Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 63

For the overwhelming majority, the scene just now is clearly beyond reality.

Is there anyone who was hunted down by kidnappers in the school and used a gun to fight them guerrilla?

It should be rare to see people who will answer "have ever". After all, this should be a scene that can only be seen in movies, TV series, novels, and comics.

But if such a scene really appears in front of an ordinary person, then he will most likely be shocked to the point that his legs become weak, fear and confusion quickly break through the spiritual limit, and he can only fall into chaos like a headless fly in.

However, there are very few people who are excited about this kind of surreal scene, and they are excited about being caught in a stimulating environment that may die at any time.

This kind of excitement will lead to a crazy increase in the secretion of "dopamine" in the brain, resulting in "excitement" and "pleasure" emotions.

It just so happens that Tsukimi Yuna is such a person.

Understanding that Ryuto was really chased just now, Yuna felt that her heartbeat was so fast for the first time, and her face turned red.

Excited, excited, so excited!

Although Yuna on the surface still maintains Eldest Miss's reserve at this time, her heart is already happy.

Be aware that not everyone can see such a scene, especially for Yuna, who has been well protected since she was a child. An ordinary girl who has never been.

Of course, Yuna is not a person who simply pursues this kind of excitement and excitement. What she cares most about is the large amount of inspiration that suddenly emerges in her mind after sufficient stimulation.

Inspiration is like a fountain.

Suddenly she wanted to take out a pen to write the scenes of Legendary in the notebook, and her desire to write was unprecedentedly high.

As a future famous writer (self-proclaimed), Yuna has always believed that she needs a variety of experiences to enrich her experience in order to be able to write a truly touching story.

Can people who have not experienced the rain of bullets write the kind of life hanging by a thread on the battlefield?

Is there no one who has been kidnapped before, can you write about the pain and helplessness of the kidnapped?

Can someone who has never held hands with a girl write that blushing heartbeat in love?

Of course not, at least not in Yuna's view.

At this moment, at this moment, a huge inspiration suddenly gushed out of Yuna's mind.

Kiryu Ryuto, there is no doubt that he is a man with extraordinary experience and a life completely different from ordinary people.

Being in the dark, walking on the tip of a knife, there is a possibility that people will fall to their heads at any time, and they will die well in the streets, and they will sink in Tokyo Bay.

But it is this sense of crisis and excitement that makes his life appear more real and more able to arouse readers' widespread interest.

Or whether the reader's interest can be aroused for the time being, it's hard to say, in short, Yuna's interest is completely aroused.

It's just that such an interest is not a bad thing for Ryuto.

After all, Yuna was originally the companion he wanted to win over, and... also one of his dream lovers.

Yes, I don't pretend, I just greet her body--Kiryu Ryuto.

With this in mind, Ryuto probably talked about what he had said before with the "Tenmoku Group", and also took a look at Yuna's five wai attributes.

Yuna's five-circle attributes are unsurprisingly exaggerated...Although her measurements are also exaggerated, cough cough.

Name: Tsukimi Yuna

Age: 17 years old

attribute: Wisdom LV2 Physical LV1 Courage LV3 Insight LV1 Charm LV5

Natural The ultimate charisma and professional level of boldness, this is the full picture of Tsukimi Eldest Miss's attributes.

In the process of Ryuto's explanation, Yuna looked quite calm, but the curvature of the corners of her mouth became more and more obvious.

"so that's how it is." After listening to Ryuto's experience, Yuna forbeared his excitement and said as seriously as possible: "You are being chased by the "Tenmoku Group". It's really unlucky. Well."

"That is, if you didn't help Yuna Senpai, I guess I would have to take some risks to solve it."

For Yuna's rescue, Ryuto is actually still It was quite unexpected.

After all, in the original "scarlet album 2: Extinction", Yuna is not the kind of heroine who often involves "combat".

Yuna is the second heroine. In order to reflect the difference between her and the first heroine Ruri, Yuna's ink point is completely different from that of Ruri.

Because Yuna's dream is to become a writer, every time the player meets with her, it is in the library or bookstore, and the things discussed are also quite relaxed youth topics.

In Yuna's personal line, in order to allow her to experience the life of a commoner to gain the qualifications of writing, the player ran away from home with Yuna who had no social experience, commonly known as "elopement."

While avoiding the tracking of "Tsukimi consortium", the two experienced a journey from east to west in Japan.

After a lot of difficulties during the journey, Yuna has finally grown up, and the novel she wrote has the power to penetrate the hearts of the people, and finally came to a happy ending.

Compared with the exaggerated scenes of the Ruri line that often involve the survival of Japan and the confrontation between black and white, the pattern of the Yuna line is much smaller, youthful and warmer.

This kind of personal line is more like a traditional "love drama" than Ruri's "urban love adventure action suspenseful monster science fiction historical drama".

But such a description that emphasizes the perspective of youth also allows players to understand Yuna not as much as Ruri.

What is the daily life of Yuna? Has she received any threats?

What is the conflict between the "Tsukimi consortium" to which she belongs and the "Tenmoku Group"? How was the conflict resolved in the end?

And no matter which route it is at the end, the game will enter the "reverse Honnou-ji event", that is, Tenmoku Nagahime decided to turn the whole of Japan into a fire sea and destroy the country's major event.

This incident is logically the climax of the game. In the "Ruri line" and the third female main line, the protagonist gets involved in the whole process, but only the Yuna line did not participate, just vaguely mentioned Just a few sentences.

Therefore, Ryuto’s impression of Tsukimi Yuna is actually different from the first and third female protagonists. She thinks that she is more civilian and far away from violence.

However, Yuna's next request subverted Ryuto's perception of her.

After correcting her face, Yuna asked in a serious tone: "Ryuto, actually I have something to ask you."

"Don’t be so polite, Yuna Senpai has Just say anything."

"Then I will tell you, I want you."


"Ah, It’s too rash to say that. Actually, I want you to be my "research sample"."

"...Sorry, my ears or head still seem to have a problem. Can you Say it carefully?"

After hearing Yuna's words, Ryuto reached out and dug his ears, patted his head, seeming to suspect that there was a problem with his ears or brain.

"I hope you can be my "research sample". I want to study your life, study your past, present and future experiences, in order to write novels that can shock people."

Seems to understand what Ryuto is surprised about, Yuna expresses her thoughts in clearer and clearer words.

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