Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 60

Tskimi Yuna, who studied in the third grade of Metropolitan No. 1 High School, is the Eldest Miss of the "multinational technology company Tsukimi consortium", and his identity can be compared to the second grade Kamiya Ruri.

But she usually treats people with the highest degree of kindness, gentleness and generosity, so amiable and unassuming to everyone, she always has a gentle smile on her face.

There is no fragility and arrogance of a little woman, no nobility and willfulness of Eldest Miss.

There is only the elegance and calmness that makes everyone unable to fault, just like a "child next door" that is invulnerable.

A perfect Eldest Miss, a perfect woman.

No one will dislike Yuna, unless that person has a problem with his brain.

Such an exaggerated cognition is the general public’s impression of Tsukimi Yuna.

There is no doubt that this kind of evaluation can be said to be extremely high, it has reached the cloud, and it is even about to emerge heavenly ascension.

However, in Yuna's view, she sees herself in this way.

I, Tsukimi Yuna, is actually a very boring person.

I never knew when it started, Yuna felt this way.

As a true Heaven's Chosen Daughter, she has been born with countless super charms beyond the reach of ordinary people.

No one will dislike her, no one will speak ill of her, and no matter what she does, she will win praise.

But such a convenient ability... makes her tired.

Tsukimi Yuna soon tired of such a world, and tired of such self.

She possesses a powerful charm that makes people like no matter what she does, but she lost her way in the compliments of everyone.

If Yuna wants to do it, she can become a star, become a president, become a prime minister, or even become a Saint, but this will not make her feel excited at all.

Because this achievement is not achieved by Yuna's efforts, but by her natural and powerful charm.

Can the achievement obtained in this way be called an achievement? At least not in Yuna's opinion.

At this time, avoiding the noisy crowd, Yuna, who was sitting alone on the roof of the old teaching building, closed the book in her hand.

"Huh, so that's how it is, this book "Writing Novels That Monkeys Can Understand" is really beneficial."

After getting off the railing, Yuna put the thick book in her hand in her schoolbag, and stretched out.

When she stretched her waist, her extremely well-developed attractive posture became particularly obvious. Fortunately, there were no creatures with handles around, otherwise she would spray her nosebleed into a small waterfall on the spot.

Yes, the book Yuna is hiding here to read is something similar to "fiction teaching", which is also a dream she has found in the future.

The literary world is a relatively fair world.

Whether the writer himself is ugly or beautiful, poor or rich, the written text is the same.

No matter how strong my personal charm is, it won’t make my novels look better, right?

And if I write under a pen name, no one else will know who I am, right?

So, if I can write a good novel under a pen name, doesn't it mean that I am not a mediocre who relies on the charm of innate talent?

With this thought, Yuna plunged into the world of the novel...Although she hasn't written it to others, she is in the exploratory stage.

Huh? what is that?

Just as Yuna was considering whether to continue to improvise and write a few more paragraphs, she suddenly saw the "cleaners" downstairs pulling up the fence and putting up signs.

This old school building is only occasionally used for some side lessons. No one will come during the time after school, so Yuna stays here with peace of mind and will not be grouped by friends. Surrounded.

But something strange seems to have happened today? Could it be that this building needs to be repaired or cleaned?

If this is the case, I will leave first, so I can’t trouble Mr. Cleaner.

After nodded, Yuna picked up his shoulder bag and moved towards downstairs with a brisk pace...

Of course, Yuna didn’t dream too. What is expecting is that the old school building I am in has become an existence similar to a battlefield in the Middle East.

Quiet teaching building, scaring battlefield step by step.

The two in this brief moment fuse together, so that the surrounding space seems to have a sense of disharmony like a tear.

The time now is more than an hour after class in the afternoon, about 4:30.

The sunlight in the afternoon was quite thin, falling through the windows in the corridors of the old school building, rendering the already deadly atmosphere as desolate as the apocalyptic.

In this case, Ryuto, who was hiding on the corner of the third floor, closed his eyes and listened attentively to the surrounding movement.

Da, da, da...After a while, the sound of extremely slight footsteps gradually came upwards along the stairs.

The sound of footsteps is very slight, it is impossible to hear if Ryuto's ears are not close to the wall.

From another angle, it is not difficult to find a silhouette in a green field uniform slowly touching the corner where Ryuto is.

The first to touch here was the Russian mercenary who had previously grabbed Ryuto, Andre.

He was moving as far as possible without making a sound, while observing his feet all the way, for fear of stepping on something that would make a noise.

At this time, the classrooms in this teaching building were all locked, and there were no students present, which happened to create good conditions for Andre and the others to be arrested.

Just after arriving at the corner on the third floor close to the bathroom, Andre suddenly squinted his eyes and vaguely saw a silhouette hiding in the corner.

Although most of the Avatar's body is hiding behind the wall, the silhouette reveals a section of the men's school uniform. Needless to say, you know who it is.

I want to hide there...I’m so naive, should I say that I am a kid?

After observing the surrounding terrain, Andre immediately leaned down and crawled forward in a nearly crawling position.

This special way of movement can ensure that no sound is heard. Fortunately, at the moment of charge ahead, hit him completely unprepared and catch the kid.

Three, two, one! Do it!

When he came to the corner of the wall that was less than half a meter away from the corner of the clothes, Andre rushed towards the corner of the corner! With an imposing manner like a tiger leaping at a sheep!

At this moment, he seemed to see the ugly posture of Ryuto being quickly held back by himself and falling to the ground crying for father and mother.

It's just that when Andre just swooped out and hugged the "target" in school uniform for the next second, he knew he had been fooled.

Because there is a living goal in Andre's eyes... Isn't this just a mannequin in school uniform!

Oops! I...

Before waiting for this mercenary to move back quickly, a silhouette has fallen from the sky, waving his elbow and directly moved towards Andre's back forehead!

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