Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 75

At this time, it was Ryuto and Akechi who were quietly watching Takato in the dark.

After taking a look at the face that he had been tired of looking at in the past two days, Akechi couldn't help but sigh: "Takato Masato...on the surface it doesn't look like such a vicious guy. ."

"On the surface, you don’t look like such a capable guy. Don’t judge people by their appearance, man."

The difference from Akechi is that Ryuto is watching When I got to Takato, my eyes were like looking at a hen that lays golden eggs.

In fact, Takato Masato is indeed a hen that lays golden eggs, but from a certain perspective, this hen lays poisonous eggs.

In these two days, Ryuto asked Akechi to investigate Takato and obtained a lot of information about him.

Although Ryuto has known what Takato is doing secretly through the content of the game, after all, there is no elaboration in the game. He still needs some details.

And Akechi did not lose the name of "cyber detective". After Ryuto suggested the direction he should follow, he quickly found Takato clear.

Highland Masato, fifteen years old, male, father is the executive director of a large game company "Ren Hell", ranked third at home, the two big brothers have excellent results, and both have entered the family work in company.

Takato Masato, who grew up in this situation, is a child who is not highly regarded and not very gregarious.

No matter in the family or in the school, not many people pay attention to him, so since three years ago, Takato began to try out alone.

The direction he rushed towards was moved towards the development of business consultants, and he was able to surprise all of them at once.

At the age of twelve, Takato succeeded in helping a company come back to life by virtue of his unique business sense of smell and by fair means or foul's business model, and thus gained the reputation of "the ghost of business".

Up to now, he is already a secret management consultant for five listed companies, who only serves the top operators.

Although they have never shown up before, those operators are very convinced by it, because as long as you follow Takato's ideas, you will be able to make a lot of money.

It's just that although Takato can make the company's business conditions very good, as Akechi said, this guy's management skills can only be described as "vicious".

as the saying goes shopping malls are like battlefields, but this is just a metaphor. Many businessmen in the Tokyo circle still need to show their faces, and they don't want to do things that way.

However, in Takato's hands, it is really as literally as it is. The business war under his hands is really to be fought on the battlefield, which is entirely for victory by fair means or foul.

For example, the comparison is as follows:

Traditional business warfare routines in Tokyo business circle:

By dissection of human weakness and special research on legal loopholes beyond a thousand li, the use of value is transformed into resource-inclined empowerment.

Cooperate with various black technology methods and auxiliary programs such as spies and hackers to achieve a result-oriented structured business development path.

Takato’s business war:

Arranged takeaway employees to throw laxatives into the drinking fountains of competing companies, and asked a few big guys to rush into the office to grab the official seal, and buy security over the wall and enter the rival factory For sneak shots, please go to other people's enterprises to walk around every day.

Arrange for the actors to cooperate with the TV station to act fake and add Yin Sector filters at the door of the opponent, buy the navy to blacken the opponent to death, or simply give the opponent a high-level burlap sack to beat his head at night.

In a word, Takato's commercial war is a real "commercial war", not the kind of commercial war that is so civilized and so high-end as imagined.

If you can directly move the hammer, you will never use your brain. If you move your brain, don't be afraid to squat. Anyway, as long as you can suppress your opponent and make your own money, you can say that who knows the other bastards.

Under this kind of business model that can be called the extreme of military ethics, the company Takato serves Boss is always only one step away from jail, and the buttocks always have to be lubricated and wait for the prisoners in the same house. Favorite.

But he himself doesn't care about this. Anyway, Boss is in jail and it's not Laozi in jail. At worst, he can change his company and continue to do it. Does Boss do his fortune-telling? After earning this money, you should be ready to pick up soap at any time. Do you really think that money is so easy to earn?

Of course, Takato is not purely relying on various tactics to conquer the world.

He is also very good at all kinds of normal business methods that wander around the edge of the law, but I prefer to use those simple and straightforward tactics.

In fact, it was only yesterday that Takato instructed one of his companies to hire another company called "Berry Conscience Finance" to violently collect a debt.

This "Berry Conscience Finance" on the surface is an ordinary financial company, but in fact it is a debt collection group formed by a gang.

This kind of debt collection group lies on the boundary between legal and illegal, and will collect debts through some uncomfortable but useless methods to report to the police.

Of course, in addition to debt collection, they also do some other financial industry work, such as phone calls, Internet fraud, or counterfeit money.

In this era, this kind of financial company between legal and illegal is very common. It is also a semi-legal industry that many yakuza has transformed into. Of course, it is a group of people who profit by bullying honest people. Rubbish.

It's just that the things that can be used must be used. Even trash can have a good effect in Takato's hands.

The most important thing is that he always hides behind him on the phone. No matter what the arrangement company does, no one can find it...

"Highland Masato, yesterday Are you right to hire "Berry Conscience Finance" to violent person demanding repayment?"

Just as Takato just left the school gate and came to a remote corner, a powerful hand was like a ghost -like hugged him.

Huh? In an instant, Takato was stunned.

How is it possible? Someone knows that I arranged yesterday’s affairs?

The next second Takato turned his head stiffly and saw the ferocious face stained with yellow hair, his body trembles violently.

It is Kiryu Ryuto, the very famous second generation in "Metropolitan No. 1 High School".

For Ryuto and "Dragon Group", Takato naturally has a certain understanding.

But the most important thing is that Ryuto exploded his biggest secret just now! This makes Takato feel cold.

He immediately took a deep breath, said with a bitter smile: "I...I don't know what you are talking about."

"You arranged someone yesterday The company that went to violently collect debts was covered by the "Dragon Group". In other words, the person you and your company offended was me... Do you understand what will end? Friends."

When he put his arms around Takato's shoulders like a close friend, Ryuto's face showed a "gentle" smile.

It’s just that, in Takato's eyes, this smile is even more terrifying than the demon from Eighteen Levels of Hell.

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