Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 157

  Chapter 157 Sonya's Awareness Now Akechi is trying to track Mist with all his strength, trying to steal his account and cancel this "billion yen reward".

But in this long interval of several hours, "Dragon Group" may be accompanied by many lives, so Ryuto has already made up his mind.

"Ruri, you should know my character. I won't watch my friends suffer unwarranted disasters."

"I only know your character to persuade you not to mess around, you If she dies, what should Sonya next to you do? Do you think she can live?"

Obviously, Ruri has already touched Ryuto's bold character that seems to have never died. through.

What Ruri doesn't know is that Ryuto is not so bold because he has never died, but because he died too much.

So he directly replied: "It's okay, I put her in the safe house, it should be okay."

"What does it mean to be okay? Just be seen after you leave, safe The house will be exposed. Isn’t she the fat sheep to be slaughtered? You are too."

Before Ruri could finish speaking, a white and slender palm suddenly shot out from the side. The cell phone Ryuto was holding took over.

"Hey!" Sonya who was standing behind Ryuto at some point suddenly akimbo with one hand, straightened her waist, and asked angrily: "Kamiya Ruri! Who are you talking about?"

When did she come here?

Because of the enthusiasm of talking on the phone, Ryuto didn't realize that Sonya had just listened in the back, but it was too late now.

As we all know, Ruri and Sony have never dealt with each other. Even if they met in school, they would have to eccentrically, let alone in this situation.

So Ruri on the other end of the phone also replied without the slightest hesitation after hearing Sonya's words: "Whoever is caught out of the hotel like a chicken is a fat sheep."

Suddenly, Sonya couldn't help gritting her teeth, and sternly said: "What nonsense, I obviously followed it voluntarily!"

"It doesn't matter, anyway, this matter is with you It’s not a big deal. Just stay obediently and honestly. Call back to Ryuto. We haven’t finished discussing it yet."

"It’s not a big deal with me? I’m one of the parties involved, so dare to talk It doesn’t matter to me! Stinky woman! Are you looking down on me!"

"Well, you are not a child anymore, you can't be honest at this time"

ka- cha! Just when Ruri was about to continue to educate Sonya, the latter squeezed it hard, and the phone that Ryuto bought soon was squeezed into a whole shape!

The seemingly small and slender palm actually contains this kind of force that can squeeze the phone with one hand.

It looks really amazing.

Of course, if the squeezed phone is not Ryuto's phone, it would be even better.

But Ryuto did not dare to say anything to Sonya in his anger, because at this moment, a horrible wild beast aura like the angered Great White Bear also slowly spread from Sonya's body. Got out.

After feeling Sonya's anger, Ryuto couldn't help taking a step back.

After all, her angry aura is really too scary, as if she might shout "Ula!" at any time and start to run wild. After a few seconds, Sonya didn't look away. Whispered back to the ground: "The stinky woman of Kamiya's family, dare to see me like this. Ryuto! Let's go!"

"Ah? Go? Where to go?" She was startled by her. After jumping, Ryuto glanced around.

"Did you just say that you want to go out to be a bait to attract the enemy's attention? Go, go together."

Before the voice was over, Sonya was arrogant and proud, carrying a Miao Maozi drank a few ounces of vodka, and was about to take up his stick and go out to fight with others and walked towards the door.

At that moment, her petite body looked extremely burly, and it took Ryuto a little effort to hold it.

He didn't know whether to cry or laugh and said: "Don't be impulsive, do you know what I am doing when I go out?"

"Be a bait, because If the enemy can’t find you, he will find the people around you to do it. Do you need to get them away? I probably heard it just now."

Sonya raised her head and said to her just now. There was no shame in the eavesdropping behavior, but rather justified.

"You all know what I'm going to do, are you going to follow?"

"What if you don't follow? Didn't you hear what the stinky woman at Kamiya said just now? , I’m not safe here after you leave alone, so it’s better to go together."

At this moment, Ryuto didn’t know how to defend it. After all, Ruri said this. .

"Don't worry." Seeing Ryuto seemed to have some headaches, Sonya squeezed a fist suddenly, said solemnly: "I am the daughter of Saito's family, and I won't be killed so easily."

". Obviously I couldn't hide away when I was chased by that assassin."

"That's because I was not mentally prepared! Now it's done, let's ten more Eight killers, I can also smash their heads!"

hmph! Having said that, Sonya slammed forward, and Ryuto's hair was stiffened by the wind of the fist. stand up.

