Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 56

I have to say, because Nagahime is so beautiful, he looks pretty when he shows this subtle expression at this time.

It's just that in the game, whenever Nagahime shows such an expression, someone will die.

After understanding this, Ryuto trembling with fear asked: "Well, what do you mean?"

"What do you mean? Just prepare you to perfuse me Just state it, aren’t you planning to use this as an excuse to hide the fear that arises when you see me?"

Nagahime's mouth rises more and more, and she slowly walks from behind the table Walked out and walked towards Ryuto at a brisk pace.

She wears slender high heels on her slender white jade foot. When the heel hits the carpet, there will be no sound, but it seems that every foot is in Ryuto's heart.

Before Ryuto could react, Nagahime put his head together and asked in a tone of excitement and joy: "It’s the first time you see me 100%, why? Will you feel so scared? What did you see just now?"

Nagahime is certain that Ryuto is seeing himself for the first time.

Even if many people in Dark World know the name "Tenmoku Nagahime", there are not many living people who have actually seen her.

At the same time, because of Nagahime's strict management, her photos are also impossible to appear on the Internet and in the media.

But Ryuto clearly knew who she was, and immediately showed a nervous look of seeing a ghost, which made Nagahime quite curious.

So she moved towards Ryuto, which further increased the pressure on her.

For the first time, Ryuto is the first time to get so close to this woman.

The two faces are almost close together, Nagahime's flawless face is close to her, and she can even smell her poppy-like enticing Death Aura with just a breath.

But now, Ryuto can't help but tremble.

"LV3. Professional expert" level of "guts", enough to make him calm and comfortable when being kidnapped by a group of professional mercenaries.

However, this kind of psychological endurance is so fragile in front of Nagahime, so impossible to withstand a single blow, fragile as a cheap condom that may kill people at any time.


"Didudidu, the speed of answering is too slow, now we enter the punishment link."

ka -cha! Ryuto wanted to reply, but just as the word "I" was just uttered, there was a crisp sound from the little finger of his left hand!

Ryuto looked down and saw that his little finger, which was originally straighter than steel bars, had been bent at a rapid speed, forming a ninety-degree angle with the other four fingers!


Severe pain, the severe pain of the finger being forcibly broken suddenly rushed into the brain, almost making Ryuto yell out loudly.

But he didn't. Ryuto forcibly resisted the pain that was enough to stun a person with a little bit of strength, and looked up towards Nagahime, who looked as usual.

Break the finger of a person who just met. This kind of thing is almost as natural as breathing for Nagahime. She didn't even look at Ryuto's hand.

Then, the big beauty smiled and said in a gentle tone: "From now on, you only have five seconds to answer each of my questions. If you exceed it, you will break your finger. No objections?"

If you have any, just say it. I'm very generous, and everything is easy to discuss.

Nagahime's eyes seemed to reveal such information, as if he had no intention of forcing others at all.

And she didn't know when there was a chronograph in her hand, ready to press the timer button at any time.

Knowing that this woman will never make a joke, Ryuto immediately replied wittily: " objections."

"Very good, first question , How did you know of my existence?"

I...I was from...

When Nagahime asked this question, Ryuto's brain is also running fast.

The thinking time is only five seconds. If you exceed it, you will be tortured. Breaking your finger is not a joke.

But how should this question be answered?

Ryuto impossible bluntly said that I am a transmigrator. I only met you after playing "Scarlet Album 2: Extinction".

If you say that, it’s okay for Nagahime not to believe it. If you believe it, I’m afraid that he will be caught on the spot and sliced ​​for research.

But if you know of her existence from other sources, what is this way?

Oops, it’s almost five seconds, I have to answer as soon as possible, otherwise...

When I reacted, the stopwatch in Nagahime’s hand was already here. The time period of three seconds has come.

At the same time, the second ka-cha sound came from Ryuto's left ring finger!


This! Is there a mistake! Isn't it a good five seconds?

Ryuto, who bends down due to severe pain, took a deep breath and looked towards Nagahime, who quietly pressed the stopwatch timer button.

At this time, the time displayed on the stopwatch is exactly three seconds.

This is not enough time to say it! Then what are you doing with my finger broken!

Under Ryuto’s daring and unspeakable gaze, Nagahime giggled said with a smile: "I suddenly felt that five seconds was too long, so I temporarily changed it to three seconds. Don’t you think it’s a Small empathetic changes?"

When Nagahime laughed cheerfully, Ryuto realized that he was wrong.

Originally, Ryuto always thought that Nagahime was a reckless mental disorder, just like it showed in the game.

But in fact, the Nagahime in the real world is one million times more mental disorder than the one shown in the game! It's just Universe level mental disorder!

Under the intense pain, Ryuto stepped back without a trace, and said in as calm as possible: " don’t care how I got to know you at all. You just want to torture me, right?"

"Hey, you have discovered this. What a clever child, applaud."

Like Just like the mother who saw the child grow up, Nagahime smiled and stretched out his hand and was very cute.

The smile on her face is kindly like the rebirth of Holy Mother, but the chaos in her eyes keeps increasing.

Oops... Staying with her is like being with a gorilla with menopausal psychosis who is suffering from mania, and she can only play to death if she continues.

No way, I can only desperately...

"This situation is going to die, so you can only desperately fight, where you plan to get some Kind of weapons to deal with me, because you can’t win with bare hands...Come on, I’m looking forward to it."

As if seeing through Ryuto’s inner activities, Nagahime once again took him His thoughts were expressed in words, even with an expression of expectation on his face.

Are there any mistakes, this guy... beast!

Although Nagahime saw through his heart again, Ryuto could only take out the pistol hidden in the system's equipment bay from behind him, and pointed the black muzzle at the woman.

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