryuto, I'm going to be dying, are you okay?"

"It's not working anymore? You said you want to play with this thing. You don't need to turn it on. Isn’t it a waste to drop it?"

"But, huh, huh, this thing is so tired from blowing, and my jaw is sore."

"I’ll do it right away. Come back with a little force."

A few mouthfuls, come on."

In Ryuto's cheering and cheering, Sonya blushed and lowered her head again, opened a delicate, ruby-lipped mouth, took a big breath and moved towards the hand The "balloon" held on the top was blown away.

Don't think about it, Sonya is blowing a balloon of course, nothing more.

Not long ago, after she found the strange bauble box from the pillowcase and tore it open, Ryuto, who didn't know how to explain it, came up with a wonderful explanation, which is " balloon".

It's a perfect explanation. I'm so smart.

Seeing the white-haired loli in front of him exhausted Strength of Nine Bulls and Two Tigers blowing balloons in the safe room, Ryuto, who was cheering and cheering on the side, couldn’t help reaching out and covering his face, some have no desire to improve in the heart.

(End of this chapter)

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