Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 67

Night is special for Japanese people. It is a good time to free yourself from busy work and actively devote yourself to the feasting and neon lights.

Especially at night in Tokyo, there are usually BMW cars and bustling people. Even in the early morning of the next day, many main streets are still brightly lit.

Among them, "Ginza" is undoubtedly an area with rich nightlife.

At around nine o'clock in the evening, Ginza’s bars and nightclubs are open for business. The colorful neon and fluorescent lights flicker in the evening, as if people are drowning in this dazzling light and shadow.

Just as the night in Ginza gradually became deeper, a low-key black car slowly drove towards a dance hall located between "7 chome" and "eight chome" .

There are quite a few high-end nightclubs in Ginza, but this "Ze La Beng Ba" dance hall is relatively low-end, so it also gathers a lot of shy customers.

"Second generation, this is here."

As Narumi Otani opened the door, his direct boss Ryuto slowly got out of the car and stood here. "What a bounce" at the entrance of the dance hall.

Before entering the door, he had heard the noisy dance floor noise inside and saw all kinds of neon lights flashing with psychedelic colors.

There are many dance halls like this in Kamurocho, but Ryuto is not here for dancing.

The master of "Komaki flow" actually likes to come to this kind of place...It's really hard to understand.

After shook the head, Ryuto took Narumi and walked into the dance hall.

Noisy music, crazy dancing crowd, such a place is somewhat noisy for Ryuto, and he doesn't like it.

But in order to find Komaki Sotaro, the "Komaki flow" master who once taught his father, he still came here with a gift.

Speaking of Komaki Sotaro, this person is actually not difficult to find. People who often hang around in Ginza have probably seen such a strange old man.

When Ryuto saw the silhouette on the lively dance floor, it was not difficult to understand why many people would be deeply impressed by him.

The appearance of this "Komaki flow" grandmaster is very different from the grandmaster he imagined.

From the outside, Komaki Sotaro is an ordinary Japanese old man.

He has five short stature, thin body, and a sharp-mouthed monkey cheek. He has the face of an Emei mountain monkey.

A coquettish mustache combed into the shape of a writing brush hangs over his chin, his pale hair is tied into a bun, and the clothes he wears are similar to the old styles of workers in the Showa era.

If you can describe it directly, not only does Komaki Sotaro have no so-called master style, but his appearance and dress are also incompatible with this noisy dance hall.

So that when such an old man swayed his body on the dance floor, Ryuto and Narumi could see him at a glance, even if they were far away.

From the perspective of the Wuwei attribute, the attribute of this grandmaster is really a bit embarrassing.

His attribute is like this:

Name: Komaki Sotaro

Age: Sixty-nine years old

Attribute: Wisdom LV2 physique LV2 Courage, LV4 Insight into LV4 Charm, LV1

Well, except for the courage to be particularly fat and good eyesight, his physique does not look like a martial arts expert at all. Of course, it may be related to his age.

"Is this guy...really the leader's Master?"

I saw this Komaki Ryuichi writhing on the dance floor, while moving towards A young lady in a short skirt leaned over and rubbed her ass with an inadvertent look. Narumi really didn't know whether to cry or laugh.

But Ryuto shook the head and said solemnly: "as the saying goes hidden in the city, maybe this master is the kind of expert at the Return to the Natural State level."

"Really? But it's just a horny Messy Old Man young at heart though advanced in age."

"Don't say this, people still have technology, you see He rubbed the woman’s ass for so long, and the woman didn’t notice it. Maybe it’s a special kind of cultivation method?"

However, Ryuto's voice hasn't fallen yet, and he is being taken by Komaki Grandmaster. The woman who took advantage seemed to have discovered something, and turned her head and pointed at the old man's nose and cursed.

"Second generation...Isn't this being discovered? And it looks like it's about to be slapped."

"cough cough, it is indeed I found it, but when this woman slapped him, he would definitely flash with a handsome body..."

pa! Before the words were finished, there was a clear applause. Has crossed the dance floor and passed into the ears of Ryuto and Narumi.

After being taken advantage of, the woman who slapped this old man left, leaving only Komaki Sotaro with the Red Seal on her face continuing to sway on the dance floor.

Looking at his calm and free look, it's as if nothing happened just now, everything is just a dream.

The cheeky and rough nerves of such a Grandmaster level really have to be admired for him.

"Second generation...this..."

"Don't talk to me for now, I have a headache."

Only But after seeing this scene, Ryuto couldn't help but walk to the bar and ask for a glass of fresh milk with ice, and pour it into his belly with his head up.

Don’t ask why Ryuto wants fresh milk and ice, because he is only sixteen years old and he is not an adult.

He's meow... How can someone with such a serious father have such an old but still lecherous Master? Moreover, he doesn't seem to be able to fight at all from his appearance. What is this?

After taking a sip of the milk in the cup, Ryuto put the cup on the table and sighed deeply. It seemed that he had a bright future, and almost no serious people he met.

However, I don't know if it is Ryuto's yellow hair that is too dazzling, or his appearance of sorrowing with milk is too happy.

So the two young people next to you who were very social at first glance immediately smiled and taunted: "Little devil, don't come to this place if you like drinking milk so much. Go home and drink well."

After hearing this obvious sentence, Narumi who was standing behind Ryuto couldn't help it.

"Hey! Are you two looking for..."

"Wait, don't do it here."

Just as Narumi Otani planned In the past, when the two young men were put on the table and taught a lesson, Ryuto stopped him.

"Sorry...I was abrupt, I shouldn't do it at this time."

I understand that the second generation is doing business, so I don’t want to cause trouble. Later, Narumi took a deep breath and forced her anger down.

However, Ryuto shook the head, moved towards Komaki Sotaro, who was on the dance floor not far away, moved his mouth, said with a smile: "If you want to fight, don’t fight here, go to the dance floor. ."

Over there on the dance floor? Ah...understood.

Narumi is also a smart person, and I understood what Ryuto means at a glance.

So he turned his head without the slightest hesitation, grabbed the collars of the two young men, and threw them in the direction of the moved towards Komaki Sotaro like a two chicks!

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