Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 73

From this morning, when Kamiya Young Lady Ruri came to school with dark circles and an unhappy expression, it was destined to be an extraordinary day.

A storm, a storm that can be described as sweeping the entire Tokyo is brewing.

The initiator of the storm was the yakuza master, Kiryu Ryuto, who was standing at the gate of "Metropolitan No. 1 High School" in the morning and waiting.

Most of the courses of "Metropolitan No. 1 High School" are arranged in the morning. In the afternoon, due to club activities, the students' time of entry and exit is also divided.

So the time when you usually go to school this morning is the time of the day when the flow of people is the highest.

But early in the morning, a strange picture appeared at the school gate.

The Eldest Young Master Ryuto who only skipped the whole day of class yesterday, unexpectedly leaned against the gate of "Metropolitan No. 1 High School" in the eyes of countless people, and returned from time to time. Glanced around, it looks like it is and the others.

and the others? No way? Is he waiting at the door to take someone's life?

If it is a normal student, waiting for friends at the school gate is actually quite normal, but if and the others are Ryuto, it is easy to remind people of some unsuitable scenes for children.

So early in the morning, who is Ryuto waiting for?

Of course it was Eldest Miss Kamiya Ruri, who was "broken" by him last night. Who else is there?

Since Ryuto sent out that voice message last night, he has waited and waited for Ruri's reply.

Wait? Did I speak too bluntly and broke her heart?

At this time, Ryuto finally felt a little panicked, so he sent text messages continuously to call Ruri, but there was no response.

In desperation, Ryuto had no choice but to come to the gate of the school early in the morning to wait for Eldest Miss, trying to explain to her that he was just quick talk and had no other meaning.

Ah, here comes it.

Not long after, when seeing two Qianli silhouettes coming here from the crowd, Ryuto immediately cheered up and walked towards that side as low-key as possible... ...

In the early morning, when Ruri just stepped out of her low-key black car, all the students around could feel the unprecedented lowness. Air pressure.

Usually, Kamiya Ruri is not as approachable as Tsukimi Yuna, but he doesn't come to school with a bad face.

But today, Ruri is obviously in a bad mood, and the dark circles on his face are also very obvious.

As she walked slowly along the avenue towards the school gate, Mai, who got off the car with her, said with some worry: "Eldest Miss... or you still consider putting on makeup Cover it up?"

"I never put on makeup, and you don't know."

"But your dark circles today are still a bit..."


"Who do you think is the gift? This half of the dark circles is your credit."

Speaking of which, Ruri pointed his finger at the large dark circles on his left half, yes Mai curl one's lip.

If it wasn't for Mai's nerves to kill people last night, and Ruri desperately used various methods to explain, it would not have been so late to sleep.

However, when Ruri and Mai came to the gate with the most crowded traffic, the pair of not-so-bright eyes suddenly saw a silhouette walking towards this side in a "low-key" way.

The guy lowered his head and cat waist, with a look that he didn't want to attract attention.

But it is a pity that the students who dodge like ghosts have already exposed the identity of this "Demon prostrating on the ground".

That guy is not...Ryuto? hmph!

When he saw Longzou walking towards this side, Ruri was coldly snorted first, and then a slight blush on his cheeks as if thinking of something.

Although all this misunderstanding last night was caused by my slippery hands.

But when I recalled it carefully later, Ruri still couldn't help rolling around on the bed, and the restless feeling in his heart rushed wildly.

After all, what kind of "kiss", "sound", "want" and the like are still a bit too exciting for Ruri.

Since she was trained as a "House Monarch" since she was a child, her cognition between men and women must be strictly controlled by the family.

But from the descriptions in some books, Ruri can also imagine how hot and hot the intimate contact between men and women would be if it happened to him and the person he likes.

Of course, even this does not mean that Ruri is willing to do those things with Ryuto, especially for Ryuto's reply last night, Ruri feels somewhat angry.

What? The person said in the voice seems to a very hungry slut. It's too much.

Therefore, when seeing Ryuto approaching here, it seems that there is something to say to him, Ruri’s first reaction is to leave with a high posture, and wait for Ryuto to catch up and listen to him slowly. apologize.

Hmph, this Young Lady, I'm still irritated. If you didn't apologize to me for five minutes, I won't pay attention to you.

As if playing a small temper deliberately, Ruri quickly pulled Mai to the other direction, seeming to want to deliberately bypass Ryuto.

Although this action was separated by a distance of tens of meters, Ryuto clearly noticed it.

"Wait! Don't you..." So he immediately raised high and tried to tell Ruri not to run, at least after listening to his own explanation, it's not too late to run.

But just as Ryuto was about to lean in, and Ruri was about to pretend to run away, another tall and charming silhouette leaned over here and inserted between the two.

"Oh, isn't this Ryuto's classmate? Good morning."

The crispness with Ruri has a touch of majesty and heroism, as if people are in the rhyme of Lin Laiquan Unique tones are different.

Suddenly, the voice coming from Ryuto sounded a lot softer, more round and round, and also brought the feminine voice to the extreme.

This voice Ryuto heard the day before yesterday, and it happened that the owner of the voice was one of the few women in the school who would greet him actively.

So he turned his head to take a look, and saw Yuna Senpai's beautiful silhouette walking slowly towards this side, with a smile like the morning sun on his face.

"Yun...Yuna Senpai, good morning."

After seeing Yuna, Ryuto immediately stopped and smiled at the beauty Senior Sister Waved.

Most people in the school think that Ryuto is a mad dog, so they dare not even approach him.

After the encounter the day before yesterday, Yuna knew that he was not such a person, but a promising young man with a noble character.

Why do you say that? Because he is willing to assist Yuna in writing, then he must be a promising young man.

When I came to Ryuto, Yuna asked in a concerned tone: "By the way, you didn't seem to come to school yesterday. Did something special happen?"

" Something did happen, but let’s talk while walking."

Just after Yuna Senpai leaned over here, Ryuto could feel that there were at least a few hundred line of sight around, looking here. , This is somewhat embarrassing.

So, early in the morning, Tsukimi Yuna and Kiryu Ryuto walked side by side in full view, moving towards the school gate.

When I saw this scene, the surrounding crowd suddenly boiled.

And Ruri, who was planning to play Eldest Miss with a high temper, waited for Ryuto to come over to apologize, but his brain died on the spot.

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