Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 59

The messy and sinister study room disappeared immediately, and Ryuto was in the corner of the school where there was no who was there.

The beautiful face of Tenmoku Nagahime is gone, replaced by the handsome face of Akechi Goro that makes people want to flatten him.

Moreover, at this time, Ryuto and Akechi are still holding hands together, and the handsome guy in front of them still has a look of excitement in expectation.

At this time, it should be about half an hour before Ryuto's "Freedom Tower Suicide Show".

Now he has just negotiated terms with Akechi, shaking hands and cooperating, and even the "Tenka Fubu" mercenary group sent by Nagahime has not appeared.

Huh...I have never felt the atmosphere of the school so friendly.

After realizing that he finally left the magic cave, Ryuto couldn't help taking a deep breath, feeling that his whole body was refreshed.

At this time, Akechi smiled and asked: "Ryuto, in fact, you are the quasi-second generation of the "Dragon Group". I can understand that you have to deal with the official, but the "Tenmoku Group" tells you. Where did the holiday come from?"

"This, not long ago...not to mention it! Run!"

Ryuto instinctively wanted to answer "Not long ago, the "Tenmoku Group" buried an inner ghost next to me", but he immediately changed his face, pulled Akechi's wrist and moved towards the distance!

Talk about it, talk about it, fleeing is the best first!

If Ryuto remembers correctly, the terrible "Agusta Westland AW101" will immediately appear on his head, and the three mercenaries will immediately jump to the ground to kidnap the ticket. .

With the current strength of Ryuto, it is basically impossible to live out after being caught in the "Freedom Tower". As long as you enter it, you will die. No matter how many times you look back, it doesn't make sense.

So the first thing to do now is to leave here first...This is not an escape, but a strategic shift.

It's just that when Ryuto was dragged away, Akechi naturally showed an expression of unfathomable mystery.

What are you doing? Just now we were still here happily shaking hands and chatting to increase our relationship, and suddenly we started running in the next second.

Could it be said that running is also a way to increase feelings? But it's too fast, right? This is the first time I have seen someone who cultivated feelings in a 100-meter sprint.

In the blink of an eye, the two rushed out of the corner of the school and came to the side of an old school building that was not often used.

"Huh, huh, huh, Ryuto? You are..."

"Don't ask questions, listen to me first, now the "Tenmoku Group" people are working Came here to get me away, you hurry over there so you don’t get involved."

But before Akechi could finish his breath, Ryuto quickly said this to him. , And then stretched out his finger in the direction leading to the school gate.

Wh...what? Tenmoku Group's...No way?

When Akechi was bending over and panting, Ryuto waved his hand and quickly moved towards the old school building beside him and ran away.

Of course, if you really want to run, it is naturally easiest to run with Akechi to the crowded school area.

Although the mercenaries of "Tenka Fubu" dared to chase after the school, they did not dare to kill them here. After all, the nature was completely different.

Then why does Ryuto run to the old school building without who is there when he knows he can retreat?

The reason is very simple, blindly running is not Ryuto's style, he intends to launch a wave of raging counterattack here.

After all, he was madly tortured by Nagahime just now, and was forced to commit suicide in front of her. At this time, Ryuto's heart was also holding fire.

Tenmoku Nagahime ... After eating so much from you, let's get some interest from your subordinates first.

ka-cha! Ryuto, who was hiding in the corner of the old school building, took out the pistol he had handed in from the equipment bay, and opened the safety catch.

There are three enemies. Although they are all sophisticated mercenaries, they don't wear hot weapons.

The most important thing is that the goal of the "Tenka Fubu" mercenaries is to capture Ryuto alive, not to kill Ryuto.

In this case, the dominant power is actually in Ryuto's hands. After all, I can beat you to death. Do you have the ability to beat me to death?

In addition, this is Ryuto's school, and his familiarity with the venue is better than outsiders, which is another huge advantage.

Carefully calculated, equivalent to the time, location, and people are all on your side, and there is a gun in your hand, there is no reason not to dare to make gestures with those three mercenaries.

At the same time, the three mercenaries had already jumped off the plane, and were quickly following the traces he left towards this side.

"The target was aware of it, and now he hid in the old teaching building in the direction of eleven o'clock, and immediately began to isolate the scene."

Take a look at the old teaching where Ryuto hid Behind the building, Andre, the leading Russian mercenary, said to the walkie-talkie hanging in his ear.

next moment, several men dressed in school cleaners’ costumes immediately appeared, and all around the entrances of the old school building were hung up with signs of "emergency renovation".

Moreover, they also used fences to block all the roads leading to the old school building so as to prevent students from breaking into the War Zone. They looked like old "cleaners".

This time, the area of ​​the old school building where Ryuto is located can be said to have completely turned into a cage, an incomparable gigantic cage.

It's just that when the three mercenaries swiftly walked upward from the entrance stairs, they didn't realize who the cage was for.

However, just as three wild wolves returning from the Middle East were hunting in a group, the Huskies, who were supposed to be prey, were preparing to fight back.

Located on the roof of this old school building, a beautiful girl in "Metropolitan No. 1 High School" uniform is sitting on a railing more than one meter high, looking at her hand intently On the book.

Honestly speaking, this kind of action is somewhat...satisfied?

Be aware that although this old school building is not too high, it has the height of a 6-Layer building anyway.

This girl actually sat on the railing like this, behind her is a drop space of tens of meters, as long as she tilts back, she will fall into the abyss.

But the girl didn’t care about it. Her face was so plain that she was sitting on a stair step, reading with keen interest pleasure on a swaying railing from death. Thick book.

A faint wind blew the girl's cheeks, blowing up the brown hair between her forehead.

Even if judged with the most critical eyes, this young girl named Tsukimi Yuna is also a beauty, and she can't fault her at all.

She is sweet and sweet, better than peach blossoms. At first glance, she is a nine-point beauty, not so beautiful.

But looking at the second and third eyes, she will feel that she looks more beautiful, and she has a unique beauty that can penetrate into the souls of others.

In addition to the attractive appearance and perfect body of one point too tall, short one point short, fat one point fat, thin one point thin, the most impressive thing is Yuna That gentle and generous, absolutely dignified words and deeds.

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