Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 53

Good guys, is this a professional in the true sense?

Just when his hands were cut back, Ryuto could hardly make any effective resistance.

Even if his physical fitness has come to the level of professionals, he is different from this group of mercenaries in terms of experience and technology.

Seeing that Ryuto was arrested, Akechi squatted down with his head in a sensible manner, showing no resistance.

There is no doubt that his actions at this time are absolutely correct, after all, the only target task Nagahime invited is Ryuto.

So if Akechi makes even half of an offensive movement at this time, his neck will be twisted by ka-cha in the next instant.

sou! When Ryuto was held down, a rope ladder was immediately dropped from the helicopter door floating in the sky.

One of the mercenaries hesitantly tied Ryuto with a rope, put it on his shoulders, and climbed up the rope ladder.

Then the other two mercenaries didn't even look at Akechi before leaving. The meaning of this was self-evident.

Arrogant, absolutely arrogant.

Akechi was clearly an eyewitness to the kidnapping incident, but the kidnappers didn't even bother to kill him.

Because they did not receive instructions to remove witnesses, and in Nagahime's view, there is no need to do so.

Just kidding, I have already sent a helicopter to high school to kidnap people during the day. Do you care about your witnesses?

If you want to report to the police or report to the officer, please feel free to do so, anyway, it is meaningless.

After all, the "Tenmoku Group" on this island is the uncrowned emperor. In their opinion, the trifling police force is not even a dog, and there is no need to be afraid.

hong long long ......hōng lóng lóng lóng.

When Akechi watched the helicopter quickly moved towards the distance and flew away, his whole person was almost dumbfounded.

From the appearance of the helicopter until Ryuto was captured, the whole process took at most two minutes. It was so fast that you can't guard against it, and there is no way to make any sensible response.

"Damn...Ryuto, you must not have an accident."

After gritting his teeth, Akechi quickly moved towards the school gate and ran away.

He knows that calling the police is a meaningless act, so Akechi will not do such stupid things.

But as a cyber detective on the Internet, what he can do is use his own network technology to find ways to see if he can provide some help to Ryuto.

Apart from this, he also needs to contact the people of "Dragon Group" immediately to let those people know that his Eldest Young Master is now in desperation.

Yes, in desperation, Ryuto has been in desperation, Ryuto is always in desperation.

In these short days, he even got used to this feeling.

But probably because the level of "guts" has dropped. When he was pulled into the helicopter, Ryuto couldn't help feeling obvious upset, unable to make too meticulous Thinking.

so that's how it is, is this attribute of "guts" used in this way?

At the moment of reaction, Ryuto immediately opened the system page and changed the title back to the original "Yakuza Major".

As his courage attribute once again rises to "LV3 courage. Professional expert", the impact of the murderous atmosphere around him is suddenly disappeared.

Huh...Finally relaxed completely.

The enhancement effect of "Courage and Consciousness" can be said to be immediate, and the narrow inside of the helicopter is as cordial as the faucet's eyes at this time.

But even so, the current situation is not generally bad.

A total of four mercenaries were seated in the internal cabin of "Agusta Westland AW101", and a total of five people including the front pilot were present.

Although these people didn't say a word after getting on the machine, Ryuto could feel the serious guard on them.

Since Tenmoku Nagahime can arrange for the secret mission of kidnapping Ryuto, these people should be members of Nagahime's direct corps, "Tenka Fubu".

In the game, "Tenka Fubu" is an elite Legion composed of three hundred people. Almost all members in it are from the Middle East battlefield, and they are all ruthless characters crawling out of the dead.

With Ryuto's current strength, it is impossible to escape from the hands of "Tenka Fubu", it is a suicide.

But if it is brought into the "Freedom Tower" like this, then the probability of welcoming him is also a dead end.

From a certain perspective, when Ryuto is pulled into the helicopter, his fate is already doomed.

But even so Ryuto is not discouraged because he is not afraid of death.

After improving his “charm” attribute before, Ryuto’s small vault still has an amount of “8.45 million” left.

In other words, if the dragon is not going to buy any props, the money is enough to resurrect him eight times, giving him a full eight opportunities to deal with this disaster.

So the first thing to do now is to observe, no matter what clues you can't let go.

Only by observing carefully enough, can Ryuto find a glimmer of survival in desperation.

Apart from this, he has to see if there are any useful and cheap items to buy in the "cash recharge mall" of the system.

So, while taking the helicopter moved towards "Freedom Tower" while flying, Ryuto was quietly observing the situation of the mercenaries, while continuously rummaging through the system mall.

There are many things in the "cash recharge mall", but considering the issue of cost performance, some very useful props Ryuto can only look at drooling.

For example, the "rogue flying needle device", which is very similar to Conan watches, can launch an unchecked flying needle to stun people. It is a must-have product for killing people at home and traveling.

Unfortunately, this flying probe requires a full 1 million yen, which is so expensive that it is impossible to use it at all.

Furthermore, when facing so many enemies, it doesn't make much sense to stun one of them. It's not as good as the pistol in the equipment bay.

As for other props, either they are useful but too expensive to buy, or they are cheap but useless. Ryuto is very entangled.

Huh? Wait, this is...

As Ryuto was looking for the mall page by page, he suddenly saw something similar to a "contact lens".

Props: "Rogue Analysis Mirror".

Usage: A wonderful lens that can see through other people's body attributes, but can't wear clothes. It can be called a gentleman's special product.

See through other's body attributes? Is it possible to know the attribute level of others through this lens?

When I saw this description, Ryuto was suddenly interested.

After all, under the current situation, if you can see through the attributes of others, it will be of great help to Ryuto.

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