Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 80

Just as Ryuto thought at the beginning, this group of people who set up a financial company to collect debts and defraud is basically a group of rateless hooligans.

Moreover, after they left the original gang, in order to avoid paying the tribute, they would definitely not dare to tell the original gang what they were doing. They could only use the name "Dragon Group" to fool laymen.

So, when they learned that the Young Master of the "Dragon Group" was standing in front of them, that feeling was imaginable.

But these guys are really making money in this kind of debt collection fraud industry...

Ryuto casually took over the sack of the man in the suit. I quickly counted the banknotes inside.

Bundles of ten thousand yuan bills add up to several hundred bundles. The amount here should be no less than five million.

If you add the deed of this office, then the money is indeed not small.

Of course, in the opinion of the man in suit, this little money is relatively cost-effective to buy his own life. If you don’t have the money, you can earn it again.

"...Take the guy out to deal with the transfer procedure with my partner, and then take your guy out."

"Huh? Yes! Yes! Yes!"

After hearing what Ryuto said, the man in suit finally sighed in relief, because it meant that his life was finally saved.

Speaking of which, it’s pretty good to make money like this. How about opening up a new business of "black eating black"?

When the man in the suit ran out happily and was about to deal with Akechi's contract to hand over this office, Ryuto was counting the banknotes while thinking silently in his heart.

Dragon Group certainly cannot do things like black eating black, even if it is such a hooligan with no background, if it does too much, it will cause public outrage.

After all, once or twice, it’s okay. If Ryuto goes outside every day to rob and blackmail other people on the road, it will only arouse the resentment and anger of all yakuza, even if the "Dragon Group" power is inevitable by then A chicken feather.

Moreover, "Dragon Group" has always regarded itself as a "benevolent man." If the father Ichima knows that his son is out there, he will eat and rob his colleagues, I am afraid that he will directly get out of prison and beat Ryuto.

But Young Master Kiryu Ryuto of Dragon Group can't do it, it doesn't mean that Ryuto himself can't do it.

As long as he doesn't reveal his identity when doing this kind of black work, then no one knows that Ryuto did it, and that's it.

For example, putting on a Batman mask in the middle of the night and going out to punish and punish evil and maintain peace in Tokyo. This is as it should be by rights, right?

Although Ryuto, the Batman, while punishing rape and eliminating evil, he may also perform cute little actions such as extortion, but no one should care.

......That's the decision. I'm going out to robbery tonight.

After counting and discovering that the sack of banknotes actually contained 6.25 million, Ryuto's face showed a happy smile.

Originally, after purchasing two passive skills, Ryuto's small vault only left the extremely lucky number of "4.44 million".

But after getting the full wealth of the man in the suit, he suddenly skyrocketed to "10.69 million", and he was rich again in an instant. It felt like the needle didn't stick.

Boom. While Ryuto elated was enjoying his spoils of war, Takato knocked on the door and pushed in and walked in.

"As a real professional, I got a sum of money and a base in such a simple way."

Looking at Ryuto who was sitting behind his desk and counting money leisurely, Takato really feels like prostrate oneself in admiration for him.

It only took about five minutes for the "Raspberry Conscience Finance" to come in from the three people, and everything was over.

Moreover, Ryuto is the kind of beating people as soon as he comes in.

In this way, the other party has to obediently send the money along with the deed, and then obediently carry the fainted companion and leave quickly.

Is this the great character of yakuza? Ordinary hooligan looks like ants in front of him.

After seeing Ryuto silently pretending to be a big force, Takato also made up his mind, must make "Rulong Security Company" energetic and bustling, and squeeze the oil and water of the rich.

“I’ll change the company’s name and business scope in a while, and open a company’s public account by the way. Of course, I will arrange for a few clean stand-ins to stand on the surface, the three of us and” Dragon Group "Neither need to be involved."

Speaking of which, the identities of Ryuto, Takato, and Akechi are all very sensitive, and it is not convenient to publicly appear in various materials.

But Takato has been in the business world for so many years, he naturally also knows all kinds of evil ways, such as the company's legal person and Chief-In-Charge, he can use a substitute to do it, just spend a small amount of money.

"...By the way, after opening an account, how much money should I pay in here?"

When Takato is talking about setting up a company When it happened, Ryuto suddenly remembered that the company must have a start-up capital.

Refurbishment, personnel expenses, equipment purchases, water and electricity costs, social relations, etc., after careful calculations, starting a company is not a bargain. There are more places to spend money inside.

Although the money is theoretically a public account, it should be paid out by the "Dragon Group" side, but Ryuto knows that the "Dragon Group" side is also very poor, and it is estimated that he will not be able to spend much money.

If it doesn't work, I have to do it by myself... Looking at the sack of money on the table, Ryuto showed a look of reluctance.

Who knows that Takato hearing this shook the head, said with a smile: "The first fund is expected to be injected into about 100 million yuan, but this money does not need you or the "Dragon Group". Just go out."

"100 million? Wait! How can I let you out? This is public money."

"It’s okay, just treat it as my investment. Anyway, I have no place to spend my money."

Although he is discussing the flow of the amount in 100 million, Takato's tone is still very calm.

After all, he has helped other companies manage operations for so many years, and he has a lot of money on hand, and Takato himself is not the type who likes to spend money.

Compared to spending money, he prefers to make money, and the more the better.

At the same time, Akechi also walked in with a variety of contracted housing deeds and other documents, and began to discuss some legal issues involved in transferring the company for a while.

So this feeling is really amazing. They were still discussing the establishment of the company in the coffee shop half an hour ago, and they started to do it after half an hour.

Takato is a business genius, and Akechi is an official undercover agent. With the two of them, many things are not a problem at all.

Next, as long as the "Dragon Group" sends someone over, you can start the official operation...Huh?

Thinking about how many brothers will be sent in the first batch, Ryuto suddenly found an important problem.

Wait? I want to set up a company and make a lot of money. It seems that I haven’t discussed it with Uncle Fujiki?

Thinking of this, Ryuto couldn't help scratching his head.

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