Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 72

Compared with Eldest Miss Ruri, who was born in a corrupt bureaucratic family and saw through the darkness of the world, Yuna’s attitude is much better.

"My parents don’t want me to get into some habits that I shouldn’t have, so I have been strictly controlling money. I really can’t help in this regard. I’m very sorry... Well said. Ah, this is what people say."

Through these simple words, Ryuto seemed to see Yuna Senpai on the other side of the phone looking apologetic.

It's worthy of being Tsukimi Yuna. She looks pretty and speaks nicely, and has such a gentle attitude, much better than a certain dark Eldest Miss, huh.

After spitting out Ruri secretly, Ryuto felt uncomfortable again, so he continued to send text messages to spit out Ruri.

"People who are Eldest Miss, you are Eldest Miss, what you did Eldest Miss is really a failure...What do you mean?"

Who is this taking me to? Is there a comparison? Does he know other Eldest Miss? Humph.

Ruri curled one's lip slightly when he received the text message, and his face showed obvious displeasure.

So she also continued to type ruthlessly, trying to counterattack across dimensions.

But perhaps Ruri was too focused on texting. She didn't notice that a familiar silhouette was slowly approaching behind her.

"Eldest Miss? Who are you texting with?"


I was startled by Mai who suddenly appeared in the back After jumping, Ruri slipped his finger, accidentally made a wrong word and hurriedly sent it out.

Originally, Ruri was going to reply, "Then you go find the Eldest Miss you like, don't ask me."

As a result, the last few words changed from "Don't come and ask me" to..."Don't come and kiss me".

When I saw this reply from Ruri, Ryuto was stupid.

Then you go find the Eldest Miss you like, don’t you come and kiss me?

This... Does this mean if I don't find another Eldest Miss, I can kiss her casually? Is Ruri's character so open?

No, I'm a gentleman Masato, how can I just be like this within a few days of meeting? How can it start from holding hands, and kiss after three days, and then after six days?

After taking a deep breath, Ryuto decided to express her clean attitude to Ruri clearly, lest she misunderstand that she is the kind of unscrupulous person who can give her body at any time.

And Ruri at the other end obviously hasn't noticed that there is a problem with the text message he sent, and he is still entangled with Mai behind.

“Mai, it’s just a greeting from a friend, nothing special.”

For some strange reason, Ruri obviously didn’t want Mai to know that he was communicating with Ryuto. So she put the phone behind her, and instantly made up a reason that sounded relatively reasonable.

"Friends? Does any friend know Eldest Miss's mobile phone number?"

Mai hearing this was immediately frowned. She knew that there were no more than five people with Eldest Miss's mobile phone number. And she knew all those people.

After all, Eldest Miss's personal information needs to be strictly controlled. It is impossible for most people to know Ruri's number, and Ryuto's number was secretly given by Ruri.

Suddenly, a drop of cold sweat fell on Ruri's smooth forehead, and he quickly remedied: "It's a relative from the Imperial Family, do you remember the girl I saw when I went back to my hometown last time?"

"Mikado-sama's eldest daughter? Fukuinahime Her Highness the Princess?"

"Yes, that's her."

"But not when you come back Saying that Her Highness the Princess is unruly and self-cultivating, and her appearance and temperament are as bad as drinking something weird to grow up and causing an abnormal change, so have you never wanted to pay attention to her?"

"pu! "

After hearing Mai's retelling of ruthless, Ruri almost sprayed out on the spot.

On the surface, Mai is the guardian who protects and monitors Ruri, but in fact the two grew up and are close to each other like sisters.

So before Ryuto appeared, Ruri would tell Mai what he wanted to complain about, and because he complained too much, he often forgot who he complained about.

For a while, Ruri's expression became very awkward, and the little butt sitting on the chair also twisted, wondering if something strange was placed under his butt.

Suspicious. From Mai's point of view, Ruri's flustered expression and shrunken gaze are very suspicious, as if doing something shameful.

"...Who are you chatting with? Honestly, right?"

"I said no more! I'm just talking to... ."

Dudududu, just as Ruri insisted that she had never done anything shameful, a new text message was sent to her mobile phone.

Here again? Ruri turned her head and glanced at her phone quietly, and then saw that the sender was Kiryu Ryuto again.

And Mai quickly looked towards there, and leaned over to ask: "Here again, looking at you so secretively, isn't it a man?"

"Why? If it's a man, he will be thrown into Tokyo Bay to feed the fish tomorrow!"

After taking a vow of Ryuto's one million life, Ruri One hand blocked Mai to prevent her from approaching, and the other hand opened the text message to see what the guy was doing.

It's just that Ruri didn't see the "voice symbol" next to the text message because of the somewhat rushed situation at this time.

Yes, the ones with "voice symbols" are voice messages, which will be read automatically as long as you click on them.

So the second after Ruri clicked on the text message, Ryuto's righteous tone appeared in the room.

"Eldest Miss, I think our relationship should be step by step to develop more soundly, so kissing or something is a bit too much...but if you really want it so desperately If it is, it is not impossible to give it to you tomorrow."

Ryuto's voice floated in Eldest Miss's room, and it clearly passed into Ruri and Mai's ears.



For an instant, the room fell into deathly silence.

Ruri stared at the phone, Mai stared at Ruri, as if she had seen some incredible horror product.

I...I heard that right, right? Why would that fool Ryuto suddenly say something like "sound", "kissing", "want" and so on?

The moment he reacted, Ruri pretty face blushed, but he quickly checked the text message on his phone.

It’s okay if I didn’t see it. After looking at it, Ruri saw the "Don’t kiss me" message that he had sent to Ryuto before.

so that's how it is, is it because I made a typo just now and accidentally sent it out, which caused the guy to misunderstand it?

After understanding the root of everything, Ruri was relaxed at first, and then she couldn't help but shiver.

Because even if she didn't look back, she could feel Mai's madness behind her.

"Eldest Miss! That was Kiryu Ryuto's voice just now, right! What have you done! How far have you developed it!"

"No, no! Really! Nothing! I swear!"

"He must have lied to Eldest Miss! Damn it! I'll take someone to break him to the bone!"

"Wait! No! !"

That night, Kamiya Ruri's room was filled with chicken feathers and duck blood, which made her suffer from a splitting headache.

When she finally explained to Mai, it was late at night, which also caused 2nd day Ruri to come to school with a dark circle... It was so angry.

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