Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 65

For Kiryu Ichima, the leader of the Dragon Group, Ryuto's feeling is actually somewhat complicated.

In "Scarlet Album 2: Extinction", he stayed in the jail the whole time, and he didn't even have a painting, at most he was a passerby.

But in this World, Ichima is a living person and the father of this body.

An old saying goes that blood is thicker than water, but although Ryuto's body is Ichima's bloodline, his soul is not.

In this case, if you want Ryuto to call father to a stranger, it still feels a bit awkward.

However, now that the father on the bloodline has appointed him to visit the prison, Ryuto is also impossible to choose not to go, and he can only go to the "Tokyo Sugamo Prison".

So in the early morning of the 2nd day, Ryuto skipped class very happily and got on the car moved towards "Sugamo Prison".

According to the original plan, today Ryuto should be looking for the last partner Takato Masato.

But since the old man has something to look for, let's go and visit him. At any rate, he is also the father of this body.

Not long after, Ryuto came to the "Sugamo Prison" in the suburbs of Tokyo, which is where people on the road become terror-stricken at the news.

You can see some reports from many places that the prison conditions in Japan are better than many places. This is indeed a fact.

First of all, the three meals in the prison ensure the supply of calories, and the inside is clean, tidy, safe and orderly, which can be said to be very thoughtful.

But the Yakuza members who have really squatted inside know that what Japanese prisons destroy is the human spirit and can cause indelible spiritual harm to people.

"In this horrible place, you will be punished even if you look at the guards, you will be punished if you look up during a meal, you will be punished if you close your eyes when you shouldn’t, and you’ll still open your eyes when you shouldn’t. Penalized."

"On the first day I entered, I was asked to memorize the entire prison manual. It stipulated how my feet should be raised and the angle at which my hands should be raised. I can only sleep sideways. Lie or face up, you cannot lie face down, let alone cover your face, or you will be punished."

"In short, it is very depressing inside. You can't do anything without the permission of the prison guards. Except breathing."

The above description comes from the personal experience of a senior from the "Dragon Group" who had spent five years in the "Sugamo Prison".

At that time, his vivid description and painful tone left a very deep impression on Ryuto.

It's just that the group leader Kiryu Ichima's sentence is not a short five years, but six times as long as thirty years.

Because I was charged with "serious intentional injury", "intentional homicide", "assault on police" and other multiple crimes, Ichima would have a high probability of being sentenced to death, but because the lawyer he hired was pretty good It was only changed to thirty years in prison.

But from a realistic point of view, there is not much difference between the 30-year imprisonment and the death penalty. After all, there are many death row inmates in Japan who have been in prison for several decades and have not been sentenced. The end result is still old age. .

When Ryuto really came to this heavily guarded prison, he filled out all the forms and waited another hour before being put in the door.

The guards of the prison obviously did not welcome Ryuto's arrival, but after all, people visit the prison in accordance with the formal procedures, and they can only give permission.

"Wait here." After coldly leaving these words, the guard stood by and stared at Ryuto with his eyes on the prisoner.

From the appearance, Ryuto's yellow hair does look like a bad youth in society.

In addition, he has a close blood relationship with the criminal Kiryu Ichima in the prison, so naturally he has to make the guards nervous.

In the "visiting room" separated by iron windows, it didn't take long before the opposite door was slowly opened, and a tall silhouette walked in steadily.

In memory, Ryuto's face of father is actually a little fuzzy, but vaguely remembers that his figure is very tall, giving people a feeling of being able to support both heaven and earth.

And Ichima, who appears in the prison now, even though he is wearing a prison uniform and shaved off his head, but the expression on his face and the imposing manner on his body are still the same as in the memory, and he walks on the road. Also straighten the waist.

Men should be like this, regardless of pros and cons, able to support both heaven and earth.

Longkun Shoal, still a dragon, will not become a shrimp crawler because of this.

"Here, today seems to be Tuesday, don’t you have to go to class?"

When the Dragon Group leader sits on a stool, facing his son through the bars When, his first sentence turned out to be this.

For some reason, Ichima didn't feel that Ryuto was in jail at all. It was like the reaction of seeing his son suddenly appear in front of him when he was in a daily work situation.

"...pu! hahahaha!" So Ryuto couldn't help laughing, and the murderous air in the "visiting room" became a lot more lively.

"Sorry, I skipped a lesson a little bit today. You shouldn't be spanking me?"

"If there were no such bars in the middle, I might be so I might do it."

"That's really gratifying. For the first time, I think prison is also a good place."

For a while, it’s a good place for father and son. After such a daily conversation, it felt like chatting at home, completely treating the serious atmosphere of the prison and the surrounding guards as nothing.

However, when I heard Ryuto’s voice getting louder and louder, the guard who was watching him couldn’t help but said, “Hey! Keep your voice down, no noise in the prison... "

Huh? In an instant, Ryuto turned his head slightly and looked at the guard with sword-like eyes.

The current Ryuto is not the ordinary person who just crossed over.

In just three days, he confronted Tenmoku Nagahime, fought with Nekoyashiki Tunomaru, threw Sakata from the second floor in public, shot down mercenaries and so on.

After experiencing these major events that ordinary people have been unimaginable all their lives, his imposing manner has gradually become like a yakuza boss, like a fish leaping over the dragon gate.

Therefore, the line of sight is so sharp that the guard who was glanced at it couldn't help but shrink up, seeming to feel that an invisible knife has been placed on his neck.

"Okay, don't embarrass him, he is just doing a job and supporting his family."

When he noticed what Ryuto was doing, Ichima on the other side Slowly opened his mouth to stop the road.

"It's okay, I don't plan to do anything, don't worry."

"Are you not planning to do anything...or did you say it's done?" I’ve heard about Sakata."

Although Ichima was somewhat happy to see his growing up son, but he still looked upright and mentioned that he wanted to talk with him this time. Business.

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