Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 79

Ryuto has only a preliminary understanding of this thing about skill proficiency.

First of all, no matter whether it is active or passive skills, when you first learn it, there is only a very low proficiency level, such as "Komaki Style Martial Arts" and even a poor "1%".

With the improvement of proficiency, its formidable power and effect will naturally be greatly enhanced.

But the process of improving proficiency is not easy.

The first improvement method is naturally diligent practice. For example, continuously practicing "Komaki Stream Profound Truth. Tiger Fall" will inevitably increase your proficiency gradually.

But this increase method is very slow. After all, it takes years to master a martial arts.

For Ryuto, who is about to face a great decisive battle in at most two years, it is basically impossible to achieve the goal by hard work alone.

So he can only hope for the second method, which is the most practical and realistic method, cash recharge.

From the current situation, when the skill book is purchased, Ryuto can not only learn the skill automatically, but also get 20% proficiency.

In other words, as long as you purchase five identical skill books in a row, you can raise the skill to 100% of full proficiency.

At that time, he was really a great master, impervious to sword and spear, impervious to sword and spear.

It’s just that the skill book is not something you can buy if you want, or even if you have money. After all, the props in the mall are only refreshed after death, and they are refreshed randomly.

So in the worst case, Ryuto may need to commit suicide constantly to scan the mall frantically in order to buy a skill book of his own...This is also a bit miserable.

Of course, investment in skills will also bring considerable returns. From this point of view, the benefits of skills books are extremely high in most cases.

Especially when I saw the dumbstruck expressions of the group of people in the office, the leader felt that he was really big.

"Your stick is not good, buy a harder one next time."

After blocking the stick, Ryuto grabbed the half-broken stick. , Slammed the red-haired bastard on the forehead without looking.

Puff! Accompanied by a muffled noise, the red-headed hair became even redder, as if he had enjoyed a free hair dyeing with natural and non-irritating ingredients, and he himself happily fell to the ground and fainted.

This kid is not an ordinary person.

After seeing Ryuto's tyrannical strength and the expression on his face that did not put everyone in the eye, the man in the suit who looked like a traitor couldn't help gritting his teeth.

So he asked in a cautious tone: "who you are? What are you doing here?"

Ryuto hearing this but pu chi smiled and came to the table and sat down. Next, raised his feet high.

Looking at that arrogant appearance, those who don’t know thought he was the boss of this "Raspberry Conscience Finance".

"What the hell are you..."

"By the way, you guys are lending money here, have you asked for my consent?"

What? Ryuto's tone suddenly became very low, and the gaze looking towards the man in the suit became extremely cold.

In an instant, the room seemed to be covered by the cold wind of World of Ice and Snow, as if coming to the Siberian steppe, and there was a fuck your mother spitting on her face beside her.

Money lending? Ask for consent?

Wait, can it be said that this kid is...a man on the road?

Although it is hard to imagine that such a youngster in a high school uniform would be a gangster, but his imposing manner does not feel like a joke at all.

After a while, the man in suit swallowed his saliva, said with a sneer: "We are here to lend money with the permission of the "Dragon Group". Although I don’t know which group of people you are, how much Don’t you want to give the Dragon Group some face?"

Huh? When they heard these words from the man in suit, Akechi and Takato who walked in slowly from the door opened their eyes wide.

"Dragon Group" is the largest yakuza in Tokyo. The name of this organization is naturally very shocking.

But the problem is that the "Dragon Group" has never intervened in such dirty financial crimes so far, otherwise they would not be so poor. Akechi and Takato are naturally clear about this situation. .

So...the man in suit is posing, and he is still posing in front of the "Dragon Group" Young Master.

What is this? Flooded the Dragon King Temple? Playing public relations in front of Guan Gong?

So Ryuto hearing this also smiled and waved, said with a smile: "Phone."


"Immediately, call immediately Give the call to your backstage, and pass it over after you get connected."

"This...Are you sure? This is not a joke."

Suddenly suit The man's tone was obviously flustered, after all, the "backstage" he referred to was a bluff from at first.

Damn it, how can there be such a high school student who is not even afraid of the "Dragon Group" name. It is obvious that the Young Master of that organization was just...huh? Young Master?

Wait, if I remember correctly, Young Master Kiryu Ryuto of "Dragon Group" seems to be a high school student now, right?

Thinking of this, the suit man’s eyes widened suddenly, as if he saw some demons and ghosts.

At teenage age, high school student, with yellow hair.

Although the legendary Kiryu Ryuto has a height of two meters and a physique comparable to a wrestler, if those exaggerated factors are ignored, the yellow hair in front of him is still the same as the legendary Young Master Long. It looks alike.

He seems to have found it. After feeling the sudden change in the suit man’s gaze, Ryuto continued to say with a smile: "Why? Why don't you call? I really want to see how hard your backstage is."

"... ...cough cough, this...what's the matter, how about we go in there and talk?"

I glanced at my only remaining robust man, and walked in the door After the two other high school students came, the man in suit made a difficult decision.

He stretched out his hand and compared it to the "President's Office" not far away, and invited Ryuto to come in to discuss matters.

ka-cha! Huh!

However, after the two of them walked in, the man in suit locked the door as quickly as possible, pulled down the curtain, turned his head and jumped up, and he came up with a gorgeous exponent. Kneel down with a spiral spiral at three hundred sixty-five degrees!

"I'm very sorry! Master Ryuto!"

The man in the suit banged his head on the ground, his body trembled continuously, and tears and nasal tears poured out continuously.

It's over! That's it! That's it!

The man in the suit has been pretending to be outside under the sign of "Dragon Group". This is a good one, and he directly hits the Young Master's face. Isn't it done?

Up to now, the only thing he can do is...

"Here is my wealth and the lease of this house! Please be magnanimous! Please spare my life!"

Before Ryuto could say anything, the man in suit handed over a bag of banknotes and an envelope very honestly.

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