Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 66

Three days ago, the young "Dragon Group" Young Master Kiryu Ryuto by the strength of oneself resolved the rebellion of Sakata Minoru.

This extraordinary deed is not only widely circulated outside, even inside "Sugamo Prison" is also secretly talking about it.

As Ichima, he naturally has his own channels to collect information, and he knows the whole sequence of events more clearly.

After understanding that the father is going to talk about the business, Ryuto also nodded seriously, and replied: "It is true, after all, there are things that have to be done."

"I understand, so are you. I was forced to be helpless, the blame was that I didn't take care of things before I came in."

For Sakata's rebellion, Ichima didn't actually think of it beforehand. Now I feel like I am afraid of coming to something.

Although his son was sitting in front of him alive and kicking at this time, Ichima can also imagine how much blood and rain he had experienced before to come here alive.

If Sakata colludes with outsiders, then all he has to do immediately is to get rid of Ryuto.

However, Ryuto was not killed. Instead, Sakata was killed. This ability actually far exceeded Ichima's knowledge of his son.

"I always wanted to keep you away from yakuza, away from the "Dragon Group" and live as an ordinary person. Now it seems that I am too naive."

Having said that, Ichima couldn't help sighed, and at the same time shook the head unconsciously.

Kiryu Ichima lost his parents since he was a child, spent his teenage years in an orphanage, and was later adopted by a yakuza boss. From then on, he embarked on the road of yakuza who sacrificed his life for his adoptive father.

For his life, although he knows that until now is taking a crooked road, he has never regretted it.

Because from beginning to end, Ichima has no other way to choose. Whether it is because of affection or loyalty, he can only go one way to the end.

Once the yakuza industry comes in, it will be inseparable for a lifetime, until death.

It is precisely because I know that this road is a dead end, Ichima does everything he can to get Ryuto out of it.

But now it seems that this is fundamentally impossible.

Even if Ichima is dead, as long as the "Dragon Group" is still there, someone will want Ryuto's life.

Even if the "Dragon Group" passed away, many people will not let Ryuto go, he still has to die.

However, after hearing father’s words, Ryuto still shook the head, said with a smile: "Your idea is correct, but the enemy you are facing is too strong."

"The enemy... is the "one" behind Sakata?"

Although Ichima doesn't know the existence of Tenmoku Nagahime, he can also detect it from his imprisonment. There is a huge invisible hand behind it that is pushing everything to happen.

"Yes, your imprisonment should also be the hands and feet of "that". Unless we can match her, it is impossible to live according to our own ideas."

Speaking of this, Ryuto couldn't help but look up, as if he wanted to see the distant sky through the ceiling of the "visiting room".

Whether it is Ichima's dilemma, Ryuto's dilemma or Ruri's dilemma, etc., in the end, it is caused by insufficient "strength".

Only after possessing sufficient strength, human beings can freely choose the way of living, and will not be forced to follow the trend by the general trend.

Suddenly, Ryuto said suddenly: "Father, I will find a way to rescue you from here. You should not continue to sit in this kind of unjust prison."

"... ...It’s probably a bit difficult."

"This is not a question of whether there is difficulty, but a question of whether to do it or not."

In this cold forest" In "Sugamo Prison", Ryuto stood up and looked at father one last time, saying with a smile: "I'm leaving first, I hope I can meet outside soon."

After leaving this sentence , Ryuto walked towards the door with the vigilant gaze of the guard "Are you trying to rob prison?", enjoying the dignified prestige like a "gangstar".


Originally, Ryuto was planning to come to "Yi Shuihan, his son will never return", leaving a handsome figure disappearing. However, Ichima stopped him at the last moment.

"...Is there anything else?"

After all, the person who interrupted him to pretend was the old man, so Ryuto had to obediently turn his head and look around.

"Although your physical fitness is good, but you have not experienced formal martial skill training since childhood, so you can't exert your strength. Go find an old man named Komaki Sotaro, he is "Komaki Style Martial Arts" Grand Master is also my Master. He can train you to become a talent."

After abandoning these words, Ichima also stood up from the stool, leaving behind a message "Yi Shuihan, Lao Ziyi "Go and never return", he left Ryuto's sight directly.

Good guy...pretend to be forced or you can pretend.

After being shocked by Ichima's cool back, Ryuto was also invited out by the guards in a gesture of sending off the plague god.

Komaki Sotaro ....... is the old sensei?

On the way back, Ryuto kept thinking about what Ichima said just now.

In fact, there is no need to remind Ichima. Ryuto himself knows where his problem is.

Although he now has the "LV3 physique. Professional expert" level of physical fitness, in other respects he is only at the level of ordinary hooligan.

A person’s combat capability is mainly composed of "physical fitness", "psychological quality", "combat experience", and "combat skills".

In addition to the first two items, Ryuto is a complete mess on the last two items.

I can't punch well, and I can't use knives or pistols. I wasted a good body.

In this way, let alone facing the few mercenaries yesterday, even when facing a fighter whose physical fitness is not as good as his own, he is likely not to be his opponent.

After all, people have practiced the Eight Classics. His Wangba punching method based on bottle gourd is completely monkey play in the eyes of people with real skills, and it breaks when you hit it.

So Ryuto also thought before about whether he had to find a gymnasium for cultivation, but my dad recommended himself a Master that sounds great.

"The Grand Master of Komaki Style Martial Arts", Komaki Sotaro.

Good guy, look at the imposing manner of this Sect, look at the name of the master, and it looks like a great expert in the hidden world.

Suddenly, an old man with white hair ruddy complexion appeared in Ryuto's mind, sitting alone in the gym and meditating in a solemn scene.

"Narumi, launch all the intelligence networks under the "Dragon Group" and look for an old man named Komaki Sotaro in the entire "Tokyo" area."

"Yes, go right away ."

So after getting off the car, Ryuto immediately ordered Narumi Otani to launch the brothers to find someone.

After all, the "Dragon Group" intelligence network is still very powerful, and it should not be difficult to find a master with a name and a surname.

In fact, it is not difficult.

On that night, Ryuto got the whereabouts of the grandmaster, Komaki Sotaro.

According to the brothers report, the Wu Technique Sect teacher is the nightclub.

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