Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 64

Words are powerful.

Anyone who has seen literary masterpieces such as "Jing Ping Mei", "Ari Buda Era Record", "Young A Bing", "A Fairy Is a Thing in the Pool" should have experienced it The kind of shock that goes deep into the soul.

However, this kind of text cannot be written by an ordinary person with ordinary experience.

So Yuna's intentions are obvious at this time. She wants to observe Ryuto's past, present and future life experiences in order to write a real yakuza masterpiece.

"I plan to name this book with you as the protagonist "From the Tokyo villain to the bones", what do you think?"

When talking about my novel plan , Yuna's eyes shone brightly, as if there was an entire universe in her pupils.

And Ryuto is the reply of didn't know whether to cry or laugh: "That...can you not get crushed? Leave me a dead body?"

"If this is the case, then it will be changed to "Yakuza Fighter"."

"No, I can't tell the reason, but in short, the name is not good."

"Then "Lord of Yakuza", "Broken Yakuza", "Yakuza Continent", "The Years When I was a Corpse Picker in Tokyo Bay"..."

"Stop Stop! Don’t think about the name. Anyway, you want to get inspiration for writing by observing me, right? But it’s dangerous. Are you sure you want to do this?"

When Yuna started to jump out excitedly Ryuto stretched out his hand to stop her when the book titles were full of sight.

Although there is a plan to let Yuna join her team, Ryuto is only greedy for her body, and by the way, he wants to use the power of the "Tsukimi consortium" behind it.

But if you want Yuna to observe herself up close, it will inevitably be involved in some more dangerous moments, such as the one just now.

But Yuna shook the head and said firmly: "Don't worry, I have a sense of measure, and you have seen it just now, I am not a person without the power to bind a chicken."

From the situation where Yuna just pressed a button, the two drones flew over tú tú tú tú tú tú tú tú tú tú tú tú tú tú tú tú tú tú It can be seen that she is not trying to brace her face, but that it is.

In this case, Ryuto agreed to Senior Sister's request and became her "observation specimen".

Although the title speaking of which is not very pleasant, the things involved are not complicated.

Usually, Yuna usually goes to Ryuto to chat with him from time to time, or use "reconnaissance drones" to record some of his life as writing materials.

In contrast, Yuna will pay half of the manuscript fee to Ryuto as a "specimen fee", although Ryuto never expected to get the money.

After all, in Ryuto's opinion, Yuna Senpai's writing level is really...very amazing.

For the next two hours, Ryuto was dragged by Yuna to admire the novel she had written before.

When they were reading, the two sat close together. Ryuto could smell the sweet scent around him at any time, and he could even see Yuna's long eyelashes.

But even so, Ryuto's expression is still very stiff, because the things written in the notebook he holds in his hand really make people wonder how to give a fair evaluation.

In fact, Yuna's academic performance is quite good, and his literary skills are also good, but the brain circuit in writing seems a little strange.

For example, in order to make chocolates for her crush, the heroine in the book chooses to buy silver jewelry in a silverware shop, burns the silver and plate it on the chocolate, showing the wonderful silver light color. .... Isn't this really murder?

Similar bizarre brain circuits are everywhere in Yuna's book. It is obviously a youth school love novel, and it is written that suddenly the supernatural person and the ancient god Cthulhu appear on the next page.

Afterwards, the hero and heroine were identified as the strongest supernatural powers in history. They boarded an inexplicable high-tech robot and started a battle with the ancient god Cthulhu. They fell in love while fighting and dealt with it by the way There are as many as seven-and-octagonal relationships, and from time to time, they also engage in family comedies.

The most terrifying thing is that all the above descriptions actually appear in just ten pages!

After reading the novel written by Yuna, Ryuto's thoughts are "Is this really something that a normal person can write? It's more logical than this when I throw a cat and roll the keyboard."

But in front of Yuna Senpai, who was so excited because he found a friend, he still couldn't say such a horrible thing.

In this extremely tangled suffering, two hours have finally passed.

It's getting late, and the time for "Metropolitan No. 1 High School" is about to end.

"By the way, I actually didn’t have the nerve to show the content of these novels. It’s really good to have classmate Ryuto. See you tomorrow."

When Yuna is about to leave the old teaching Before going upstairs, she finally turned to Ryuto and said with a smile, with a hint of relaxation from the heart.

When seeing Yuna Senpai's smile, Ryuto suddenly felt that the crime he had suffered for two hours was not meaningless. At least he suddenly got closer to this beauty.

Okay, then you have to deal with some hands and tails.

After sending Yuna Senpai away, Ryuto called Akechi to report his safety, stating that he was still alive, and then called Narumi and the others to let them take care of the funeral.

After all, in this old school building, there are two mercenaries and a corpse lying in the toilet waiting for disposal.

Since these guys are in this business, they should have anticipated what they will end up after they fail.

So Ryuto didn't bother to deal with these messy things, but gave them directly to his driver Narumi Otani to handle them.

If there is no accident, they will be buried in the forest tonight, and they will not have the chance to see the sun again in this life.

Of course, this is not over yet, or rather it is just the beginning.

Based on what Ryuto knows about Tenmoku Nagahime, she will not be discouraged by this trivial matter, but will continue to attack herself.

But anyway, as Ryuto returned to "Kamimurocho" in his black car, this extremely surging forward with great momentum has finally come to an end after a day.

Ryuto can hardly even think of how many things happened throughout the day today.

Tired, so tired bastard, is it such a terrible thing to go to school in this World?

As night fell, Ryuto lay on the bed in his room after having a hasty dinner, looking like a salted fish that was exhausted.

"Master Ryuto, are you asleep?"

As Ryuto was about to lie down and rest early, the familiar voice of Consultant Fujiki sounded from behind the door.

"Ah, I didn't sleep, what's the matter?"

"There is no major event either, but the group leader wants to meet with you, and seems to have something to talk to you."

"Oh, then...what?"

Sir? Kiryu Ichima, head of Dragon Group? "pro father"? Want to meet me?

When Ryuto heard this sudden news, a complicated expression appeared on Ryuto's face.

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