Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 74

Why? Why did Ryuto catch up with Yuna so quickly, and it seems that they are still very familiar with each other?

Just two days ago, Ruri had indeed heard that Ryuto was going to contact Yuna, but he didn't expect that he would start so quickly and the relationship would develop so quickly.

Originally serious in Ruri, it is very difficult for Ryuto to get on the line with that Tsukimi Eldest Miss.

After all, not every Eldest Miss has the Bodhisattva Heart and generous heart like hers, able to tolerate the stupid steel-like straight male nerve.

But what makes people didn’t expect is, this morning, what the hell did Ruri see?

Under Ruri's gaze of seeing a ghost, Ryuto and Yuna walked into the campus side by side, and the two were talking and laughing, very happy.

This time, it makes Ruri feel very embarrassed, who was still tantrum at Ryuto just now.

It's as if the person who lost his temper was born and robbed halfway.

"Big...Eldest Miss?"

"Wait, I have a headache, let me take it easy."

Just hold it in Ruri When he closed his forehead and rested his mind, this strange storm quickly blew from outside the school gate into the school gate.

If Ryuto's situation at the door and the others is eye-catching enough, then he and Yuna Senpai walked into the campus side by side and were talking and laughing, this scene really can only be used "Fatty" and "little boy" came together to describe it.

As everyone knows, Yuna Senpai is a good person, but she has always kept a polite distance from boys.

The evidence is that so far, no one has ever seen Yuna Senpai be alone with a certain boy.

even more how, this kind of situation where two people are talking and laughing together to go to school early in the morning is actually a bit young and a little romantic. Even if it is not a couple, they have to have a good impression of each other. Interactions that only occur between boys and girls.

Could it be that? No way? Yuna Senpai and Kiryu Ryuto? This is simply a super big news!

Of course, the relationship between Yuna and Ryuto today is not that kind of relationship, they are at most the relationship between "street writer" and "unlucky editor" that's all.

It’s just that the feeling of talking, laughing and laughing along the way is really easy to make people want to be crooked. The worst thing is that it is not one or two people wanting to crook, but the whole school wants to crook together.

Not long after, this morning's course began as usual.

But no matter in any class of the first, second or third grade, a new rhythm storm is still brewing rapidly.

The "Computer Department" in "Metropolitan No. 1 High School" set up a forum called "Yi Gao BBS" many years ago to share some interesting facts and gossip in the school.

It’s just that the traffic of this forum is not large. After all, most of the interesting things and gossip that happened in the school are uninteresting, so most students do not have the habit of frequenting the forum.

However, this situation has changed dramatically today.

Any student, as long as he opens the "Yi Gao BBS" with his mobile phone quietly under the cover of a book, he will definitely be able to see the posts in the continuously frantically refreshing screen like a virus.

Because of the major event that happened this morning, overwhelming majority posts naturally focused on the two central characters.

One of them is Tsukimi Yuna, a third-grade school flower that everyone loves and blossoms.

The other is a second-year school tyrant, Kiryu Ryuto, who is scared and reborn.

If someone said before today that these two names would stick together, that person would definitely be considered to have something wrong with his brain.

But now it's different. The situation has changed rapidly, just like Earth has been invaded by aliens.

Even on "Yi Gao BBS", the most popular polling post is "What do you think Yuna Senpai has to do with "that person"?".

After one morning, the voting results for this post are as follows:

The number of votes for "Absolutely Nothing" has 726 votes.

The number of votes for "Call the police first" was 921 votes.

The number of votes for "Kiryu Ryuto to die, die to die" has 8,696.6 billion, 269,279,271 votes.

......How to describe it, I don't know where so many people ran out of this school, it is simply Universe Level public outrage.

The wave set off by this incident was not even anticipated by Ryuto and Yuna.

For a whole day, almost all students in the whole school from grade one to grade three don’t want to go to class.

They continuously tried to dig out the truth through a variety of inferences, discussions, side percussions, and fabricated methods, and by the way, they cursed someone for being hit by a dump truck into the foreign world.

This kind of noisy atmosphere makes Takato Masato, who is sitting in the classroom of "One Year Class F", feel very unhappy.

In this "Metropolitan No. 1 High School" that focuses on academic atmosphere, students' academic performance has a very obvious correspondence with their class.

There are six classes from A to F for each grade. The students with the best grades are concentrated in Class A, and the students with the worst grades will naturally fall into Class F.

As for how the guy Ryuto got into Class B, of course it was because he worked very hard during the exam, trying to threaten the unlucky guy next to him to help him finish the whole test paper, so that he wouldn’t fall off. Go to Class F where the trash is piled up.

From the perspective that even Ryuto does not want to go to Class F, students in Class F are actually somewhat discriminated against in school.

So that they will work hard after entering Class F, and strive to get a chance to be promoted in the next exam.

Of course, this so-called desire to upgrade has nothing to do with Takato Masato. He thinks Class F is good, but it ends up quietly in this place.

In the eyes of ordinary students, Takato is an unremarkable guy.

He is thin and has a melancholy temperament. His messy hair almost covers his eyes. He usually walks alone, giving people a serious feeling of incompatibility.

There will be one or two such students in the overwhelming majority class, and not many people will pay attention to them.

But Takato Masato is not an ordinary student. In fact, his level of excellence is far beyond imagination.

ding ling ling ling bell! After this chaotic day passed, the bell that represented the end of school rang through the campus, and Takato was the familiar's bag moved towards and walked outside the school.

For Takato, he has to deal with the business affairs of several companies after he returns, so there is no time to waste time in school.

What made him didn’t expect was that at the same time he left the school building, the two weird people hiding in the dark had already locked the silhouette of this “elite ghost”. Like a big cat that saw a mouse.

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