Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 69

In Ryuto's mind, what is the image of Kiryu Ichima, the "biological father" and the leader of the "Dragon Group"?

First of all, he is a strong man who is able to support both heaven and earth. No matter his appearance, imposing manner or behavior, he is full of the word "hardcore", which makes people impressed.

However...Komaki Sotaro said that dísciple beat him in dancing? And also robbed him of the title of "Master of the Dance Floor" in the nightclub?

From this short sentence, we can actually extract several very important pieces of information.

First, Kiryu Ichima will go to nightclubs.

Secondly, Kiryu Ichima's dancing skills are still very good.

Third, Komaki Sotaro is a cheapskate.


Seeing the incredible expression on Ryuto's face, Komaki Old Master said indignantly: "Why? Don't you believe it?"

"It’s not that I don’t believe...It’s just that I feel a little bit different from the old man I know."

"hmph, he became a family later and had a child Take your heart. It used to be completely serious on the surface, and the degree of sorrow inside is not much worse than that of me."

You always have a good feeling for your sorrow, it’s really rare.

In this way, one old and one young found a place to sit down, and Ryuto also listened to Komaki Old Master talking about Kiryu Ichima's past.

According to Old Master, Ichima was more than the “master of the dance floor” back then. There were so many things he played.

According to incomplete statistics, Ichima used to be a frequent visitor to pubs, massage parlors, bath shops, public relations clubs, casinos, discos, KTVs, performing arts halls and other places in Kamurocho.

At the same time, he is also a master of entertainment games such as baseball, golf, claw machine, arcade, pachinko, mahjong, shogi, darts, table tennis, bowling, and billiards.

"The song that guy likes to sing most is "Kamimuro Seugetsuka", "Machinegunkiss", "ばかみたい", and he especially likes to sing a chorus with nightclub girls, it's shameless."

Speaking of this, Komaki Sotaro showed a look of contempt, because every time he went to the nightclub with Ichima, the women ignored him, an old man, and squeezed toward Ichima.

so that's how it is, that seemingly staid old dad has these wonderful pasts.

After hearing so many "biological father" old things, Ryuto's feeling is really called a didn't know whether to cry or laugh.

I thought Ichima was a serious person, but she was only serious after getting married and having children. He used to be this type of skank.

But since Ichima has grown up in the streets and lanes since she was a child, and her adoptive father is a member of Yakuza, it is as it should be by rights to get close to these things early.

even more how, after they got married, they also decided to retreat to Saohu, and no longer wander around, so Ryuto didn’t blame him for any reason... as long as he was not there. There are a bunch of illegal child words outside.

After talking about the past, the Old Master couldn’t help but sighed, and exclaimed: "Speaking of which, that was all ten or twenty years ago... Time flies so fast."

Since Ichima founded the "Dragon Group", he has rarely contacted Sotaro again, and the two masters and disciple have become strangers.

But Sotaro doesn't blame him, because Sotaro knows that this is the distance Ichima deliberately took to prevent himself from getting involved in Yakuza's guilt.

At this time, Ryuto also smiled and complimented: "Isn't it, but seeing that your Senior can be chased by me for more than a dozen streets and full of energy, Dad will definitely be happy too. "

"hmph, don't shoot my flattery...Anyway, it must be Ichima that guy has too many enemies outside, and I am afraid that you will suffer accidents outside alone, so I thought of my old fogey. "

"Almost, there are indeed tens of thousands of people who want my life anyway. See if you can teach me a few hands."

"It is quite exaggerated, in fact It’s not impossible to teach you, but you have to see if you are that piece of material."

Suddenly, Komaki Sotaro stepped back a bit and looked at Ryuto carefully from top to bottom.

Be aware that the reason why Kiryu Ichima was selected to teach "Komaki Style Martial Arts" was mainly because of that guy's extraordinary natural talent.

If I was born in the Warring States Period, Ichima would definitely become a warrior that moved the world. This is Sotaro’s evaluation back then.

In fact, it is true. After Ichima learned "Komaki Style Martial Arts", he swept the largest underground fighting arena in "Kimurocho", "Sai no Kawara Underground Arena", and set The myth of "undefeated in a hundred battles".

When I met Ichima yesterday, the attribute value that Ryuto saw also proved this. After all, the team leader's physical attribute actually reached the level of "LV4 physique. International warrior".

Exaggerated physical fitness and rich combat experience, coupled with the ancient Martial Body system of "Komaki Flow", it is no wonder that Ichima can be famous in yakuza, I am afraid that it is not hooligan who will come to seventy-eighty. Not enough for him.

After feeling Sotaro’s doubts, Ryuto also straightened his waist and confidently said: "I have chased you for more than a dozen blocks just now. Do you think this physical fitness is not enough?"

With Ryuto’s current "LV3 physique. Professional expert" level of physical ability, let’s say nothing else, he is definitely at the monster level in this teenage age group. After all, how many minors are there? Have professional-level physical fitness.

But Sotaro shook his head and said: "There is nothing to say about physical fitness, but learning Komaki Style Martial Arts is not by strength, but by comprehension."

"Of course I know this, but I The brain is OK...even if it's normal."

"It's pointless to say more, in any case, you punch me first."

While speaking, Sotaro stood up, walked to the side of the clearing and stood still.

"Me? Give you a punch?" Although Ryuto followed, he was a little surprised at this request.

""Komaki Style Martial Arts" is "the weapon to stop the war". It is not proud of taking the initiative to attack. Sect's three strongest Profound Truths are counterattacks."

At this time, Sotaro put on a master style, said slowly with his hands on his back.

"Zhi Ge Zhi Wu"... is it focused on running away? "This is my escape route!" Something like that?

Although I suddenly felt that Komaki's force was reduced to the extreme, Ryuto still posed obediently and moved towards Sotaro who happened to be within the attack range!

This fist doesn't have any skills at all, but its speed and strength are very good. It embodies Ryuto's fighting mission of "beating sensei fu with random punches".

But just before his punch was thrown, the short body in front of him suddenly flashed before he hit the opponent! Then Ryuto's fist stopped in midair.


In an instant, Ryuto felt as if he had been subjected to a "holding technique", his whole body was so stiff that it was impossible to move, and his breathing suddenly stopped.

This stiff time of complete stagnation lasted more than a second.

"How about? Can't you move?" Seeing Ryuto finally cover his upper abdomen and kneel down, Sotaro said with a smile on the side.

"This...what is this?"

"This is the "Profound Truth" of the three major Profound Truths in the Komaki stream. Its name is... ..."Tiger Fall"."

When I used this trick for a long time, Sotaro's imposing manner became completely different from before, and it looked like Master Sect.

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