Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 156

  Chapter 156 Use the body as a bait to go deep into danger

Let’s talk about whether there is a little excitement when watching Sonya take that thing in her mouth and blow it, Ryuto. There must be.

After all, the things in the small box are so sensitive, a loli is already in your hand, let alone put it in your mouth. It's easy to make people want to get crooked.

"Huh! Huh! Huh!" Sonya tried hard to blow the "balloon", the balloon became bigger and bigger, and it seemed to reach its limit.

I have to say that the quality of this "balloon" is quite good, even if it is blown to the point where the head is so big, there is no sign of bursting, which makes Sonya quite satisfied.

Toot, toot du! But when Ryuto was bored watching Lori blowing up a balloon, the phone on the table made a familiar caller ID tone.

Is this phone Ruri?

Ryuto took a look at the phone, and it showed Young Lady Ruri's number.

The cell phone signal in this kind of underground secret room should be very poor, but fortunately, Narumi prepared a special signal receiver in advance, which can make the phone connection smoothly.

"Hey, Ruri, I haven't rested yet." Ryuto asked casually after answering the phone.

It is already ten o'clock in the night, and Ruri has been planning for the robbery since last night. I must have been very tired.

But just after the call was connected, the voice from over there was unexpectedly serious and anxious.

"Ryuto, listen to me carefully. There is an unexpected trouble situation."

Although it sounds very tired, Ruri's voice still sounds majestic and full of power. Mizue in the daytime is a bit sharper.

"Unexpected trouble? Did the Tenmoku Group do anything?"

"To be precise, it is the Vice-section Head Otsuka Mist of the Tenmoku Group's "Secret Department" .That guy posted the Kill Order between you and Sonya on the Internet."

"Kill Order? Want to rely on Underground World's third-party forces to dig us out?"

Hear this At that time, Ryuto hadn't noticed the seriousness of the situation.

Anyway, he has been accustomed to killing him at this level, and now everyone is in the safe house, so I'm afraid of a fart, who can find him here?

"Yes, the most important thing is that Mist bastard's reward is one billion yen."


sou! pa ! Just when Ryuto yelled in surprise, Sonya who was blowing a balloon not far away was taken aback. The balloon held in her hand flew out all of a sudden, blasting Ryuto's face like a missile.

"Ahhhh! What are you doing! Scary! The balloon blows for a long time!"

"Ryuto? Ryuto What happened to you? Have you attacked?"

In an instant, the voices of Sonya and Ruri came from left to right, plus the "balloon" that happened to stick to their faces and the bad news that I heard just now. Ryuto felt one head and two big.

In fact, it is not surprising that "Tenmoku Group" will desperately search for Ryuto, after all, it has been predicted in advance.

In the case that both "Kamiya Family" and "Saito Hall" have participated in the battle, the battle strength of the headquarters of "Tenmoku Group" will be greatly constrained by these two hostile forces and cannot let go of their hands and feet. The threat of doing things is actually limited.

But I have to say that the Vice-section Head suddenly made a "billion yen reward", which really hit Ryuto a completely unprepared.

Money this thing is a very useful weapon most of the time, especially a huge amount of money.

Because the amount reaches a certain level, it will cause a terrifying qualitative change.

The meaning of a reward of 10 million is different from that of a reward of 100 million.

The meaning of a reward of 100 million is different from that of a reward of 1 billion.

If Ryuto and Sony are offering a reward of 10 million, then the overwhelming majority Underground World will not have a face to deal with them.

After all, one of these two people represents "Dragon Group" and the other represents "Saito Hall".

For this little money, I took over the irreconcilable hatred with the two major organizations. This is a stupid business that has lost money. I will not do it without any problems.

But if the reward is increased to 100 million, some outlaws will choose to take on this task.

After all, such a large sum of money is enough for them to gamble their lives. At worst, it’s good to go abroad after taking the money. Some people will always have such a fluke mentality. , Without conspiracy, but very realistic.

But if the amount of the reward reaches the current one billion, then it is not a matter of one or two outlaws.

Under the temptation of such a huge amount of money, almost all residents of Tokyo Underground World could not help but slap the table and stand up, and attack Ryuto and Sonya in groups.

What "Dragon Group", what "Saito Hall", under the temptation of one billion yuan, most of the residents of Underground World will abandon all their worries, roll up their sleeves and work harder, wholeheartedly .

That is to say, from the moment that the outrageous reward is issued, Ryuto and Sony have to face not only the "Tenmoku Group", but also the entire Tokyo circle. A large number of underground forces who want fish in troubled waters.

