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The "yakuza" of this era is very sad for Takato.

Since the release of the Act on Countermeasures against Violence Groups, those groups that have been blacklisted as "designated Violence Groups" have been under strict supervision by the government and society, and it is difficult to engage in any on the surface industry. .

So the designated gangsters must either wash their hands and re-behave, or they will slowly disappear by themselves half-dead.

Either go to the darkest industry like guns, anesthetics, and organ sales until it rots in the stinking ditch.

At this time, the "Dragon Group" is in the second situation, in a half-dead state where naked eye can be seen.

Because it has the dual restrictions of the "Brilliant Group Countermeasures Act" and the "Benevolent Man Spirit".

"Dragon Group" is not willing to engage in a darker industry after its decline. It will naturally be unable to make ends meet in the long run, which is particularly embarrassing.

In this case, it is obviously very difficult for "Dragon Group" to make money, but it is not that absolutely does not have a way.

The restrictions on "designated gangs" are too big to be conducive to action, so you must first find some shell companies or decent companies, and then let the members of the Dragon Group "leave the group falsely" and insert If you go in, it can be broken into pieces, and you can engage in some legal profiteering industries at the same time."

"It makes sense, what kind of industry would be better?"

"Well...it's suitable for your business, and if you can get money faster, and can be called a lucrative industry, first of all, "security company" can consider it."

"Security company? Bodyguards?"

"Personal bodyguards are also included, but the security company itself has a wide range of services, from permanent staff to temporary guards, cash escorts, and valuable items Wait, if you can catch up with the business and political circles, it will be a wealthy business."

According to Takato, several large and medium-sized security companies in Tokyo have considerable annual profits. , And there is nothing special about the services it provides.

To put it bluntly, whose money does "security company" make this thing? What is made is the money of the rich.

For example, to provide security services for wealthy people when they go out, it is common for a net profit of tens of millions of yen to come down.

If you can cooperate with insurance companies to provide security services for companies or individuals that purchase large amounts of insurance, and even connect with public agencies, it will be even faster at the money laundering level.

It’s just that engaging in this kind of industry requires an extremely broad human profile and credit endorsement, as well as a large number of elite subordinates who can do things. It is not a business that ordinary people can do.

Is the security company...feasible, this is really a way for me to make money.

Compared to Takato, Ryuto naturally knows his own situation in more detail.

He is the Young Master of the "Dragon Group" first, with his own special intelligence approach and a group of capable men in yakuza.

Secondly, there is Takato Masato from Heavenspan in the business world, which can quickly open up the business cooperation channels and ensure the rapid arrival of customers.

After that, there is a detective hacker such as Akechi who can invade the police department system. He can immediately understand all the activities of the Tokyo regional police station. At the same time, he is proficient in the law and can find many legal loopholes.

After that, Ryuto also has friendship with Eldest Miss of "Tsukimi consortium", and can buy many high-tech weapons and equipment that are not in circulation on the market.

After that, the Kamiya clan can almost be said to control half of the Japanese political circle. If Ruri is willing to help, they can quickly get in touch with the government to ensure that security companies can set sail smoothly.

Now that's all right, the way to get money is combined with the huge network of people at once, and Ryuto even heard the beautiful sound of the rapid flow of banknotes.

At this moment, Akechi asked suspiciously: "But even if Dragon Group has established a security company, it will take a while to compete with other established companies in Tokyo. ."

"It’s okay, as long as their reputation is discredited."

"Name... reputation discredited?"

"Then I am familiar with several security companies. Their crisis management and public relations capabilities are very poor, and they are completely wasteful of sleeping in the comfort zone."

"So what?"

"So if they were attacked by an "unidentified person" in the mission they were in charge of recently and the mission failed, and then the mission failure quickly spread across the streets and on the Internet, then their credibility must have dropped a thousand zhang in It's one fall, hum."

Wow, it's so vicious, it's the ghost of business.

Although Takato did not say it clearly, his meaning is very obvious, that is, if the "Dragon Group" establishes a security company, there is no need for other security companies to exist in the Tokyo area.

Regardless of the industry and the age, the business of eating alone is the most profitable.

In addition, Tokyo is already rich and rich, so long as the rich people’s oil is squeezed out, the profit that this oil and water can bring is simply immeasurable.

So Ryuto said decisively: "It's decided, let's do it... Let's go now."

"Go now? Where to go?"

" p>

Akechi and Takato stood up after hearing what the boss said, but they didn't know where the boss wanted to go.

"Go to our new company, the temporary office of "Rulong Security Company"..."

Since it is a new company, not to mention the office building, At least there must be a decent office, right?

As for the location of the office, Ryuto has actually thought about it a long time ago, because there is a ready-made one in front of him.

However, in that "off-the-shelf office", the five shining characters of "Berry Conscience Finance" are still hung on the door sign at this time.

As long as someone passes here, I am afraid they will be puzzled by such a strange "financial company".

But if you walk in boldly, what you see will surely make him feel more puzzled.

On the surface, this is just an ordinary office, with tables, chairs, benches, telephones, computers and other daily work tools.

It's just that the curtains and thick sound-proof doors that have never been opened have formed an island here, an island completely isolated from the outside world.

The employees who work in this isolated island all have a fierce face, dressed in dangling and airy clothes, and sent heartfelt greetings to customers with beautiful words over the phone. .

"Remember the rubbish, you must pay it back tomorrow! Don't run away, or I will burn your whole family!"

"Hey, Mother, I'm out there If something happens, you need a sum of money. Hurry up and transfer the money to this account, what? You don’t have a son? Fuck You’s, just send the money as soon as possible!"

"The batch of hundred-dollar bills? Take care of it, don’t worry, how can so many hundred-dollar bills be cleaned up so quickly, can you get some thousand-dollar bills next time?"

When Ryuto, Akechi and Takato are standing here" At the gate of Berry Conscience Finance, they seemed to hear the kind and cordial roar inside through the thick sound-proof door...

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