Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 55

It can be said that the entire "scarlet album 2: Extinction" started with Tenmoku Nagahime as its core.

This is a dating sim on the surface, but in fact it is a survival game, with the purpose of not being killed by Nagahime.

“Behind the evil there must be the silhouette of Lord Nagahime”.

This is the player's evaluation of this Demoness, and the honorific title of "adult" must be added when calling her.

There are not many game characters that allow players to add honorific titles from the heart. Almost only a few very attractive characters have such honors.

Is Nagahime attractive? Of course, she is so attractive.

As the current patriarch of the "Tenmoku family", she is the 37th direct descendant of Japan's greatest Demon King Oda Nobunaga.

At the same time, it is also the most terrifying monster in this world.

Speaking of the origin of Nagahime, the monster, it has to be traced back to the Warring States period nearly five hundred years ago.

During the war when the heroes were born, a tyrant who claimed to be the "Sixth Celestial Demon King" dragged the whole of Japan into the abyss of fear.

"Sixth Celestial Demon King" is the name of the Demon King in the religious culture. Nobunaga regards himself as a demon. This situation is also quite rare in history.

During his lifetime, Oda Nobunaga's atrocities represented by "Burning Hiei Mountain" made the people of the age hold a strong fear and awe of him.

Under the name "Tenka Fubu", the army kept advancing, and the people who died under Nobunaga piled up into mountains.

So, he really became the Demon King, the Demon King in the true sense.

However, with a shout of "Advance, the enemy is in Honnou-ji!", the rebels raised the flag of rebellion and surrounded the Demon King group in Honnou-ji.

In historical records, the "Sixth Celestial Demon King" and Honnou-ji were reduced to ashes in the flames of red lotus.

But what is not recorded in history is that Demon King laughed wildly before dying and shouted such a sentence.

"Burn, burn! Although my body is destroyed, my bloodline will be passed on forever! Until this World is reduced to ashes! hahahahaha!"

Demon King Although dead, the blackblood is still there.

The surviving bloodline took the wealth collected by Nobunaga away and hid the family in the darkness of history.

Five hundred years, close to five hundred years, this race has been fighting for only one thing.

Inherit the last wish of our ancestors and turn this World into ashes.

But this is definitely not a great cause that can be accomplished overnight. In order to achieve this goal, every patriarch does everything in terms of cultivating heirs.

Each generation of "Tenmoku" patriarch will look for the best criminals for breeding.

Vicious women who poisoned hundreds of people, serial killers hidden in the alleys, bloody ministers who planned the war... These are the goals of the Tenmoku clan.

Heavenly demon's blackblood requires dark malice to make it more concentrated.

Extract malicious essence from the outside, give birth to evil offspring, and make the descendants of this family farther and farther away from ordinary people.

During this process, they often use various medicine tests, surgical modifications, hypnotic brainwashing and other methods to ensure that they can stimulate all the potentials of the heirs.

Finally, the predecessor patriarch will place the carefully nurtured candidates for heirs in a big house built imitating "Honnou-ji" and let them kill each other, leaving only one.

This feeling is like raising Gu.

Only the "Insect King" who can eat the brother sisters can make the blackblood of the "Tenmoku clan" stronger than the next generation of patriarch.

This kind of ridiculous racial transformation has been carried out for 36 generations so far.

Continuing nearly five hundred years of racial transformation, Tenmoku Nagahime has the outer shell of a normal person, but her inside has been greatly different from that of a normal person.

Ryuto described it this way before, dealing with her is like dealing with alien creatures in human skin".

And now he is standing in this study. Ryuto, he has personally experienced how exaggerated "alien creatures in human skin" are.

This...this guy...No way?

When Tenmoku Nagahime stood in front of him alive, the "Rogue Analysis Mirror" that Ryuto carried in his left eye quickly analyzed the data.

It’s just that the data is really visible. People...the brain hurts.

After all, the attribute of this world-class BOSS is like this:

Name: Tenmoku Nagahime

Age: Twenty-six years old

attribute: Wisdom LV5 Physical LV4 Courage LV5 Insight LV5 Charm LV5


Is this world a bug? How can such a monster be allowed to exist?

When I saw Tenmoku Nagahime's almost full attribute data, Ryuto really wanted to travel back in place and didn’t want to play with her in this World. .

You must know how powerful the attributes of the "LV5. Extreme Superman" level are.

In the game, there is not no single attribute that has reached its peak, such as Nekoyashiki Tunomaru should have "LV5 physique", Tsukimi Yuna should have "LV5 charm", and later Kamiya Ruri should have "LV5 wisdom" and so on.

However, this group of Peak talents is only in a single item. Attributes are very popular, and other attributes are sparse and normal.

This is actually a normal situation. After all, there are people who are top military advisors, invincible thugs, yakuza bosses, and detectives. Is it a super idol again?

Hey, don’t say it, it’s true, this one is in front of you.

You or are the bastard?

In Ryuto’s view, Nagahime’s shit was completely modified with hooks.

In order to avoid being said that she opened the hooks, she deliberately changed one of them. The attribute is not fully adjusted, trying to cover up the fact that I opened it.

Does it work? Do you think you are a normal person if you don’t fully adjust the attribute? Fart, if you don't have you on the title list tomorrow, I will jump downstairs.

"How about? Have you finished the observation?"

Just when Ryuto was staring at Nagahime, he heard a very special voice sound from the front and passed into him In the ears.

Different from women’s crisp and sweet voices, Nagahime’s voice is very deep, which makes people unforgettable once listened to it, but also carries a strange magnetism.

When hearing her voice, Ryuto hurried back to sobered up, and then showed an awkward smile.

No, this woman has "LV5. Extreme Superman" level of insight. If she is seen through her heart, she will be over. Let's fool around first.

In order to cover up the lost self-control just now, Ryuto laughed awkwardly and said: "Sorry, I actually..."

"I actually saw your At that time, I was unconsciously indulged in your beauty, so that I was a little dazed for a while."

Huh? In an instant, Ryuto only felt a chill in his back.

Although the second half of the sentence was what he meant, it was not from his mouth, but Nagahime casually added it.

And when adding, the corners of Nagahime's mouth raised a subtle arc, and his eyes were narrowed, giving people a faint smile.

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