Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 71

Ryuto has always loved and hated the "cash recharge mall" which is not very nice but very practical.

What I love is that there will always be a lot of very useful props. What I hate is that these things are too expensive, and many of them can't afford them at all. They can only watch drooling.

However, at this moment, the cash recharge mall, which originally had only one "Item Category" category, suddenly added a Level 2 category, with the words "Skill Category" written on it.

"Skill classification", which means that you can buy skills-related things in it?

Ryuto opened this skill classification column enthusiastically, and immediately saw a lot of various "skill books".

"Skill Book", you can learn this skill after purchase, and repeat purchase can increase skill proficiency.

After randomly clicking on a skill book called "Postpartum Care of Sows", Ryuto looked at the description below and suddenly nodded...what the hell is that Skills?

The description of the skill book is very simple and easy to understand. You can learn this skill by buying the first book, and continuing to buy the same type of skill book can quickly increase your proficiency.

It's just that the number and types of skill books in this skill classification column are really too many.

At a glance, all kinds of messy skills are dazzling, and it makes people look like they have come to a museum of human skills.

What are the common skills: "Ancient Style Eight Extremes Fist", "Ancient Style Muay Thai", "Ancient Ryukyu Karate", "Rapid Fire", "Unlocking Skill", "Silent Movement Art", etc. Wait.

What are the skills of literature and art: "Rogues do not die with bare hands", "Weapon master", "The essence of bold throwing", "Parkour master", "The ultimate meaning of iron bones", "Bronze "The ultimate meaning of skin" and so on.

What are the skills of the second force: "Soap Guide in Prison", "Roar of the Soul Singer", "Lanzhou Ramen Beef Thin Slice Method", "One Strike Killing Technique for Aliens", "Golden Retriever Hair Care" and so on.

What is it? The brain holes of these skills are too big, how did they invent them?

After carefully reading the descriptions of these skills, the leader really has the feeling of looking at some funny columns.

For example, the "Special One-Heat Killing Technique for Aliens" is priced at one trillion yuan. After learning it, it can kill aliens who descend on the earth in one hit.

If this World is really invaded by aliens in the future, Ryuto may use this skill to become a world savior... The problem is that there is a fart alien.

After choosing for a while, Ryuto found that some skills are more real, and of course their prices are more "real".

For example, the "Rogue does not die with bare hands", which sells for 3 million yuan, is an ultra-practical skill for making anything on hand a combat tool when there is no weapon.

As small as the sand and stones on the side of the road, as large as tables, chairs and benches, pots and pans, in short, everything that can be used is a weapon. After proficiency, it can be said to be the Peak of environmental flow warfare.

As well as the Copper Skin & Iron Bones brother skills, "Ultimate meaning of iron bone" and "Ultimate meaning of copper skin", although one sells for one million, it can greatly increase its own resistance. .

In addition to these passive skills, martial arts as a variety of active skills are also quite attractive.

For example, "Ancient Style Muay Thai", this style of fist was originally a killing technique used on the battlefield. Later, after slowly improving and reducing the lethality, it became the current fighting technique. In theory, the original version has long been lost.

Similarly, there are also "Ancient Style Eight Extremes Fist", "Ancient Style Eight Extremes Fist" and so on.

Many of the martial arts here are primordial forms that have long been lost, and are several levels stronger than the current ones in terms of lethality.

Because there does not seem to be any active offensive moves in the "Komaki Style Martial Arts" of the just-cultivation, Ryuto also needs to choose another kind of martial arts with strong offensive type to supplement this.

But at the same time, he also needs to buy some passive skills to enhance his basic abilities.

In short, there are a lot of things I want to buy, but I am so poor that I can’t feel confident about buying and buying.

Huh...In the end, you still have to make money, make money.

After returning to the headquarters of "Dragon Group" by car, Ryuto was lying on the bed and looking at the ceiling, but his heart was full of coins and symbols floating around.

After the last resurrection, now Ryuto's small vault is only about 6 million yuan left.

This little money insists that a small amount is not too small, and you can buy some good things from the mall, but Ryuto dare not spend it casually.

After all, his own money is closely related to his life. If it is not for the critical moment when there is no way, he will not dare to spend the money to the limit, otherwise, if the person is gone, then it will be completely finished. ?

Anyway, let’s go to school tomorrow. You have to find Takato Masato and bring him in to see if there is any way to make a lot of money in a short period of time.

Although Ryuto knows that most of the ways to make big money are written in the criminal law, he still hopes that Takato can help him.

Huh? By the way, it seems that besides Takato who can help in this regard...there are those two Eldest Misses, right?

At this moment, two beautiful women suddenly appeared in Ryuto's mind.

Kamiya Ruri and Tsukimi Yuna, these two Eldest Miss now have a certain friendship with Ryuto, and their identities are quite distinguished. Why don't you ask them if you make money?

If it were the first two days, Ryuto would say something like "real men never eat soft rice" to pretend that.

But now after unconsciously sinking into the abyss of cash recharge, his face seems to be thicker, and he no longer cares about the question of eating soft rice or not.

Did toot, so just one minute later, Kamiya Ruri, who was sitting on the desk writing with a brush, received such a message.

Eldest Miss, I need money urgently. Can you help me? (狗头)--BYKiryu Ryuto

pu! What the hell is that!

Suddenly, Ruri couldn't help covering his mouth and laughed, and the silhouette of the guy who skipped class today appeared in his mind.

If he hadn't seen the last dog's head, Ruri would have thought he was really in some serious trouble, but it seems that it shouldn't be the case now, it's just a beast.

So Ruri also put down the brush in his hand, and his slender fingers fluttered quickly on the phone keyboard...

Dudududu, ten seconds later, Ruri The reply came.

"Go grab the bank, when the time comes, I will write an anonymous letter to the "Sugamo Prison" to encourage you, cheer for you in the dark...what is it?"


Just write to me, but it is still anonymous? It’s too much trouble to go where I can see. Isn’t this too much?

Just as Ryuto sighed about the cold and ruthlessness of the woman Ruri, Yuna Senpai's reply came.

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