Starting A Dating Sim from Tokyo Villain Chapter 81

Although Kiryu Ryuto has mastered most of the "Dragon Group" right to speak, he has also become the Young Master and the second generation in the eyes of most people.

But in fact, he was not officially in place, and even if he was in place, many things had to be discussed with the consultant before he could start to do it.

Especially Fujiki Yoshio, the old consultant, is the group of subordinates who have followed Kiryu Ichima for the longest time, so Ryuto must ask for his permission.

So just after returning to the headquarters of the "Dragon Group" that night, Ryuto approached Uncle Fujiki and explained his plan to him.

From getting to know Takato and Akechi, the two young and promising great gods, to undertaking the "Nulong Security Company", and how to squeeze money quickly, etc.

Fujiki Yoshio never said a word in the process of telling, but silently smoked his own tobacco pouch.

The overcast look on his face makes it difficult to figure out what the consultant thinks.

"Uncle Fujiki...what do you think?"

After speaking, Ryuto looked at his expression and asked in a uncertain tone .

In any case, Ryuto must persuade Fujiki, and only in this way can this matter proceed smoothly.

A few seconds later, Fujiki deeply sighed, put down the pipe in his hand, and asked in a vicissitudes of life: "Master Ryuto, what do you think yakuza is?"

Ryuto was silent for a while, Then he said firmly: "It is a collection that is not accommodated by today's society."

In Ryuto's view, "yakuza" is a group of people exiled from society who can only live in the dark.

"It's the opposite." But Fujiki shook the head, said with a smile: "It's not that "yakuza" is not accommodated by society, but people who are not accommodated by society form "yakuza"."

Although the two expounded the same fact, they represent completely different meanings.

In the eyes of most people, yakuza is not accepted by society because it has become yakuza.

But from at first, it is actually the group of people who are not accommodated by society and run counter to this country who have chosen to keep a group for warmth, which formed the origin of yakuza.

There are many people who are out of touch with this society and are not allowed to exist by the state, and there are many reasons.

One of the most important reasons is to be disappointed in this country that is so bad in the bones.

In the view of Fujiki and other older generations of yakuza, Japan is a country with a broken spine. From high-level government to civil society, it is a group of broken spine dogs.

When Fujiki was very young, something like this happened to him.

At that time, Fujiki took a tram to travel to a certain place. There were a few tall white robust men in the car. They spoke fluent English and shouted unscrupulously.

Fujiki, who was too quarrelsome, stepped forward and spoke to stop him, but was besieged by those robust men.

In front of the hundreds of people in the car, those robust men gave Fujiki a solid beating and spit on his face.

But everyone around them just stayed away, and the atmosphere didn't dare to breathe, let alone help Fujiki out.

Originally, he was beaten when he was beaten. If his skills were not as good as others, Fujiki recognized it, but it was the incident that really made him walk to yakuza with all his heart.

On the tram going back from the trip, Fujiki saw several other thin and weak youngsters also making noise together.

But the group of youngsters hadn't been up for a long time, the passengers in the surrounding cars grouped and besieged them, accusing them of breaking social rules, having no morals, no family education, and so on.

From that moment on, Fujiki was fully enlightened.

The residents of Japan are like a defeated dog with a broken backbone.

When you meet someone weaker than yourself, you like to straighten your waist, stand tall, respect the rules, speak morality, and talk about some things, in order to show your identity.

When I meet someone stronger than myself, I don’t dare to breathe for a moment. I don’t dare to scream when someone rides on my face and makes shit. I choose to lower my head and pretend that the shit on my head is leftover. curry.

This is not a person's business, but the situation of the entire society and the entire country.

The mentality of bullying and fearing hardship is carved into everyone's in the bones.

Therefore, yakuza is needed, and this kind of tough guy who will not compromise powerhouse and power is needed.

"In this deformed country where everyone else lives on their knees and is proud of being enslaved by the powerhouse, our group of yakuza are the only ones standing, because our knees are stiff and we can't kneel down by nature."

Speaking of which, Fujiki reached out and patted his knees while sitting cross-legged.

The standard sitting posture in "Dragon Group" is always "cross-legged". "Kneeling" is not allowed.

Because other people in this society are kneeling, we yakuza cannot kneel, so our Dragon Group cannot kneel.

Ichima understands this truth, Fujiki understands it, and thousands of brothers also understand it.

However, at this time, Ryuto said that he would let the "Dragon Group" do some security work. Isn't this going to be a dog for high-ranking officials?

Yakuza was banished from society because he didn’t want to kneel and be a dog. If the price of making money is to turn back to be a dog, then it doesn’t matter if you don’t earn it.

Although Fujiki didn't say it clearly, his expression and tone clearly meant this.

This... After feeling Fujiki's firm will, Ryuto didn't know what to say for a while.

"Dragon Group" is a place for standing people who are not accepted by the society. Even if they are pointed out by thousands of people, even if they are impoverished, they must continue to stand like this until the moment of death.

If even the "Dragon Group" has become a running dog for the rich and bureaucrats, then the last trace of benevolence and righteousness left in this country will also disappear.

So Fujiki does not support the formation of "Rulong Security Company" and does not want to make this money.

Um...what should I do?

For a while, Ryuto didn't know how to convince Fujiki. After all, the man's will was relatively firm.

It would be great if it was Ruri here, her brain is more agile, surely... the brain is more agile?

By the way, you can do this.

Just as Ryuto was thinking about how to convince the other person, he suddenly thought of the reason why his brain was not bright.

In the final analysis, all of Ryuto's previous actions seem to be profound mystery and planning strategies, but in fact they are all based on a full understanding of this World and others, which are open-book exams.

When it comes to the level of real resourcefulness, Ryuto is currently at the level of "LV1 resourcefulness. Human crumbs", at best the level of the normal public.

What should we do now? Naturally, I have to improve my resourcefulness. Anyway, I just got a good fortune not long ago, and my wallet is still in the relatively well-off stage.

So Ryuto immediately clicked on system and entered the familiar attribute enhancement interface.

"It takes "5 million yuan" to upgrade from "LV1 Tactical" to "LV2 Tactical", confirm the payment?"

LV1 to LV2 are also five million, I always feel good It's a bargain... forget it.

After spending 5 million yuan to upgrade the "intelligence" on the spot, with the slight rays of light, Ryuto's brain felt a lot brighter at once.

How should I describe this feeling? It's as if there was paste in Ryuto's mind before. Now the paste has been cleaned up a lot, and his thoughts have gradually become clearer.

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