Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 62

This is a good one, Tsukimi Yuna blocked the way in front, and the two mercenaries blocked it in the back.

Ryuto, who was stuck in the middle of the stairs, could only sighed helplessly, and then quickly put away the pistol, rushed over to pick up Yuna on the spot, and ran towards the roof of the top floor like flying!

Huh? Is this... something wrong?

Everything happened too fast. When Yuna was picked up by Ryuto and rushed like Princess, she instinctively wanted to press a certain button, but when she saw Ryuto’s serious expression He stopped immediately again.

Language can be deceptive, and expressions can be okay, but the tension of being in battle is absolutely impossible to play.

So Yuna immediately realized that this boy was not trying to do strange things to him, but was planning to take him to escape.

Wait, isn’t this Kiryu Ryuto?

At this moment, Yuna finally remembered this face that has received much attention today and the name that seems to be cursed.

After all, in "Metropolitan No. 1 High School", Ryuto's popularity is actually evenly matched with the big celebrities such as Ruri and Yuna, but it is 100% notorious.

In Yuna's impression, "Kiryu Ryuto" should be a big hooligan with triangular eyes, aquiline nose, pointed chin, pointed monkey gills, fierce eyes, full of flesh, and yellow hair.

But at this time, it is not such a person who rushes forward holding her desperately.

Ryuto now has a solemn face, vividly and thoroughly showing his handsome facial features, and his eyebrows are full of the heroic color of soldiers on the battlefield.

Originally, Ryuto's skin looks good, and his charm at this time is also at the level of "LV2. Excellent passerby", which looks naturally not annoying.

In addition, the suddenly tense environment provided Yuna with a "suspension bridge effect"-like feeling, which made her feel a little excited at once.

This...this feeling...Could it be said!

After realizing that her emotions had been mobilized for a long time, Yuna took a deep breath and whispered in Ryuto's ear: "Ryuto classmate, can you explain what's going on now?"

Yuna's voice is melodious and melodious, especially when it sounds in the ears, you can feel the heat sweeping through your earlobes, making people feel like you are in the clouds.

But Ryuto, who was running on the road, didn’t even bother to enjoy the gentleness of the woman, but immediately eagerly replied: “There are two kidnappers chasing me, and this school building has become On the battlefield, you have to leave immediately."

As he talked, he had already carried Yuna to the stairs on the other side of the teaching building.

At the same time, the two mercenaries have also appeared at the stairway at the previous end, and the two sides are only looking at each other across a corridor that is several hundred meters away.

"Hurry up! Don't look back, and don't tell others about it!"

After placing Yuna on the landing of the stairs, Ryuto warned him Repeatedly, while quickly pointing to the way down, beckoning her to leave from here as soon as possible, while she was ready to move towards the upper stairs and run away.

"Wait! Ryuto classmate!"

But before the dragon head took two steps, Yuna suddenly reached out and grabbed his sleeve.

This! This time, Ryuto was frightened, because the two mercenaries were approaching quickly at a speed visible to naked eye!

He had to continue seriously: "Eldest Miss! This is not a joke, hurry up..."

"I know the two kidnappers are real Yes, you are really being chased, so I said that I don’t need to run, I can help you solve the problem."

What? Will you help me solve it? After hearing Yuna's words, a big question mark appeared on Ryuto's head.

Although Yuna is also an Eldest Miss of the same level as Ruri in the original work, there does not seem to be a guard like Izayoi Mai by her side.

At this moment, Yuna quickly took out a small push button switch from his pocket and pressed it without the slightest hesitation.

After completing this action, the two mercenaries have also come to a close range more than fifty meters away! Seeing to pounce on to catch the two!

Cut, there is no way!

Seeing that the opponent was rushing towards this side quickly, Ryuto quickly blocked Yuna behind him, and he took out the pistol and pointed it in the direction of the two.

In the long and narrow corridor, conflicts are on the verge of breaking out.

But at the next moment, what made Ryuto and the mercenaries didn't expect suddenly appeared.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! ......Buzz~ Buzz~!

With a rapid buzzing sound, two "multi-rotor micro drones" that are slightly larger than footballs quickly appeared beside Yuna and aimed their muzzles below. Mercenaries rushing.

What! Before the two mercenaries could react, a burst of gunfire-like volleys had already hit their bodies!

For these two experienced mercenaries, if it were just the small pistol in Ryuto's hand, they would still be completely confident to dodge the past.

But the salvos of the two drones are different.

In this small corridor, hundreds of bullets directly hit them all around, knocking them to the ground on the spot...

When he saw this scene, Ryuto was stunned.

It wasn't until then that he remembered that in the "Tsukimi consortium", a multinational company known for its high technology, the core field is all kinds of "intelligent machinery".

From automatic manipulators, automatic manipulators and other automated mechanical and electrical equipment, to mechanical birds, mechanical dogs, drones, smart steward, etc. equipped with all kinds of sensors, this is the "Tsukimi consortium" Main business.

Such a high-tech enterprise naturally has a super high-standard configuration in terms of the security of its Eldest Miss.

So Yuna doesn't have no bodyguards, but her bodyguards don't need to be by her side at any time, they can fly over to escort them at any time with the push of a button.

When seeing Ryuto’s stunned expression, Yuna raised the remote control in her hand, and explained with a smile: “Don’t worry, the shots are all low-dose anesthesia bombs, and they won’t kill anyone. It's...probably."

Although the three words "probably" make people feel unreliable, but no matter what, this mercenary kidnapping incident is actually Was it solved so unexpectedly?

Good guy, it turns out that Yuna Senpai still has such a special bodyguard around, but this is a scene that has never appeared in the original.

After looking at the two real guys floating around Yuna, Ryuto couldn't help but feel scared for a while.

If the action he rushed over and picked up Yuna was deemed to be intentional infringement, then it is estimated that the person who took the gun is himself...

"Well, classmate Ryuto, since I helped you, then you should explain to me what is going on? I'm very interested, interested, interesting, oh. "

At this time, Yuna came to Ryuto enthusiastically and waved, and then gave him a crazy smile.

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