Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 54

"Intelligence", "Physique", "Courage", "Insight", "Charm".

These five attributes basically contain the strength of a human being in all aspects.

Through the system, Ryuto can see his own five-dimensional attributes, but there is no way to see other people's five-dimensional attributes.

Even in the original game "Scarlet Album 2: Extinction", there is no attribute interface for the characters.

So until now, Ryuto can only judge the upper and lower limits of others' abilities based on the existing information in the game.

But such a superficial judgment is certainly not as effective as the direct see-through of "Rogue Analysis Mirror".

If you can know the physical attributes of everyone who appears next to Ryuto, you can actually infer many things from them.

For example, if a person in ordinary clothes walks towards him, but the "physique" of this guy has reached a professional level, then this is likely to be a killer who wants to disadvantage Ryuto.

For example, if a person who looks very honest but has extremely high "intelligence", then it is not difficult to judge that this guy is actually a guy with deep thoughts.

For example, when dealing with a person with a very high level of "insight", you should pay attention to your own words and deeds so as not to be seen by him.

In short, being able to see through other people’s attributes can provide considerable convenience in many ways, allowing Ryuto to make correct judgments on a person as quickly as possible.

So this "Rogue Analysis Mirror" must be a very useful prop, but the price has reached one million is quite amazing.

But even so, Ryuto quickly clicked to buy and put the item in his bag.

After all, in his opinion, the cost-effectiveness of this item can be said to be extremely high, even if it is exchanged for the price of a life, it is quite cost-effective.

At the click to buy next moment, Ryuto's eyes have an extra piece of transparent glass.

Perhaps because his hands are being tied up, this time system also very intimately helped Ryuto to directly equip the props where he should go.

Chun! The moment he put on the "Rogue Analysis Mirror" in his left eye, a familiar "attribute list" popped up next to the mercenary in front of Ryuto.

Name: Andre .Petuch

Age: 38 years old

attribute: Wisdom LV2 Physical LV3 Courage LV3 Insight LV3 Charm LV1

This The name...looks like a Russian, and he deserves to be an active mercenary. The overall attribute is really high.

The mercenary whom Ryuto looked at was a bit pitiful except for his "charm". The other four attributes are all very good, and he can be said to be a pretty good professional.

And he immediately glanced at the other three without a trace, and found that these three were from different countries, and the attributes were all quite good.

so that's how it is, this "Rogue Analysis Mirror" can see the name, age, and attributes, but can you not see other things.

Although there is not much information that can be seen, it is already quite useful.

After all, in this "Rogue Analysis Mirror", everyone's "true identity" and "real ability" are almost invisible.

who the hell are you? Is your mind good? Is the body strong? Courageous? Is the observation strong? Is it attractive?

Just a glance, all the intelligence is in Ryuto's eyes, just like alien technology.

Just when Ryuto was excited about getting a new toy, the plane slowly began to land.

Boom...hong long long.

With the vigorous rumbling sound, the plane landed smoothly, and Ryuto was also taken out of the cabin by the mercenaries.

After leaving the cabin, the first thing you see is a huge bay, and you can see many towering buildings row upon row in the distance.

Surrounded by the sea on all sides, the Tokyo seascape is in the distance. This kind of scene can only be seen in the center of Tokyo Bay.

Yes, "Freedom Tower", the headquarters of "Tenmoku Group", was built on an artificial island in the middle of Tokyo Bay.

"Freedom Tower" is designed in a rather weird abstract style, with six building parts gradually coherent as the main body, and the shape that continuously spirals upwards goes straight to the sky, matching 666 meters. The high altitude seems to be some kind of religious base.

Of course, this is indeed a religious base, but the Spiritual God enshrined in it is the legendary "Sixth Celestial Demon King" Oda Nobunaga.

After leaving the helicopter, Ryuto was taken inside from the tarmac of the tower and walked through several long corridors before reaching a large study room.

The area of ​​the study is extremely wide, and the decoration style inside is also very chaotic. The moment you enter, people don’t know where to start complaining.

There are ink and watercolor paintings hanging on the walls of the girl powder, and the solemn European-style bookshelves are filled with various figures with broken heads.

There is a big Doraemon carved on the dark desk, and the gorgeous carpet is sprayed with spray paint by someone in a mess...

This room fully demonstrates a typical case of how a patient with schizophrenia will ruin the room to a terrible level after having money.

Anyone should know when they step into this study that they are definitely not a normal-headed homeowner.

But unlike the study style, which is insane to a certain extent, Tenmoku Nagahime's appearance is absolutely not mentally disordered at all.

In fact, Tenmoku Nagahime is a great beauty, a bringing calamity to the country and the people who will have more than one billion fans tomorrow if he chooses to make his debut.

When Ryuto came to this study, the tall silhouette was standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling window on the innermost side, looking at the calm sea in the distance.

Just such a slender back is enough to drive men crazy. It is hard to imagine the shock that such a woman will bring to people when she turns around.

But in the next second, the woman turned her head and glanced at the distinguished guest who had been "invited" by herself with her pair of the most special eyes in the world.

At that moment, Ryuto only felt like he was facing the abyss, like falling in a ice hole.

The natural fear of a mouse seeing a cat quickly penetrated his body, making him unable to move even a finger.

Tenmoku Nagahime looks very beautiful, indeed very beautiful.

She has picturesque eyebrows, beautiful eyes like jade, and her facial features are as exquisite as measured with a ruler. The golden ratio figure should be convex and warped, and her black hair should be shining. Slightly curled, he puts an elegant and poised single ponytail hairstyle on his shoulders.

peerless grace and elegance, if you want to describe the appearance of Nagahime, then only these four words can describe it.

Her appearance may not be the most beautiful in the world, and her body may not be the best in the world.

But there is absolutely no woman who can compete with that peerless elegance, no, or even the qualifications to compete.

It's just that even if the woman standing not far away is indeed beautiful, she still can't stop Ryuto's body from trembling.

Because when I saw the pair of pupils that seemed to be connected to the bottom of the abyss, I felt the non-human temperament in her.

All the beauty in her body will immediately be transformed into extreme cold malice, which makes people want to commit suicide on the spot, begging not to stay in the same world with this woman again.

Malicious is malicious.

Deep malice, bottomless malice, and crazy malice.

But this does not mean that Tenmoku Nagahime is a woman full of malicious hearts.

To be precise, she is the actualized existence of the word "evil", a "flower of evil" blooming in blackblood.

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