Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 76

No...No way? The company that I sent people to violently collect debts... was covered by the "Dragon Group"?

Why do I not know this information at all?

Wait, the most important thing is how did they know my identity, how did I expose it?

Suddenly, Takato's legs trembled.

He knows that Underground World is very concerned about face issues. If the organization under his own is taken over by other organizations, then something must be done to save face.

The worst thing is that Takato's true identity is actually known by the yakuza elements. Isn't that the end?

From Takato's point of view, he absolutely cannot allow his identity to be disclosed.

After all, both parents and brothers are the senior executives of legally listed companies, the famous "hell" manager.

If the public knows that Takato's family actually has such a by fair means or foul, a business ghost who often crosses the legal line, it will definitely cause a serious blow to the family.

In Tokyo, people’s face is more important than good lining, their heads can be broken, blood can flow, and their hairstyles can’t be messed up.

If this kind of scandal breaks out, the Takato family’s face will be lost. It’s not enough to bow and apologize collectively. At least they need to add traditional etiquette such as "show in tears" and "knock down and bow down." Just work.

When the time comes, the best end for Takato who has lost face at home is to be evicted from the house and wander on the streets.

Even if the "Dragon Group" continues to retaliate against him, when the time comes, it is not impossible to even let him die on the street.

When thinking of that scene, Takato's face dropped a few drops of cold sweat, and at the same time he tremblingly said: "How much do you want?"

Having been a business consultant for so many years, Takato naturally has a lot of money in his hands. If he can buy Ryuto with money, then this matter can be solved perfectly.

However, Ryuto shook the head and replied with a smile: "Although money is a good thing, I think this alone is not enough to show your sincerity."

Sincere? Could it be that...he wanted to treat me...

In an instant, Takato couldn't help but think of the horrible punishment of yakuza that he once saw in the manga.

Thinking about it, his legs became soft, and he almost came out of improper bladder control.

No matter how you say it, Takato is just a fifteen-year-old boy. Although he is stunned in the mall, he is essentially just a coward that's all.

According to Ryuto’s "Rogue Analysis Mirror" feedback information, this guy’s "courage" is only at the level of "LV1. Human crumbs", which is why he only dared to do business remotely through the phone. The reason, because I didn’t dare to stand in the face at all...

The scare is almost the same, it’s time for him to atone for his merits.

Seeing that Takato seemed to be scared of peeing soon, Ryuto's mouth raised a weird smile, said with a smile: "Takato Masato, your business acumen and style are very good, you are interested Why follow me?"

Wh...what? Follow him?

When he heard the sudden invitation, Takato was startled first, and then slightly sighed in relief.

Fortunately, I thought he was going to be thrown into Tokyo Bay to feed the fish. Did he just want to dig a corner?

For his own ability and value, Takato has a very deep understanding, he naturally knows what Ryuto's digging represents.

In this materialistic world, even designated violent groups like "Dragon Group" need money.

The plateau Masato is the one who can bring money back to all organizations.

So under Ryuto's cheating and bluffing reception, Takato appeared in a corner of a coffee shop shortly afterwards.

In this half-box lounge at the corner of the coffee shop, there are three youngsters sitting at this time, three youngsters wearing "Metropolitan No. 1 High School" uniforms.

Highland Masato in the first grade, Kiryu Ryuto in the second grade, and Akechi Goro in the third grade.

On the surface, this scene looks like three ordinary friends sitting and chatting together, but in fact the identities of these three are far from being described as “ordinary”.

Father is a senior executive of a listed company. He controls five large companies himself. He has a keen business sense and a "management ghost" with a business habit of by fair means or foul.

Father is the chief of Tokyo police. He acts as a cyber detective in secret. He has superhuman insight and a "cyber detective" with full knowledge of the law.

Father is the boss of a large-scale yakuza. On the surface, he is playing a dating sim, but in fact he is playing an action-adventure game called "Yakuza Dragon".

From a certain perspective, the family background of the three is somewhat similar to the experience. They all have a prominent family background in a certain way, but they want to make a career by themselves.

The most important thing is that they all belong to the kind of people who can cross the boundaries of the law without the slightest hesitation and wander in the black zone.

So Ryuto gave himself a name for this combination, "black triple star".

In the corner of this cafe, Ryuto also drank milk while telling Takato something about the "Tenmoku Group".

At the same time, he clearly told him that he hoped to use his power to fight the group.

"so that's how it is..."Tenmoku Group"? It turns out that there are such terrifying companies in the world."

About "Tenmoku Group" and "Tenmoku Nagahime" is difficult even for veterans in the business world like Takato. At this time, after listening to it, I can’t help but feel clicking one’s tongue in wonder.

So Ryuto asked while the iron was hot: "How about it, what do you decide to do with us?"

"...You didn't plan to let me go anyway, right? , Is it interesting to ask this kind of question."

"hahaha, it’s not whether I plan to let go of your question, but if someone like you is just controlling those small businesses behind the scenes, it’s not immune It seems too wasteful."

Ryuto hahas sloppy eyes while wearing a high hat to Takato without a trace.

In fact, Takato does not have a choice now. After all, his own background has been cleaned up by others. What else can he do if he doesn't join the company? Waiting to wander on the streets.

Even more how, Takato is really interested in "Tenmoku Group", just like Akechi before.

After all, no matter how you say it, Takato and Akechi are just teenagers. This atmosphere of "fighting against evil companies that endanger the world behind their backs" is quite attractive.

Moreover, under the banner of Ryuto, they can still play their strengths unscrupulously, which is indeed a very tempting combination.

"Tell me something right."

After confirming the joining of this new partner, Akechi, who was sitting across from the cream cake, asked, "Now "Dragon Group" You need money and an industry that can continue to make money. What do you think about this?"

Akechi can be said to be an expert in law, but not in business.

If it is necessary to solve some legal terms, he can also help. When it comes to making money, it is not Akechi's expertise.

"Well...If the "Dragon Group" needs to develop an industry that can continue to make money, then the first thing to do is to find a relatively clean "shell". After all, the "Dragon Group" The name can't be used."

Speaking of which, Takato picked up a chocolate bar from the table and put it in his mouth to bite it.

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