Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 50

The distance between the two is very close, and Ryuto's voice is not very loud, so only Akechi can hear this sentence.

Suddenly, his slightly numb gaze suddenly changed drastically, as if he had heard something that could change the view of the world.

How... so possible? He just called me...Holmes II?

This name only exists in Akechi's mind so far. He has never told anyone about his fantasy world.

Even when he was a cyber detective on the Internet, Akechi just used "cyber cyber detective" as a pseudonym, and did not dare to add the name of Sherlock Holmes for fear of desecrating the Sacred Domain in his heart.

So this is the first time in Akechi's life that he heard the word uttered from someone else's mouth, and he said it to himself.

For the first time, Akechi asked in a sluggish tone: "You...are you..."

Ryuto hearing this but not To answer his question, he picked up the basketball from the ground.

"Come heads-up, Akechi Goro." He picked up the basketball and hovered it in his hand, then said with a smile.

"Heads-up? Basketball?"

"Before the end of the three rounds, you can ask me at will to guess my identity. If I can guess, I will tell everything You, otherwise, I will never appear in front of you again."

On the basketball court surrounded by dozens of people, Ryuto challenged Akechi.

"Three problem."

After looking at the face that I don’t know but I have seen several times, Akechi is still nodded. .

In theory, he shouldn't respond to such a strange request.

Akechi is very curious about Ryuto's "true identity" and why he knows his "true identity".

So under Akechi's persuasion, the other members of the "basketball club" all stepped aside and handed over the venue to these strange two people.

Akechi Goro and Kiryu Ryuto, the two are going to compete here... Basketball?

No, basketball is just a superficial dimension that ordinary people can see.

In fact, the battle between the two is another dimension.

As Akechi took the ball first, a huge British Wind City appeared in a trance before his eyes.

At this time, the basketball in his hand seems to have become a crutch, and the ball suit on his body has become a detective suit, with a pipe dangling from his mouth, walking in the streets.

A mystery is emerging in front of the Holmes II, he has never wanted to solve it so urgently.

Therefore, Akechi swiftly moved forward with his leather shoes and stepped on the cobblestone street.

In the small alley not far away, a dark silhouette appeared. The dark shadow said with a smile: "Sherlock Holmes II, ask, what's the first question?"

"You are Kiryu Ryuto, but not Kiryu Ryuto. Like me, you are the reincarnation of a great character?"

Akechi's voice is very low, obviously I don't want the onlookers around to hear it.

"Yes, score."

Shua! With a burst of sound, Akechi's basketball went smoothly into the net, a hollow ball.

In the second round, Ryuto held the ball, and the air around the alley became weird.

But even so, Akechi continued to ask: "You and I are in the same era. You are proficient in various criminal techniques. You are the head of the world criminal organization. He likes to trample on the law. His name is James Mo. Riati, right?"

When a reincarnated person who knew his "true identity" appeared, Akechi quickly thought of the name.

There is no doubt that Ryuto's "true identity" is related to him. There are not many characters related to Sherlock Holmes, and there are not many that have obvious evil in him.

And James Moriarty, also known as Professor Moriarty, is the number one enemy of Detective Holmes, this inference is also reasonable.

It’s just that the group of shadows shook the head, said with a smile: "I do exist in the same era as you. I am an individualist with a romantic style, and I will cross the law from time to time. However, I only deal with the corrupt and unkind upper class. Don’t confuse me with Moriarty."

bang! At the same time, Ryuto in the real world jumped up, his body shape Volley, the right hand directly held the ball and forcibly smashed into the basket!

One-handed tomahawk dunk? This...what kind of monster is this?

Seeing Ryuto hitting Akechi like spinach was a dunk. The basketball club members around were really numb. They just wanted to kneel down and shout "Sakuragi Flower Road, you old Accept the divine ability".

Actually, it can be seen from the appearance of Ryuto dribbling that this guy is a layman at all, and the shit skills will not.

But it’s okay. He has the physical ability of "LV3 physique. Professional expert". With this physical quality, it is a hundred times easier to dunk a basket than to shoot a ball.

As Akechi picked up the ball again, the final third round also began.

However, the Sherlock Holmes II seemed to be trapped in the misty city, and he dared not take a step easily for a while.

Who is it...who is it?

People of the same era as Sherlock Holmes, romantic individualists, have hobby who specialize in working with the upper class.

In fact, the information given by the dark shadow before is not small, enough for Akechi to make a certain degree of analysis and inference.

But after all, there is only the last round left. If the answer is wrong, Akechi will be completely defeated, so he can't rush for success.

From the previous description, Ryuto's "true identity" seems to be both good and evil, in a moral gap.

Neither a "good guy" in the traditional sense, nor a "villain" in the traditional sense.

He will only act on the corrupt and unkind upper class, and he seems to be dedicated to making this World what he wants.

If there is a strong enemy standing in front of him, even if it is an unshakable existence like a mountain, this person will use various methods to pry it.

There is no doubt that from the perspective of the entire society, he is a wicked character.

But this person is evil, very attractive, and very principled. It seems... still like beautiful women?

Could it be that? It's him?

Just as the dark shadow quickly attacked him, Akechi's mind suddenly flashed a familiar name.

So he jumped up at the last minute and threw the "core of truth" in his hand into the basket representing the truth.

At the same time as the ball was thrown, Akechi also called out the name that represents Ryuto's "true identity".

"You are..."Strange Thief Gentleman" Yasen Robin!"

The words fell and the goal was scored.

As the "core of truth" fell into the box, Akechi's last shout that resounded throughout the stadium also reached everyone's ears.

"Smart, right answer, dear Holmes II."

Under the incomprehensible gaze of everyone, Ryuto smiled and took a piece from his head that did not exist. The hat of Illusory World made a chic hat-off to the Sherlock Holmes of Illusory World.

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