Otsuka Mist's hatred, I took it down.

Suddenly, the stinky face of the Vice-section Head appeared in Ryuto's mind, and he gritted his teeth.

Judging from Ryuto's perception of Nagahime, Nagahime is the kind of grudge that must be reported personally, and will not make this kind of money to attract third-party forces to participate in the war.

So this "Billion Yen Lotto Incident" is obviously the guy Mist used his own private money to make it very generous.

When Ryuto fell into a few seconds of contemplation, Ruri on the phone could not help asking again: "Ryuto? There is nothing wrong with you, right?"

"Well, I It’s okay, I’m thinking about how to solve this problem, mainly the "Dragon Group" problem."

He glanced at Sonya, who was not far away, and reopened a "balloon". Time feels buzzing in my head.

speaking of which, in fact, this super reward did not increase the risk of Ryuto much, but it greatly increased the risk of the members of the "Dragon Group" group.

After all, Underground World everyone knows the identity of Kiryu Ryuto. If they want to find Ryuto, they will immediately start from the "Dragon Group" and try to dig out the organization Young Master from the people around them. Wherever it is,Although the "Dragon Group" also has a lot of prestige in Underground World, after all, two fists are hard to beat four hands. No matter how prestigious they are, they can't hold back thousands of people who stabbed knives in the back.

Therefore, what is really dangerous now is actually a group of "Dragon Group" members headed by Consultant Fujiki, Narumi Otani, etc., which even includes "Nurong Security Company".

If Ryuto continues to hide in the safe house and do nothing, he is likely to be fine, but the group of brothers outside may suffer serious deaths and injuries.

After all, even for a huge yakuza organization, the entire Tokyo Underground World's encirclement and suppression is not a joke. This is what the real Qianfu refers to.

Considering that the "Dragon Group" originally had many enemies, that group of enemies might also contribute to the situation and make the water more muddy.

Therefore, in the worst case, "Dragon Group" and "Rulong Security Company" may even disappear overnight, which Ryuto cannot accept in any case.

Ruri is also quite clear about the problem, so she persuaded: "Calm down, the reward has only been issued for less than half an hour, they didn't do it so quickly."

"But if there is no solution, even if this incident is over, Sonya and I will continue to be hunted down. After all, it is such a big bounty."

"I have asked Akechi's opinion just now about this. According to him, the "Sai no Kawara Blind Date" that publishes the reward has a "cancel task" mechanism."

"Cancel task mechanism? What does it mean? Is it possible to invalidate this reward?"

"Yes, but to do this, you need to steal the account that Mist previously logged in. Now Akechi is already trying his best to follow the previous trail to find his location. There should be Harvest."

"very good!"

Hearing this, Ryuto couldn't help but shook his fist. After all, the more difficult and complicated the situation, the more various The more obvious the role of companions with special skills.

But Ruri continued: "But according to Akechi, it may take several hours to find the location of Mist. During this period of time, "Dragon Group" and "Rulong Security Company "All the members are careful to hide, so as not to be caught by the enemy."

How many hours? This is a bit long.

Suddenly, Ryuto frowned again.

After all, a few hours are enough to cause huge losses to the "Dragon Group". Even if an order is issued to hide all the team members individually, it is difficult to hide in a short period of time.

In this case, Ruri has nothing to do. He can only pray that most people can stick to the moment when Akechi steals Mist's account back, but casualties are definitely inevitable.

Is there any way to stop those guys from engaging in "Dragon Group" people? Wait, there seems to be a way! Just as Ryuto was thinking about it for a while, he suddenly divine light flashed and shouted to the phone: "Ruri! I thought of it! There is a way to keep the "Dragon Group" from being threatened!"

"Really? Very good, as long as it's not a stupid way for you to go out and make bait to attract the attention of the villains."

". Sometimes I really think that being with you makes my IQ very low. ."

"Your IQ is already low, so this stupid method is better, it's too dangerous."

It seems that you already know what Ryuto wants to say, UU看书www Ruri on the other end of the phone couldn't help but sighed.

If you want the residents of Underground World not to trouble the "Dragon Group", the easiest way is to let them have no reason for trouble.

After all, the goal of the group is to find Ryuto, and to find the "Dragon Group" they just want to get information on the location of Ryuto.

So what if Ryuto is the first to come out by himself? What if everyone knew where Ryuto was? Don't you need to trouble the "Dragon Group"? Of course, Ruri must be firmly opposed to this practice of "using oneself as bait", because in her opinion it is simply suicide.

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