Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 52

No... not so evil, right? Akechi this person originally has a crow's mouth attribute?

When seeing the "Agusta-Westland AW101" helicopter flying in the direction of the two quickly, Ryuto below couldn't help feeling that his hairs were about to stand up.

Just kidding, this is Tokyo Metropolitan, but inside the bustling "Metropolitan No. 1 High School".

How could someone fly into the school in a flying helicopter? Have you applied for a flight route? The flight control law enforcement all eat dry food?

However, compared to the helicopter that really appeared, Ryuto's scalp numb was the three men standing on the other side of the hatch, ready to take off at any time.

The three of them were all dressed in emerald green field uniforms, and they didn't carry anything on their backs, and they looked lightly.

But when the helicopter just descended to a height of about 100 meters, they jumped down without the slightest hesitation! Falling down in the direction of Ryuto and Akechi!

It's impossible to deploy the parachute at this height. They are doing...ah, it's okay.

Just as Ryuto was thinking about whether the three of them were planning to perform a suicide show, he saw that each of them was holding a downhill rope that they didn't know what material they were using.

Whoosh, sou sou!

With the help of the rope, the three of them successfully crossed a height of 100 meters in the blink of an eye, landed in a triangle shape around Ryuto and Akechi, and directly surrounded them.

After landing on the ground, Ryuto can see the appearance of the three people clearly.

The tough face like a knife and an axe is matched with the various scars visible in naked eye, and the strong and flexible body is filled with the calm temperament that can only be experienced after the battlefield killing.

There is no doubt that these three guys in field uniforms are not military fans or field hobbyists, but real mercenaries returning from a certain place.

It’s Tenmoku Nagahime, is that woman planning to do something on me so soon? And still in school?

In an instant, there was only such a cursed name in Ryuto's mind.

In the entire Tokyo Metropolitan, the only force that can mobilize helicopters and mercenaries to "Metropolitan No. 1 High School" is probably the only "Tenmoku Group" in the entire Tokyo Metropolitan.

They have a variety of special channels and means, and they are able to unscrupulously implement some very exaggerated combat plans within the city, even the government does not use them.

In fact, Ryuto had anticipated that Nagahime would trouble himself.

After all, he broke Nagahime's plan completely the night before yesterday. Last night he also cleared Nagahime's chess piece in the "Dragon Group" thoroughly.

After these two episodes, Nagahime's plan to control the "Dragon Group" is completely bankrupt...It will be a ghost if you don't trouble him.

That’s why Ryuto wants to get his team together as soon as possible, especially as soon as possible to get Akechi who is proficient in network intrusion into the group, so that Akechi can monitor the actions of the "Tenmoku Group" from all aspects.

But it was too fast, really too fast.

Ryuto has just recruited Akechi to join the group, but the people sent by Nagahime have already arrived?

That bastard didn't even bother to wait for the few hours he left school. Don't be too patient if you are impatient!

Suddenly, behind these three men of mercenary who came suddenly, Ryuto seemed to be able to see a face with an expression of impatientness.

Indeed, Tenmoku Nagahime is notoriously impatient.

She once had a "glorious history" in which she had arranged a thorough murder plan, but because she was suddenly tired of the relationship, she dropped a bomb and sank the target with the entire building.

Such impatience combined with the character of do as one pleases makes her behavior unpredictable at all. When facing her, it is like facing an alien creature in human skin. same.

However, just as Ryuto and Akechi were standing back to back and staring nervously at the surroundings and the three mercenaries, one of the men who seemed the oldest mercenary spoke slowly.

He said in a hard tone: "Kiryu Ryuto, my family's Master, please go and follow us."

The mercenary spoke in a hard tone, his words The meaning in is also tough, and there is no room for maneuver at all.

What I said was "please", but in fact it was "bring me here", which is indeed Tenmoku Nagahime's consistent style.

so that's how it is ... She didn't intend to kill me here, but planned to take me to the "Freedom Tower" and then use some means to execute it?

After understanding that these three mercenaries were ordered by Nagahime to take them back, Ryuto understood what Nagahime meant.

"Freedom Tower" is the headquarters of the "Tenmoku Group" and the home of Tenmoku Nagahime as the commander.

The reason for this name is that the "Tenmoku family" is the blackblood successor of the legendary "Sixth Celestial Demon King" Oda Nobunaga, the descendant of the true fiend in human form.

In the Buddhist interpretation, the "sixth day" is also called "others in the sky".

Today, he will be taken away from him and entertained by himself. Therefore, he will be at ease. To put it simply, "take the things of others to entertain oneself", which belongs to the worst world of desire.

"Tenmoku", the sound is similar to "heavenly demon".

As a descendant of the Demon King blackblood, Tenmoku Nagahime possesses a maliciousness far beyond human imagination. What he likes most is to watch the tragic struggle of human beings before they die.

In this case, Ryuto knows very well what the consequences will be if he is taken to the "Freedom Tower"... it's better to just die.

Thinking of this, Ryuto decided to try a desperate fight.

Rather than being caught by Nagahime and killed as a toy, it's better to try to see if you can break through.

After making desperate preparations, Ryuto quietly moved his hand towards the trouser pocket, preparing to take out the pistol from his equipment bay.

He looked very carefully. Perhaps because of the missions on campus, the three mercenaries did not carry firearms on their bodies, so as long as he could take out the pistols, he should still fight.

But obviously, the quality of professionals is not what Ryuto can mention on equal terms at this time.

Even though it was a rather slight movement, it did not hide the eyes of the three experienced mercenaries.

Almost in the blink of an eye, the mercenary closest to Ryuto started.

He sprinted at a speed that was completely inconsistent with his tall and burly body, and reached Ryuto in two steps at an ultra-high speed comparable to a 100-meter professional runner, and reached out to his hand. Press to go!

So fast! Ryuto hurriedly tried to back away in surprise, but the other pair of ghost-like arms had already grabbed his arm and cut it back behind him.

The melee combat technique of mercenaries does not seek to be gorgeous, but to be effective.

In the blink of an eye, Ryuto only felt a pain in his arms, as if several joints were about to be broken.

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