This is not Sonya boasting, although she only learned a little "Saito Style Martial Arts" from father since childhood, but with the Heaven Defying Level and other "LV4 physique", it is enough to blow people's heads. .

Hmm. Since she has said so, there is no harm in going out and trying, if you really dare to blow people's heads.

Seeing a firm and sharp look in Sonya's eyes, Ryuto was a little moved by her sincerity.

But even so, he made a serious request to Sonya.

"Let’s do it, you will deal with the first enemy we encounter after going out in a while, if you can kill him, you can go with me, otherwise you will find a place to hide , How?"

"Kill it? What does it mean to kill? Is it stunned?"

"No no no, of course it means to kill. What's the use of stunned? Anytime. Will you wake up."

Beat. Beat to death? When hearing this word, Sonya couldn't help being stunned, and the domineering world of Ice and Snow on her body just disappeared instantly.

No matter how angry she is, after all, Sonya is just a teenage girl that's all.

It's okay to let her go out and teach the gangsters, but when it comes to killing people, she really didn't even think about it.

"Don't you dare?" Ryuto couldn't help saying with a smile: "Then it's better to find a place to hide, after all, many of the enemies outside are for your life. , If you don’t dare to kill, then you will be killed by someone else. Think about your father."

Ryuto is right. The two people have to deal with at this time are not the residents of Underground World, or The agents of the Tenmoku Group didn't have much to keep their hands when they met them, at least Sonya didn't have the ability to keep their hands.

If you hesitate to play a killer during the battle, Sony can only be a living target that's all when you go out. It's better to hide here and gamble on luck.

However, when Ryuto just said the words "think about your father", Sonya's originally hesitant complexion changed in an instant.

Because in her mind, there was a horrible scene of Saito Takehiro being pierced with a sword and blood soaking clothes a few hours ago.

At that time, Sonya was close at hand, but she was shaking all over with fright. She couldn't help father at all, and could only watch father fall to the ground.

After this incident, she has been extremely angry about it.

Of course, the object of anger is the self who can't help as much as trash.

I’m Saito Takehiro’s daughter, I can’t keep being like this forever. I want to personally avenge my father!

Thinking of this, Sony could not help taking a deep breath, calmly nodded and said to Ryuto: "No problem, let's get out now."

Originally, Ryuto thought Sony would refuse This kind of unreasonable request, but didn't expect that she was actually nodded, and agreed to go out and kill the enemy for a while.

"Do you really know what you are talking about? You are only fifteen years old. Once you step into the world, you can't look back."

" Che, if I remember correctly, you seem to be just one year older than me. Haven't you been in that kind of world for a long time."

Sonya spoke up and down carefully. I took a look at Ryuto, and then showed a snort disdainfully expression.

Since Sonya has said everything about it, Ryuto can only helplessly agree to her follow.

But in fact, Ryuto still believes from the bottom of his heart that Sonya dare not make a move. After all, this kind of thing is really too far away for an ordinary person. It is not a hurdle that can be overcome with a hard effort.

Crunch accompanied the basement door being pushed open from the inside, two silhouettes cautiously one after the other slipped out of this "Narumi Snack Factory" and came to the street outside.

There is no who near the streets in the suburbs of Tokyo, so it is very quiet. Tonight is also the moon with few stars, and the moonlight shines on the other side of the street quite brightly.

In this environment, Ryuto broke the lock of a motorcycle parked on the street and drove Sonya towards the Tokyo city.

"Remember, no matter what kind of enemy you encounter in a while, you will have to kill him, but if it doesn't work, I will rescue him, understand?"

"I know Lalong!

After hearing Ryuto’s repeated instructions, Sonya couldn’t help but spit out, looking very impatient.

But in this suburban street, where can I Are there enemies?

Looking at the desolate suburban street scenes around, Dongniya suddenly said in one's heart secretly.

However, when the two passed by a park in a car At the edge, Ryuto suddenly became frowned, stopped the car as quickly as possible and then pulled Sonya into the bushes aside.

"Why. What's wrong?" "

"Shh, UU reading www. Stop talking, there are three people over there searching the park. They should be the yakuza gangsters, the enemy who came to trouble us. "

Although it was at night when the light was not good enough, Ryuto's eyes clearly saw the three silhouettes searching everywhere in the park.

With his current situation Judging from their insight and understanding of the Underground World, those three men are definitely not good.

After all, they are exuding the vicious atmosphere that is peculiar to carnivores. They are definitely not an ordinary person who can pretend. It came out.

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