Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 68

The meaning of Ryuto is very obvious. Anyway, the two hooligans came to look for things first, and they should do it when they should. Talking to them would be a waste of saliva.

But since you have moved your hands, you can simply use this to test whether the Grandmaster Bengdi is really capable.

After all, although Ichima had learned a few hands from Komaki Sotaro back then, I don’t know how many years ago.

Who knows if this Senior has dementia? Isn't he just an old man who can only rub people's ass...

Puff! With two abnormal noises sounding at the same time, the two hooligans were caught by Narumi's collar and threw them to the ground.

"Someone is fighting!"

"Wow! Good fight! Hurry up!"

"Don’t push, don’t push, view of civilization Monkey civilization watch monkeys."

As the two hooligans were thrown to the ground, all around the youngsters who were wandering on the dance floor quickly fled away, with smiles and excitement on their faces. expression.

In this kind of nightclub or other ghost place, there are people doing it almost every night, and everyone is not surprised.

Even the bodyguards in this "What a Boom!" disco are disinclined to pay attention to the person who fights, at most when someone falls to the ground and drags him out and throws him into the trash. .

"Asshole! You...puff!"

The two hooligans who were thrown on the dance floor by Narumi immediately tried to stand up to fight, but the former Go straight up and hit the hapless chest on the left with a kick.

Although Narumi Otani is now Ryuto's assistant and driver, he is also an old river and lake who has been on the road for many years. Fighting is just commonplace.

I saw that his kick was quick and fierce, full of momentum, and he actually kicked the man backwards and swiftly hit him like a ball!

The most important thing is that this person is right behind Komaki Sotaro.


Seeing this hooligan, he bumped into him, and Komaki Sotaro couldn't help it.

A trace of bright light flashed through his seemingly old and dim pupils, and the whole person flashed to the right with a weird attitude, gently avoiding the innocent disaster that hit him.

This! Good guys!

At this time, Ryuto, who was watching Komaki Sotaro carefully, couldn't help but shine.

The old man's body and posture were very smooth just now, like a fish swimming in the water. In a flash, he bypassed the crowded crowd and came to a safe location.

expert, definitely expert.

Even if Ryuto was already staring at the old man intently, he still didn't see how the grandmaster acted. He just felt a silhouette hiss and disappeared.

Huh? and many more? Gone? What about others?

When he reacted, Ryuto realized that Komaki Sotaro had hidden behind the bustling crowd and disappeared completely!

No, I have to catch up with him quickly!

So Ryuto's silhouette also quickly moved towards that direction and rushed in, directly pushing away the crowd with his hands and squeezing crazily inside.

There are still cheers and shouts on the dance floor behind it, obviously Narumi is still happily educating the two hooligans.

But Ryuto had already rushed out of the back door of this disco in the blink of an eye, and came to a slightly gloomy alley.

There are many alleys winding around like a maze in Tokyo. Many of them are gathering places for homeless people or hooligans, so ordinary people will not enter here casually.

As soon as Ryuto entered the alley, he saw a few flowing guys around him sucking something, and then those guys looked at him with weird eyes.

Huh. If an ordinary person is watched by this group of addicts, it will inevitably feel scared, but Ryuto reports coldly snorted without the slightest hesitation.

In his opinion, this group of cerebral palsy hiding in the alley and taking drugs is a group of trash, a group of social trash wherever it goes, and something not as good as a beast.

So Ryuto turned his head and looked at the other side of the alley, just to see Komaki Sotaro's silhouette that was about to disappear into the dark.

"Don't even want to run...unrespectable master of the old pervert."

And Ryuto quickly moved towards Komaki Sotaro and chased him in the direction of his run.

There are many clutter in the small alley, and it is quite difficult to walk around, but Komaki Old Master ran forward quickly as if used to walking.

If you are an ordinary person, you definitely can't catch up with him, but Ryuto benefits from professional-grade physical quality and still follows closely from behind in this complicated environment.

Sotaro runs, Ryuto chases.

Sotaro continues to run, Ryuto continues to chase.

The two of them ran, chased, chased and ran, and the unfathomable mystery lasted for a full half an hour.

That kid... who is that kid? Why do you keep chasing me and not letting go!

I ran for a full half an hour from "Ginza eight-chome" all the way to "Ginza one-chome", and then went back to "Ginza eight-chome" and was chased for more than a dozen streets. The Old Master finally couldn't help it.

"Huh! Huh! Huh! Stop! Stop!"

Suddenly, Komaki Sotaro gasping for breath came to a clearing next to a small alley, reaching out to Ryuto behind Made a "stop" gesture.

"Are finally stopped running?"

After finally stopping the chase, Ryuto was also out of breath, but compared to some For a sixty-nine-year-old comrade, it is natural to be stronger.

"If you don't chase me...I won't run."

"If you don't run...Why should I chase you? Was it a bad thing to rub the girl’s ass?"

This! After being stunned by Ryuto, Komaki Old Master frowned and could only take a deep breath.

After breathing in, Old Master also resumed his usual expert demeanor.

He raised his chin and asked in a calm tone: "youngster, what can you do with me?"

Ryuto is slightly smiled, neither humble nor overbearing The tone replied: "Apprentice, ask for advice."

"Apprentice? so that's how it is ...but why should I teach you?"

"My father It's Kiryu Ichima, who asked me to come to you."

When I said this remark, how much pride in Ryuto's tone has been.

In his opinion, since Sotaro is the father's Master, the two of them have several points of master and disciple friendship, and they should accept their own dísciple without the slightest hesitation.

Who knew Komaki Sotaro complexion changed after hearing the name, and said in an angry tone: "It's him? That bastard made you come! Are you the bastard's son?"

Different from before, Komaki Sotaro's tone was obviously irritated, which also made Ryuto suddenly feel something wrong.

Is this wrong? In theory, aren’t they two master and disciple? Why would Komaki Old Master...

"I will never forget that day."

Just when Ryuto wondered about the relationship between these two people, Komaki Sotaro gritted his teeth and said seriously: "He dare...he dare to steal my title of "Dance Floor Master" in a nightclub! He beats me in dancing! It's just useless. Only!"


The expression on Ryuto's face became very exciting before the voice fell, and the image of the leader of the "Dragon Group" in his heart also appeared Subtle distortion.

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